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The Body Shop’s Nature’s Minerals Foundation, Blush, and Eyeshadow Review

October 27, 2008

As promised in this post, my review of The Body Shop’s new Nature’s Minerals line! A small caveat though-I’m really not the best person to be reviewing mineral products since I don’t have all that much experience with them, nor do I tend to love them. Okay so I did love my Aromaleigh blushes but mineral foundations have always tended to irritate my sin.

Swatches of everything at the end of the post!

Nature’s Minerals Foundation in Shade 02, Cheek Color in Pink Quartz, and Eye Color in Radiant Graphite

Packaging: I really was impressed with the packaging for the entire line. The shimmery graphite-like black tops were pretty and a nice change of pace from the not so interesting toppers I’m used to. I LOVED the fact that the foundation had an expiration date printed right on the side so that I would know when it needs to be tossed, but most of all I loved the mesh sifters that the Body Shop chose to use. Seriously more companies need to take this up, because it makes for very little mess and waste, plus no clumps! The mesh-sifter is genius people!

Mesh Sifter from Foundation

Nature’s Minerals Foundation ($25):

What did I love? Well first and foremost, this mineral foundation caused absolutely no reaction whatsoever from my skin. No irritation, itchiness, breakouts, etc. Thanks to the mesh sifter the foundation is clump free and very finely milled, making for a beautiful smooth texture. I piled this stuff on and I could hardly feel a thing.

Not so much: The coverage unfortunately. This is probably why I’m not a mineral foundation kinda girl–I need medium to full coverage from my foundations, and that’s hard to get from a non-liquid. Heck it can be hard to get from a liquid foundation! Nature’s Minerals Foundations offer light to I’d say light/medium coverage, meaning if you have residual redness in your cheeks after priming and all that good stuff, it’ll tone it down but it’ll still be there.

As for oil control, it was decent but not exceptional. I was oily/shiny within 2-3 hours and it was all downhill from there.

I also didn’t completely love the shade, but that was entirely my fault as I probably should’ve gone with 01 rather than 02, which is a little dark for me.

Verdict? If you have decent skin to begin with, or like to go for a soft natural look, this is a nice mineral foundation option, and probably among the best that I’ve tried, but I’m not converted just yet!

Nature’s Minerals Cheek Color in Pink Quartz ($18):
I’m loving pretty much everything about this one! Pink Quartz is a pretty soft pink blush with luster-adding mica particles which diffuse light to help disguise fine lines that’s flattering to most skintones. On me it creates a natural flush that’s perfect for those days when I’m going for a more understated look.

Nature’s Minerals Eye Color in Radiant Graphite ($13):
Radiant Graphite is a soft gray/copper shade with beautiful shimmer that I’ve been using pretty often for a barely there daytime smoky eye. The Nature’s Minerals Eye Colors tend to be pretty sheer as a whole, so while color is buildable the look below is pretty much as pigmented as they’re going to get if you don’t apply these with a wet applicator (which I have yet to try).

And Swatches:

Swatches: Foundation in 02, Cheek Color in Pink Quartz, Eye Color in Radiant Graphite

New From The Body Shop: Nature’s Minerals

October 20, 2008

The Body Shop’s new “Nature’s Minerals” line comprised of mineral foundations, blushes, and eyeshadows is clinically proven to be perfect for those with sensitive skin, containing minerals only, and being free from potential irritants such as preservatives and fragrance, or waxes and binders.

All Nature’s Minerals™ products include:
* Mediterranean Clay: an absorbent mineral that helps bind the make-up to the skin for long-lasting coverage.
* Mica: Adds luster and has light-diffusing properties to help disguise fine lines.
* Titanium Dioxide: Helps protect skin form the sun; provides color in cheek color and eye color. The SPF 25 in our foundation is currently the highest in the mineral make-up market.
* Red, yellow, and black Iron Oxide: Provides a rich, natural color palette.

I’ll be reviewing a few products for you soon so stay tuned! These products have been generating a lot of buzz around the web so hopefully I’ll like the mineral foundation more than I did Bare Escentuals’ which made me itchy. You’ll have to wait for my reviews to hear more about the products, but I do have to say that I love the packaging! The mesh sifters on the foundations are soooo much better than conventional sifter holes, plus I love that the products have expiration dates printed on the exterior so that I know when these need to go.

Click here for more info on Nature’s Minerals!