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SoftLips Review & Giveaway!

March 28, 2009


  • SoftLips Pure Pomegranate Organic Lip Conditioner
  • SoftLips Raspberry Lip Protectant (Value Pack)
  • SoftLips Vanilla Lip Protectant (Value Pack)
  • SoftLips Cherry Lip Protectant (Value Pack)
  • SoftLips Tinted Lip Conditioner in Bronze

Scroll down to find out how, and of course be sure to check out my SoftLips review!

  • SoftLips Pure Pomegranate Organic Lip Conditioner: In my opinion the best product from the SoftLips line, the Pure Lip Conditioners are 99% organic, come in the two yummy yummy flavors of Pomegranate and Honeydew, and most importantly, are very hydrating and long lasting. They don’t give off the menthol/tingling sensation that the other SoftLips products do, but I happen to adore these. A great, affordable option for chapped winter lips!

  • SoftLips Flavored Lip Protectants (Value Pack): I love that these are SPF 20 (which the Organic ones obviously aren’t), come in a great range of flavors (I love strawberry), are light, hydrating, and leave a nice cooling sensation. These are what I reach for come summer-time. I used to be so obsessed with these back in high school and I’m so happy to have rediscovered them!

Swatches of SoftLips Tinted Lip Conditioners in Rose & Bronze

  • SoftLips Tinted Lip Conditioner in Bronze: I own the Tinted Lip Conditioners in both Rose & Bronze and they’re both pretty for a bit of shimmery color. I must say that I don’t like them nearly as much as I do the other SoftLips products though, as they’re a bit harder/grittier feeling and not really all that moisturizing. The colors also lean towards being a bit frosty.

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Guerlain’s ‘Rouge G de Guerlain’ Swatches

March 25, 2009

I wasn’t actually planning on swatching these as I was feeling particularly lazy during this day of shopping, but I remembered that faerie_bel had asked me if I knew what shade the model in this promo image was wearing, so I figured I’d pump the MA for a little info.

The MA decided to add her own swatches to the ones already on my hand, resulting in this mish mash of random swatches =X.
Top Row:
random red (don’t remember the number), #66 with a red lip liner on top
Middle Row: #2, #3, #4, #5
Bottom Row: #6, #1, and another swatch of #2 by the MA

So according to the MA that I spoke with (and I’m not entirely convinced that she’s correct), she thinks that the model in the promo image is wearing Rouge G de Guerlain in #66 over a red liner, hence the #66/liner combo swatch you see in the top row. I’m also wearing #66 on its own in the photo below.

Please excuse the fact that I seem to have developed wrinkly, pruney granny lips in this photo! I really don’t know what’s going on with that and it’s kind of creeping me out. So I wasn’t all that into this shade and SO also hated it on me, but I can definitely see it looking stunning on others.

The packaging was cool of course, but honestly the formula wasn’t $45 worth of wonderful, at least for me. The Rouge G wasn’t as long-lasting as I would’ve liked, and while it did feel beautifully creamy on and have nice opacity, I’d have to say you’re paying a hefty premium for the nifty packaging.

Kanebo Sensai Deep Moist Shine Rouge in MS 108 Botan Review & Swatches

March 20, 2009
Kanebo Sensai Deep Moist Shine Rouge/Rouge Hydra-Brillance in MS 108 Botan ($40)

The Packaging: Sensai’s Deep Moist Shine Rouges come in the same tube as their Lasting Treatment Rouges ~ a substantial feeling twist-up tube that’s elegant in its understated simplicity.

The Formula: Sensai’s Deep Moist Shine Rouges consist of a sumptuous formula that gently moisturizes lips while sheating them in a highly translucent film of pure, protective lasting color. A moist luster envelops lips, leaving behind a sheer kiss of shimmering color that’s subtle and beautiful.

The rouges contain Kanebo’s exclusive Kanten-treated pigments (a jelly-like substance obtained from red seaweed) and natural Phyto Volumising Oil (a clear botanical oil that helps achieve moist, plump-looking lips). The 12 available clear and glossy hues are inspired by traditional Japanese kasane colors.

The Pigmentation: Sensai’s Deep Moist Shine Rouges are all on the sheer side, in stark contrast to their Lasting Treatment Rouges which are highly pigmented and opaque on the lips. The Deep Moist Shines leave behind just the slightest hint of color and shimmer, making for a clean, polished lip.

The Color: MS 108 Botan is a light peachy shade that gilds lips in a golden shimmer with peachy tones. Botan catches the light beautifully and just brings out my inner goddess–I love it!

It’s a subtle, barely there look that’s tough to capture on camera but that’s really something special in person. I plan on scoping out additional shades in the future.

