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EOTD’s Using Stila’s Charmed Eye Shadow Palette

June 22, 2009

Remember that rich, velvety looking Stila Charmed Eye Shadow Palette (see review & swatches HERE) I picked up the other night for only $10? Here are a few EOTD’s using it, as promised!

While I knew that it was pigmented, I didn’t really quite how pigmented it was until I attempted to use it. These shadows are intense! Up first is the somewhat boring subtle look I did for the office using the pinky bronze shade on the inner third of my eye and the turquoise shade along the outer 2/3. I used a very very light touch and this is what I got:

Of course I felt the need to try something a little more colorful today to take full advantage of both the palette and the fact that I had nothing to do on this dreary, rainy Sunday. I again used the pinky bronze on the inner third of my eye, the turquoise shade on the center third, and then I used my MAC Pink Pearl pigment (swatch HERE) on the outer V for a fun pop of color. Have I mentioned how much I love my Pink Pearl pigment? It’s one of those things I dread running out of!

I topped the look off by layering Fresh’s Firebird and Supernova mascaras and lining my waterline with Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner in Zero. I kept the rest of my face simple with some Bobbi Brown Skin foundation topped with my La Mer loose powder in translucent and some shimmery Chapstick.

L’Oreal HIP Kohl Eyeliner Review & EOTD

June 22, 2009
L’Oreal High Intensity Pigment Kohl Eyeliners in Navy & Gold (approximately $13)

L’Oreal HIP’s Kohl Eyeliners are richly pigmented loose-powder kohl liners that come packaged in chic, portable little tubes.

I was intrigued by the launch of HIP’s Kohl Eyeliners, as I’d been dying to try the Guerlain Kohls but just couldn’t bring myself to fork over that kinda cash for something I might or might nor use. These are the first powder liners I’ve tried, and I must admit that I’m very impressed by the quality of these.

Hip’s Kohl Eyeliners are very very pigmented, and contrary to the lumpy appearance of the loose powder on the applicator, apply smoothly. Well what about lasting power? Thanks to the rich pigmentation these actually stay put really well, but I did have some trouble with smudging on my upper lash line which isn’t surprising since I have very oily eyelids. I do love these for the waterline though–they makes for a great pop of color that lasts for hours on end.

The bad? Well the applicator leaves a little something to be desired. It’s rather rigidly constructed, and the stiffness makes for difficult application (at least for uncoordinated lil’ old me) and tons of fallout.

The Navy shade is a great, softer alternative to black liner. But the shade I’m really loving is the Gold–the metallic shade really pops against my skin and creates a great gilded summer eye.

Please excuse these terrible EOTD shots. Lack of time + terrible lighting = crappy makeup job =X. But I decided to go ahead and post so that you can see what the kohls look like on. Now that’s love!

I’m wearing the Navy Kohl on my upper eyelid and the Gold Kohl along my waterliner. As you can see, the Navy started smudging a bit pretty much immediately post-application, but the gold stayed true almost all day.

If you’ve been wanting to try Kohl Eyeliners L’Oreal HIP’s are definitely a nice way to start. They’re relatively affordable, come in a nice range of eye-popping hues and the packaging is pretty hard to beat. Now if HIP would only package these so that you could tell if they’d been opened or not (a little pastic wrap never hurt anbody) they’d be set!

Kanebo Sensai Liquid Eyeliner Review & EOTD

June 4, 2009
Kanebo Sensai Liquid Eyeliner ($36)
Elegant, easy-to-use eyeliner has extremely fine brush for smooth, precise lines. Inspired by the aesthetic ideals of Japan’s ancient Imperial court, Sensai Colors “treatment make-up” features layers of translucent hues that evoke the wisdom and allure of women across the ages.

Kanebo Sensai’s Liquid Eyeliner comes sleekly packaging in a refillable metallic click pen with twist off top. Like so many of Kanebo’s other products (you’ve all heard me rave about their foundation and primer), the liquid liner includes great for you incredients like sunflower seed oil and hydrolized silk.

I know that most of you have never heard of Sensai’s Liquid Eyeliner, but it’s my liquid eyeliner of choice at the moment and really a thing of beauty. The applicator tip may look a little wide, but it’s perfect blend of firmness and flexibility makes for amazingly precise and controlled application. Using Sensai’s liner, I can achieve the thinnest of thin lines just as easily as I can a dramatic cat eye look. Which is saying quite a bit since my hands are incredibly unsteady!

The formula is long-lasting and relatively smudge-proof, although the liner does start to migrate upwards on my greasy eyelids towards the end of the day–but really there isn’t a liner out there that doesn’t. The black is a gorgeous, rich black, not the weak, wimpy black look some liquid liners give. All this, coupled with the sleek metal packaging (which I adore) makes this a total winner in my book!

