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SoftLips Review & Giveaway!

March 28, 2009


  • SoftLips Pure Pomegranate Organic Lip Conditioner
  • SoftLips Raspberry Lip Protectant (Value Pack)
  • SoftLips Vanilla Lip Protectant (Value Pack)
  • SoftLips Cherry Lip Protectant (Value Pack)
  • SoftLips Tinted Lip Conditioner in Bronze

Scroll down to find out how, and of course be sure to check out my SoftLips review!

  • SoftLips Pure Pomegranate Organic Lip Conditioner: In my opinion the best product from the SoftLips line, the Pure Lip Conditioners are 99% organic, come in the two yummy yummy flavors of Pomegranate and Honeydew, and most importantly, are very hydrating and long lasting. They don’t give off the menthol/tingling sensation that the other SoftLips products do, but I happen to adore these. A great, affordable option for chapped winter lips!

  • SoftLips Flavored Lip Protectants (Value Pack): I love that these are SPF 20 (which the Organic ones obviously aren’t), come in a great range of flavors (I love strawberry), are light, hydrating, and leave a nice cooling sensation. These are what I reach for come summer-time. I used to be so obsessed with these back in high school and I’m so happy to have rediscovered them!

Swatches of SoftLips Tinted Lip Conditioners in Rose & Bronze

  • SoftLips Tinted Lip Conditioner in Bronze: I own the Tinted Lip Conditioners in both Rose & Bronze and they’re both pretty for a bit of shimmery color. I must say that I don’t like them nearly as much as I do the other SoftLips products though, as they’re a bit harder/grittier feeling and not really all that moisturizing. The colors also lean towards being a bit frosty.

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ABS Wants: Slippy Lippies!

February 27, 2009
The Lip Slipp ($24)

The supple feel of a shimmery gold YSL calfskin bag. A bottle of Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. Your favorite camisole; soft, sweet, nude, girly and grand. The world doesn’t need another lip balm. It needs the right one. Slip into this.


It’s a concoction created by balm and gloss junkie Sara Happ (of The Lip Scrub fame). Happ worked with chemists for two years to achieve her goal: a product that melts into your pucker, bringing out natural color and leaving behind a glossy sheen.

The formula (whose secret ingredients are macadamia nut and jojoba oils) was tweaked more than 40 times until the consistency, texture, and wearability were absolute perfection. A balm like no other, the lip slip leaves no color, just the richest, glossiest hydration imaginable. Wear it all day. Wear it overnight. Results are immediate. We’d have it no other way.


It’s nearly the end of February, and month two of 2009 is coming to a close. We’ve all been dealing with tough times, massive workloads, and inordinate amounts of stress–so why not treat yourself to a small luxury that comes beautifully package in a chic gold box? I haven’t heard much about Sara Happ before, but she sounds like a woman after my own heart. Love the look and sound of this!

MAC Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioner Swatches on Lips (Popster & Pink Fish)

February 9, 2009
MAC Hello Kitty Lip Conditioners in Popster (left) & Pink Fish (right) ($14.50)

Check out my Hello Kitty reviews and swatches HERE.

The packaging on these is so cute! I’ll definitely be taking Deb‘s suggestion and re-using these Hello Kitty printed tubs!

Popster & Pink Fish

While I must admit that MAC’s Hello Kitty collection has turned out to be quite the stunner, for me the stand-out items have been the tinted lip conditioners–they’re both very beautiful and amongst the most pigmented products in the entire collection. I’ll skip the color descriptions since you can check them out (along with reviews and swatches of all of Hello Kitty) in THIS POST but suffice it to say that you should definitely check these out!

MissTiss had inquired as to whether these have the same somewhat chemically taste (from the SPF) that the other TLC’s do, and unfortunately the answer is yes, but if you don’t mind the taste of these I highly recommend them.,

Popster Lip Swatch

Pink Fish Lip Swatch
(I think I need a back-up of this!)

Drugstore Discoveries: Einstein Lip Therapy Hydrating Lip Cream Review

January 27, 2009
Einstein Cosmetics Lip Therapy Hydrating Lip Cream ($6)

Before I actually get to reviewing this, one little thing. I’m noticing that the website product images show this as saying “Lip Theory” whereas mine says “Lip Therapy”–I’ve had mine for quite some time so maybe they repackaged and semi-renamed this stuff? Strange!

