Bow-Tipped Konadicure Using Plate m56

May 13, 2009

I’ve have to say that the KONAD Stamping Nail Art System has to be one of my favorite beauty finds of 2009 (see more info on it HERE). The whole process is fun, quick, easy and relatively inexpensive. Trust me, if someone as clumsy as yours truly can use it, anyone can!

I was delighted to see that Etude House carried a few Konad items, as the stuff is much cheaper in Korea than it is here in the States. Check out my haul HERE! My nails have been something of a mess lately after removing the falsies that I wore during my Korea-trip, so I decided it was time for a little Konadicure using my new m56 plate (which I bought purely for the bow pattern) and my first Konad polish.

While the whole KONAD system is really easy to use, I will say that the French tips are a bit challenging to precisely position at the tips of your nails. But no matter, the bows look cute even if they are a little off-kilter! And while the KONAD polish is ridiculously tiny, it does work much better with the whole KONAD system than anything else I’ve tried–which I guess would be pretty obvious since it was made for the solely for that purpose.

Lately I’ve taken to giving myself manicures at home, and the KONAD system is seriously perfect for adding a little flair to the looks! I’m thinking next week I’ll go for some butterflies :).

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