MAC Hello Kitty Kouture Dazzleglass and Sheer Mystery Powder Review & Swatches (Plus Lip Shots)

March 10, 2009

I was surprised to see MAC’s Hello Kitty Kouture collection being carried at Nordstrom, as I’d heard that it was going to be at MAC stand-alone stores only, but I’m not one to complain since it saved me a (very long) trip to my nearest MAC store. How amazing is that display? I do so wanted to take it home with me! Unfortunately the two Dazzleglasses are missing as somebody had borrowed them when I got a chance to sneak a photo with my phone camera (which btw is sooo much better than my old phone’s camera, wouldn’t you agree?).

Swatches (they kind of look like a face no?):
Hello Kitty Dazzleglasses in Kitty Kouture and Dazzlepuss,
with a swatch of Hello Kitty Sheer Mystery Powder in Light Medium in the center

Hello Kitty Sheer Mystery Powder ($90): So I can’t do an in-depth review of this I don’t own it, nor will I ever because I just can’t afford to purchase it right now, and by the time I would be able to it’ll be long gone, but I will share my thoughts based upon my short but sweet meeting with this stunning compact. I actually wasn’t expecting to like this at all, but the compact is so lovely in person ~ it’s got a nice, weighty feel to it, is beautifully constructed, and is seriously cute! As for the powder inside, it was silky smooth, blended beautifully, and light medium would have made a great setting powder for me :(. I want it!

Dazzleglass in Kitty Kouture ($28): Kitty Kouture is a barely there shade of pale pale pink that contains red and gold pearl. It’s not so impressive in the tube, but it’s actually quite pretty on. The packaging consists of the normal Dazzleglass tubes, but there’s a metal ring that says MAC on it attaching a cute Swarovski-embellished Hello Kitty charm. And of course the formula is the same thick and sticky but oh so beautiful Dazzleglass formula that some love and others hate. On the lips Kitty Kouture imparts a slightly milky pink that almost looks like a clear gloss on, but the iridescence under bright lighting is gorgeous!

Dazzleglass in Dazzlepuss ($28): Dazzlepuss is a bright pink with red and blue pearl, but don’t be intimidated by how bold it looks in the tube, as Dazzlepuss is really quite sheer and once on gives your lips a barely there kiss of bright pink.

Sadly I really loved everything from MAC’s Hello Kitty Kouture release – if only I could afford it! Tell me what you purchased so that I can live vicariously through you!

Bare Escentuals Buxom Babes Diamond Lips Review & Swatches

February 24, 2009
Bare Escentuals Buxom Babes Diamond Lips ($28)
Bare Escentuals Buxom Babes Diamond Lips creates the look of fuller lips with 100% pure bareMinerals. Your lips will instantly develop a faux fullness, while a deep infusion of antioxidant vitamins A and E will keep lips soft, smooth, and protected. With a sheer tint and a diamond glisten, it’s as good for your lips as it is gorgeous.

Top to Bottom: April, Starr, Celeste, Clair

Close-up of April and Starr.

Close-up of Celeste and Clair.

April (soft pink)

I put off purchasing Bare Escentuals’ Buxom Babes Diamond Lips set for the longest time, but after purchasing it I couldn’t for the life of me think why~~it’s that good! The colors are gorgeous, the formula is fabulous, and the shimmer will rock your world. I know that this post is long overdue and this set has been out for ages, bu I just couldn’t go without reviewing it for those of you haven’t purchased it yet!

Starr (sheer raspberry)

Surprisingly, Celeste, which I’d expected to be my favorite, is actually the gloss I use least out of the four. It tends to be a little frosty looking under certain lighting conditions, and if there’s one thing I dislike in a lippie, it’s frostiness. My faves are Starr and Clair, which I’d actually anticipated not liking–surprise susprise! I’ve been contemplating a full-sized version of Clair, it’s that gorgeous! It’s just the perfect demure pinky mauve that’s understated yet defnitely noticeable.

Celeste (super shimmery peachy nude)
Clair (moonlit mauve)

The formula is another rave from my end. It’s not too sticky, yet clings tenaciously to your lips for hours on end. I wouldn’t say it’s much of a plumper, but it does impart a pleasant tingly/cooling sensation that I really do enjoy. This set really is love for me! Run out and get this set while they’re still in stock!

MAC Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioner Swatches on Lips (Popster & Pink Fish)

February 9, 2009
MAC Hello Kitty Lip Conditioners in Popster (left) & Pink Fish (right) ($14.50)

Check out my Hello Kitty reviews and swatches HERE.

The packaging on these is so cute! I’ll definitely be taking Deb‘s suggestion and re-using these Hello Kitty printed tubs!

Popster & Pink Fish

While I must admit that MAC’s Hello Kitty collection has turned out to be quite the stunner, for me the stand-out items have been the tinted lip conditioners–they’re both very beautiful and amongst the most pigmented products in the entire collection. I’ll skip the color descriptions since you can check them out (along with reviews and swatches of all of Hello Kitty) in THIS POST but suffice it to say that you should definitely check these out!

MissTiss had inquired as to whether these have the same somewhat chemically taste (from the SPF) that the other TLC’s do, and unfortunately the answer is yes, but if you don’t mind the taste of these I highly recommend them.,

Popster Lip Swatch

Pink Fish Lip Swatch
(I think I need a back-up of this!)