Einstein Cosmetics’ creator, Benjamin Einstein (yes apparently that’s his real name!), was one of the creator of Hard Candy. One afternoon, while visiting his mother in California, Ben noticed that even though she didn’t wear much makeup, she had a whole box full of lip products in her bathroom, from a $0.75 Carmex to a $45 La Mer Lip Serum. Ben’s mom, like so many other people, enjoyed likable aspects of each product but each also had less desirable attributes, which made her keep buying and trying more products. So Ben decided to bring his mother’s dream lip product to life. He set out to combine all the benefits of these various concoctions into one product using the high-end ingredients he discovered in Japan.

Einstein’s Hydrating Lip Cream is an intensive moisturizing cream that hydrates lips with nano-particle technology and smooths them with yellow Vitamin C beads which gently exfoliate lips, resulting in a youthful, supple, and healthy appearance.

This stuff is basically like lotion for your lips–the consistency is thin and unexpectedly runny, much like a really really light moisturizer. It contains yellow exfoliating beads that you massage into your lips which are great for getting rid of any dead skin you may have accumulated on your lips, and overall is a pretty great product for your $6. Upon initial application you’ll notice a pleasant minty/cooling sensation that I always enjoy, and within seconds your lips will be visibly smoother, plumper, and more hydrated–better than any $30 plumper that does little to nothing in my book!

So why am I not raving about this product? Well the pot just contains so little product! Seriously when I opened mine it looked half empty which was really disappointing. I really hope that at some point Einstein Cosmetics will fill these little pots up more. All in all though I love this stuff–it easily surpasses most lip treatments that I’ve tried, and I do so enjoy its unique non-Chapstick-like consistency.



Bourjois Docteur Glamour Intensive Moisturizing Treatment in #11 Rose Retabli Review and Swatches

January 16, 2009
Bourjois Docteur Glamour Intensive Moisturizing Treatment with Mango and Shea Butter ($15 but I think I paid $3ish from Sephora)

Bourjois Docteur Glamour Lipstick delivers 8 hours of intense hydrating moisture and begins working for you the minute it is applied. Your lips will be soft, fresh and radiant with beautiful, glamorous medium coverage color. The smooth, rich formula contains soothing Mango and Shea butters and is lightly scented.

Docteur Glamour in #11 Rose Retabli

I’m a sucker for a good deal, so when I saw this on sale at while checking out with a few other items a few months back I had to pick it up–and the great reviews didn’t hurt either. I love a good tinted lip treatment (like my wonderfully emollient Korres Lip Butter in Quince) and the promise of eight full hours of intense hydration was just too much for me to resist. What can I say, I’m weak!

A more accurate representation of Rose Retabli-
this is pretty much exactly what it looks like.

The Color: Docteur Glamour in Rose Retabli is a creamy pigmented peachy pink shade that’s moisturizing, long-lasting, and probably one of the better products I’ve tried from Bourjois.

Is It Hydrating? Indeed it is! The one gripe I have with this product is that due its creamy nature, it tends to “catch” in the dry areas of your lips if that makes any sense. You know how your lips get those dry little flakies? Well product will sort of amass in there giving you an uneven look. But give it a half hour or so and Docteur Glamour will work his magic on your lips, turning them from dry and scaly to soft and supple.

Was it worth my $3? Most definitely! Would I repurchase it for $15? I’m not sure.

Korres Lip Butter in Quince Review and Swatches

November 18, 2008
Korres Lip Butter in Quince ($9)
(Learn a little more about Korres here.)

Korres’ Quince Lip Butter is a part of Korres’ Color Collection, a range of homeopathic formulas that provide flawless color and skincare benefits from natural ingredients. It’s a lovely sheer berry/rose hued buttery lip balm that melts onto the lips and offers a slightly glossy, tinted finish. The combination of shea butter and rice wax offers deep hydration and softness which is ideal for chapped lips.

This lip butter has really downsized my winter makeup arsenal. During the colder months my lips inevitably begin to feel a little dry, so rather than applying some type of soothing balm, then lipstick and then topping it all off with gloss, I reach for my Korres lip butter and pretty much get all three products in one lightweight little jar. I’ve become a little obsessed with the feel of this on my lips–non greasy or waxy, sheer yet hydrating, and comfortable enough that I can forget that it’s there–and will definitely be going back for the Pomegranate shade which is a beautiful sheer coral.

Hand Swatch

Lip Swatch

I’m generally not a lip balm person (I wear it maybe 5 times a year when my lips are feeling extra dry), but Korres’ Lip Butters have captured my heart! Two issues I know some of you may have: 1) this product has no SPF, and 2) it comes in a pot meaning you need to stick your finger in the container. But even if you’re hesitant definitely give these a shot! The Lip Butters are available in a range of 5 shades (including clear), and for $9 how can you go wrong?


RATING: 4.5/5