Here’s an EOTD I did months back using Kanebo Sensai’s Liquid Eyeliner and The Body Shop’s Roseflower eyeshadow in Mint Green (review HERE). If I can achieve a line like this with my shaky hands, imagine what you can do!


Revlon Fantasy Lengths in Lush and a Beaded Konadicure

May 28, 2009

I was headed out to an engagement party this past Memorial Day Weekend, and I didn’t really feel like wearing any mascara or curling my lashes, so I whipped out my trusty false lashes which did the trick. I only used two little clumps of lashes from Revlon’s Fantasy Lashes in Lush on the outer corners of each eye, and I was set. Instant lush, thick lashes that give a little drama without looking unnatural.

What do you think?

While I have a bunch of Revlon’s Fantasy Length Lashes (see my collection HERE), Lush is one of my faves because I can customize the look that I want to achieve and don’t have to bother with a full strip of lashes if I’m not so inclined.

And I’m terrible with the nailpolish photos for some reason (with flash there’s just so much glare!) but here’s one of my latest Konadicure using plate # 62 (which I purchased solely for this stamp). The base color is Revlon’s Fruitful Temptations Fruit-Scented Nailpolish in Not So Blue-berry (review HERE–and the color looks much better with flash) topped with Konad’s special polish in purple. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on this one–loving it!

A Few Birthday Photos!

May 21, 2009

This post is long overdue I know, but I finally have my camera back and so here are a few photos from little birthday sojourn to Boston this past weekend. I should warn you the photos are pretty terrible–they were taken late at night in a dimly lit hotel room with not an iota of natural light to be seen.

So first up is the long-awaited birthday gift reveal!! For those of you who were looking closely at the photo in this post, you’ll notice that she’s holding my gift in her lap :).

I don’t know about you, but I happen to love Louis Vuitton shopping bags. I still have almost every one that I’ve ever gotten. What can I say, I’m a compulsive hoarder!

And don’t even get me started on the boxes LOL. I’m 100x worse with those than I am with the bags. You should see how many Sephora boxes I have stacked up in my room!

And here she is in all her petite glory! My brand new Louis Vuitton Pochette Milla MM!!
(Sorry half the bag is hidden by blanket lol)

I fell in love with this bag because of all the cute detailing and hardware, particularly on the sides holding the chain onto the bag. Plus I’ve been wanting a cute clutch for what seems like forever–some nights I just need something to hold a little cash and ID. I hope you love my birthday gift as much as I do despite the terrible photos! And of course thank you to my SO for this amazing gift! Between this and the seriously hot metallic Chloe Paddington he got me for Christmas, I’m one happy girl!

Our hotel in Boston was sweet enough to send up champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries via room service after hearing it was my birthday–yum! So after polishing off our little snack, we headed out to dinner at a small restaurant called Hungry Mother (in Cambridge) that was seriously amazing–everything from the ambiance to the food and service was just spot on, and I’m dying to go back. If you’re in the Boston/Cambridge area I highly recommend checking it out, I loved it!

Here’s the makeup that I wore to dinner, plus some smudging thanks to hours of wear =P.

I decided to keep it really simple with just some Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero topped with lots of mascara. I started off with my much-used Fairy Drops (there’s a review on the blog under Mascara Series if you’re interested) and then built a little more length and volume using one of the mascaras in the Fresh mascara duo that I purchased (will be reviewing this soon).

And I forgot to mention that before dinner, SO and I took a stroll through the Boston Public Garden and I got to have some fun with my camera photographing all the gorgeous flowers. Between the dinner, presents, sight-seeing, amazing snacks and SO’s younger brother’s college graduation on Sunday (congrats!!!) it was a pretty action-packed weekend!

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color in 09 Moon Shadow Review & Swatches

April 23, 2009
Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color in Moon Shadow

Yet another gorgeous item that Cathy picked up for me from Japan (check out the rest of my haul HERE). I probably never would’ve chosen these for myself as I tend to avoid cream/non-powder shadows, but having tried this one I find myself wanting to amass more shades.

Jill Stuart’s Jelly Eye Colors are just that–jelly. Unscrew the gorgeous, solidly weighted glass & metal jar (which by the way has the letter J etched on top–it’s like this was made for me! =P) to reveal some deliciously floral-scented, jiggly, shimmery, glittery goodness inside. The whole glob of shadow jiggles like jello!