MAC Hello Kitty Lipsticks Swatches on Lips (Cute -Ster & Strayin’)

February 9, 2009
MAC Hello Kitty Lipstick in Cute-Ster ($14)

Click HERE to check out my review and swatches of MAC’s latest Hello Kitty release!

How cute! Kitty embossed on lipstick.

Cute-Ster on Lips

MAC Hello Kitty Lipstick in Strayin’ ($14)

Strayin’ on Lips

MAC Creme Team Lipstick Swatches & Mini Review (Plus a Lip Shot of Cremesheen Glass in Petite Indulgence)

February 9, 2009
MAC Creme Team Lipsticks ($14)
Top Row: Creme in Your Coffee, Crosswires, Spice is Nice, Hang Up
Bottom Row: Shy Girl, Lickable, Creme Cup, Lavender Whip

Overall I was surprisingly impressed by these Creme Team lipsticks–they’re beautifully pigmented, have great coverage and really look great on. My favorites are Shy Girl, Lickable, Creme, Cup, and Lavender Whip, all of which are supremely wearable. Lickable reminds me a bit of Strayin’ from Hello Kitty (but brighter) and is seriously such a hot dramatic pink lippie. And of course everyone’s predicting that Lavender Whip is going to sell like hotcakes!

Click HERE to check out my Creme Team Cremesheen Glass Swatches and Review! And as promised, here’s a lip shot of Petite Indulgence which I’m absolutely loving at the moment.

Some More Avon Lippie Swatches

January 29, 2009

I got in a new batch of Avon lippes a week or two back, and since I’ve reviewed most of the products for you already I figured I’d just take photos and swatches to show you.

Avon Glazewear Diamonds Lipstick in Coral Goddess ($8)
(See my Glazewear Review plus swatches of Mauve Moon HERE)

Ultra Color Rich Mousse Lipstick in Very Cherry ($2.99)
(See my review of the Ultra Color Rich Mousse Lipsticks plus swatches of Delicate Pink HERE. These are currently on sale from $9 to $2.99,and I suspect that Avon is discontinuing them so please do take this opportunity to try them as they’re absolutely wonderful!)

Top Row:
Ultra Rich Color Mousse Lipsticks in Very Cherry and Apricot Nude
Bottom Row: Glazewear Diamonds in Coral Goddess, Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Sheer Pink

Lip Shots!

Ultra Rich Color Mousse Lipstick in Very Cherry

Ultra Rich Color Mousse Lipstick in Apricot Nude
Glazewear Diamonds Lipstick in Coral Goddess
Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Sheer Pink

Avon Ultra Color Rich 24K Gold Lipstick Review and Swatches

December 10, 2008
Avon Ultra Color Rich 24K Gold Lipsticks in 24K Pink Golden Rose, and Natural Gold ($8 but currently $4.99)

Avon’s new Ultra Color Rich 24K Gold Lipsticks contain precious glittering flecks of actual 24K gold to give lips opulent shimmer and shine. They’re currently available in a range of 10 shades, and while most of them lean towards the brighter end of the spectrum, there should be something for everyone.

Close-Up of 24K Pink

I’ll admit that I was suckered in by the allure of having actual 24K flecks in my lipstick for the low low price of only $4.99! But per my last few Avon reviews, I was pleasantly surprised by these 24K lipsticks. They’re relatively creamy, apply smoothly, have beautiful pigmentation, wear well, and there isn’t a hint of unflattering frostiness to be seen. They’re pretty much of the quality that I’d expect from a department store product, and for the price I paid for them I’m one happy makeup junkie.

Swatches (L to R): Golden Rose, 24K Pink, Natural Gold

What I unfortunately wasn’t so into was the color selection. My one gripe with Avon is that their online color swatches stink! Half of them look the same, and the shades that you end up with never end up looking like the swatch. I would’ve preferred to have at least one lipstick in a soft pink shade, but it looks like they all lean towards being of the more eye-popping variety. Oh well! Onto the lips shots!

Natural Gold:
Probably the least 24K Gold Lipstick-y of the bunch. You see a few stray gold flecks in person, but it’s definitely the smoothest and creamiest of the bunch. It has the tinigest tinge of orange which I’m not crazy about, but all in all it’s rather pretty.

Golden Rose:
For some reason this one looks more silvery than gold in both the swatch and lip photo. Contrary to the name, I’d say this is more of a bright pink with rose undertones. Probably my least favorite of the bunch.

24K Pink:
Can you tell by all the photos that I absolutely love this one? If you scroll back up and check out the close-up of this lipstick you’ll see that you get the most gold for your $4.99! I absolutely adore the bright pink shade and the golden glow that this gives my lips.

Close-up of 24K Pink on my lips so you can see all the golden flecks. Isn’t it pretty?

I just had to photograph this–look at all the gold! 24K Pink of course.

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