I’ve found that the best way to apply the Jelly Eye Colors is with your finger. The colors are most definitely sheer, but you can definitely build up a few layers for more opaque coverage. And just be forewarned that if you’re not a fan of shimmer or glitter, you’re going to hate these as the sparkle is rather intense.

Moon Shadow is a really gorgeous, multi-dimensional shade that I’ve grown to love. At first glance it looks to be a shimmery pale silvery/gray that borders on almost being white, but turn it this way and that and you’ll see it reflect pink, blue, and a rainbow of other shades~it’s a true chameleon!

Close-Up of Moon Shadow in Pot

Moon Shadow Jelly Eye Color works well as a stand alone glittery pale silver shade, but I also love to layer it under other shadows for added shimmer and staying power. Once dry these are decently creaseless, although if your eyelids are as oily as mine, you may notice a little movement/migration after a few hours.

The above photo contains two swatches of Moon Shadow: the top is what the Jelly Eye Color looks like when applied very sheerly, the bottom swatch is after another layer and less blending. And the swatch below is of Moon Shadow in different lighting–see how it changes colors? So pretty!

I really love everything about Jill Stuart products, from the embossed pretty pink boxes to the weighty faceted metal/glass and the delicate floral scent that emits from the makeup. The Jelly Eye Colors are definitely very heavy on the shimmer/glitter-factor so they’re definitely not for everybody, but if you’re as big a fan of glitter as I am, you’re sure to love these.

What Jill Stuart’s Jelly Eye Color in Moon Drop looks like on (using one quick swipe):

I’m also wearing this eyeshadow in my Fairy Drops Mascara Review which you can find HERE (long story short it’s a fabulous mascara with a really cool applicator for a great price!) so click on over!

Unfortunately these are pretty hard to come by stateside, and if you do happen to find them, you’ll be paying a decent mark-up, but if you do happen upon them at a decent price, snatch them up they’re beautiful!

Bobbi Brown Moon Rock Long-Wear Eye Palette Review & Swatches

April 21, 2009
Bobbi Brown Moon Rock Long-Wear Eye Palette ($55)
This celestial-inspired palette includes two NEW and exclusive Long-Wear Cream Shadows–the warm Gold Drop and the steely Mineral Dust–to impart a pretty shimmer to lids, Long-Wear Gel Eyeliners in Espresso Ink and the NEW, exclusive Black Topaz to beautifully define eyes.

All of the formulas are silky, making the pigment a breeze to apply. Both formulas are long-wearing and water-resistant. Palette includes a dual-ended Mini Cream Shadow / Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush for professional application.

I picked this up this past Saturday while shopping @ the CCO ~ it was such a gorgeous day that there was no way I was going to spend it cooped up indoors. There were a million other items that I was eyeing, but I figured this palette was the most practical buy for my upcoming trip to Korea, plus I liked the box! =P

The packaging consists of these little pop-up tabs that are supposed to form an air-tight seal, ensuring that your cream shadows and cream liners don’t dry out. Unfortunately these don’t work out too well in practice, as the lids don’t seem to fit quite right and they kind of pop open on their own. I’m perpetually worried that they’ll dry out!

But packaging aside this palette is pretty great! Inside we have Cream Shadows in Gold Drop (a pale shimmergy gold) and Mineral Dust (a gumental gray) and Long-Wear Gel Eyeliners in Espresso (a deep brown with no shimmer) and Black Topaz (a deep brown/black with gold and bronze glimmer).

Swatches (L to R):
Cream Shadows in Gold Drop and Mineral Dust; Gel Eyeliners in Espresso and Black Topaz

Bobbi Brown’s Cream Shadows are super super long-wearing and essentially crease-resistant (even on my super super oily eyelids which is saying quite a bit), which means they’re great as stand-alone shadows and also make fabulous bases. My one gripe with these particular shadows is that they’re both rather sheer, but I actually do like the sheerness for work, and the colors area definitely buildable/layerable, especially Mineral Dust.

Swatches (L to R):
Cream Shadows in Gold Drop and Mineral Dust; Gel Eyeliners in Espresso and Black Topaz

I know I’ve never reviewed them on the blog, but Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Gel Eyeliners are amongst my favorite eyeliners ever! They make lining your eyes manageable even for the most unpracticed neophyte, plus they’re long-wearing as the name indicates and super pigmented. Espresso is a nice deep brown but nothing all too unique–but Black Topaz is really special thanks to the shimmer interspersed throughout.

Close-ups of Gold Drop and Mineral Dust in the pots.

Close-ups of Espresso and Black Topaz in the pots.

This palette also comes with a double-ended liner/shadow brush, and the liner end actually comes with a cap making for no-mess travel. I already have Bobbi-Brown’s mini fine-tipped liner brush which is fabulous, so I’m always happy to have a spare. The shadow end, though, sucks. The shadows are sheer to begin with, and this brush’s inability to properly pick up and deposit color just makes matters worse.

A Quick EOTD Using Gold Drop & Black Topaz:

See I wasn’t kidding when I said sheer! I actually should’ve shown you a photo of Mineral Dust, though, which is gorgeous–it can be layered to this gorgeous smoky/shimmery gray.

This is pretty much all the eye makeup I’ll be taking with me to Korea as it’s quite versatile and portable. While the palette isn’t really spectacular, it’s definitely practical and I’ll be carrying it in my purse everyday for makeup emergencies!

Purple Gradation EOTD

April 20, 2009

It’s been the longest time since I’ve posted an EOTD, and I’ve really missed doing them! So while this one isn’t terribly special or even all that great, I figured I’d post it anyway. Hopefully this will be the start of a slew of fun EOTD’s!

I used:

  • Pure Luxe loose shadow in Amethyst on the inner half of my eyes (swatch HERE)
  • Pure Luxe loose shadow in Grape on the outer half of my eyes (swatch HERE)
  • I then blended some MAC shadow in Swish (swatch HERE) along the outer 2/3 of my eyes to soften up the purple

It was a nice change of pace to go back to something more colorful~the conservative work looks have been getting a little monotonous. Maybe I’ll sneak in a little pink tomorrow!

Two Very Cursory EOTD’s Using My Mixology Eyeshadows

March 17, 2009

Guess who actually got home at a semi-decent hour yesterday? Me!!! I seriously couldn’t believe it myself, but I did take the opportunity to experiment a little with my new Mixology Makeup mineral eyeshadows and threw together these two quick looks before having to run out for dinner.

Look #1 Purple Smoke: I’d been wanting to test out the purples, and of course Turbulence, and this was the result. Please excuse the messiness, I threw this together in all of thirty seconds.

I applied Rock Show with a damp brush to the inner third of my eyelid, Pirate to the center using the same brush, and then Turbulence on my outer V. I also applied Turbulence along my lower lash line as a liner, and was so pleased by how pigmented it was. The look definitely needs some refining but I did like where it was headed.

Look #2 Sand Dunes: This looks didn’t photograph too well, but I thought it was really pretty in person and it was actually what I ended up wearing out (partially due to lack of time). I’m wearing Dune all over my eyelid (applied with a damp brush), and just the tiniest speck of Soot on the outer half of my eye for some contrast. Love Dune! It’s got this golden beigey neutral thing going on that really works for me.

If you haven’t seen them already, don’t forget to check out my Mixology Makeup eyeshadow swatches HERE!

The Body Shop Roseflower Eyes in Shade 02 Mint Green Review & Swatches Plus Quick EOTD

February 21, 2009
The Body Shop Roseflower Eyes in Shade 02 Mint Green (now $9 from $14)

Another great item from The Body Shop’s Moroccan Rose/Roseflower spring release, this shadow really took me by surprise. I was expecting this to be on the frosty/super sheer side, but it’s actually quite pigmented, not frosty in the least, and quite beautiful for the spring.

I’m a huge sucker for “treatment” makeup, meaning makeup that also doubles as treatment for your skin, so the fact that The Body Shop’s spring shadows contain marula nut oil and shea butter for moisturization and hydration means that I like them all that much more.

Close Up of Mint Green~see the pretty shimmer?

The Rosefloewr Eyes shadow in Mint Green has an embossed pink rose design that makes for an interesting combination little addition to your green should swipe your brush across the two shades together, and also works quite beautifully on its own. This is actually my first (I think–don’t hold me to this though!) mint green shadow and I actually loved the way it looked on!

On the downside, the shadow tended to be a bit crumbly in the pan which can make for some messiness and more importantly, can be rather annoying. Also, if you’re a fan of shimmer and glitter, contrary to its appearance in the pan, this is a rather matte shadow.

Swatch of 02 Mint Green

I threw together a very basic FOTD using Mint Green–I applied it all over my eyelid (no base or anything for once), then very lightly shaded my outer V with my Radiant Graphite mineral shadow (also from The Body Shop), and that was pretty much it! I added some liner later on, which is why the top photo has liner and the bottom photo doesn’t.

All in all though I really do like this product. I never ever go without some kind of base on my eyes because my oily eyelids melt away any and all traces of eye makeup within an hour or two, but I was in a rush this day so applied Mint Green without anything underneath and check out the pigmentation! Plus it lasted amazingly well–I was seriously impressed!