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Dior Addict High Impact Weightless Lipcolor in #359 (Pink Empress) Review & Swatches

March 31, 2009
Dior Addict High Impact Weightless Lipcolor in #359 Pink Empress ($26)

Dior’s newly formulated Addict High Impact Weightless Lipcolor offers weightless, pigmented high-impact color with a smooth texture that allows it to glide over lips for color that lasts and lasts.

I purchased Pink Empress in order to receive this free Dior Diamond Lipstick Case, and honestly it was well worth it for the lipstick case alone as it’s pretty stunning, so while I wasn’t expecting too too much from the lipstick I must say it’s pretty great, and at a very reasonable price point too! I swatched all the shades before settling on Pink Express, a shimmery pearly shade that’s pinky with some rose tones to it.

The shade is a little brighter than it appears to be in the photo above–pinks are tough to photograph! The new Dior Addict formula feels very lightweight and somewhat slick and slippery on the lips, yet manages to stay put for hours on end. I wore my Dior Addict in Pink Empress a few days back and it lasted through a light snack, tennis and basketball, and dinner.

Swatch of Pink Empress

Dior Addict, while not really drying, isn’t all that moisturizing either. I’d say that my lips remain comfortable while sheathed in this pretty pink shade, but not really hydrated.

Lip Swatch of Pink Empress (with flash)
It’s actually a softer pink in person–the close up below is a much more accurate color representation.

Lip Swatch of Pink Empress (Close Up w/o Flash)

My mother and I both happen to be big fans of Dior lipsticks~they come in a great range of shades and formulas, and the packaging is always absolutely beautiful. These are the types of lipsticks that you’d be proud to pull out and reapply at any time. At $26 I really think that they’re very decently priced, and considering that they’re lightweight yet pigmented, have great shimmer and shine, and are long lasting, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to check these out!

Presenting My Dior Diamond Lipstick Case =)

March 18, 2009

So after the arguing, the traveling, and the aggravation, here at last is my Dior Diamond Lipstick Case! Isn’t she a beauty? I absolutely love it and would have been willing to pay for it as it’s extremely well constructed.

When I was growing up, my mother had this intricately beaded lipstick case that I thought was the epitome of glamor and sophistication. Watching her apply her lipstick while peering into its tiny mirror, I vowed to have a lipstick case of my very own when I was all grown up. It seems that lipstick cases have waned somewhat in popularity since that time though, as as nice ones seem to be rather hard to come by nowadays.

Seeing this Dior case renewed my lemming and I simply couldn’t rest until I got my hands on it! The dimensions fit Dior’s lipsticks and glosses perfectly, and the lid shuts with a satisfying snap thanks to magnets on either end. As far as freebies go, this is definitely up there amongst my favorites, although you’ll have to remind me to show you my favorite freebie ever at some point–it’s a serious stunner and my other freebies can’t even come close.

I hope to have a review of the new Addict lipsticks for you soon, along with some MAC swatches!

I just wanted to add that as Deb mentioned, this gorgeous bejeweled lipstick case matches Dior’s Night Diamond Compact which I blogged about back in September of 2008. Meaning if you have it, you definitely need the coordinating lipstick case!


Free Jeweled Dior Lipstick Case w/ Purchase At Saks

March 17, 2009

Dior Addict Lipcolor has a new and improved formula that offers weightless, high-impact color, and to celebrate its launch, Saks mailed out these little flyers offering a jeweled Dior lipstick case with “your purchase.”

You can see my grubby fingerprints all over the card =X.

So I stopped by the Saks on Fifth Ave. on Saturday and was informed by the SA there that “your purchase” actually meant 2 lipsticks! Now I make my living interpreting phrases like this, so while yes technically “your purchase” can mean any number of lipsticks that they choose, I happen to object to their failing to disclose in the mailer that you actually need to purchase not one but two lipsticks. I then called the Saks in NJ to see if they were also spewing this 2 lipstick nonsense, and was told they were only requiring the purchase of one–and since the NY SA refused to budge on her 2 lippie position, I politely informed her that I’d be taking my business elsewhere.

I get to Saks in NJ yesterday and the lady at the counter (who wasn’t actually the Dior SA) tells me that she believes that it’s two lipsticks, although she’s not sure. At this point I’m getting a little aggravated since I’d gone out of my way to get there, but luckily as I’m waiting the lady with whom I’d spoken on Saturday (who’s the Dior SA) comes back to her counter and says the card says “your purchase,” she interprets that as one, and so of course it’s fine to give me the lipstick case with my purchase of a single lipstick. Ahhhh the drama!

At least I finally have my hands on the lipstick case (which is really beautiful and well made) and a pretty new Dior lippie. I’ll be bringing you photos of both soon!

Dior Iconic Diva To Go Set

January 22, 2009
Dior Iconic Diva To Go Set ($27)
Dior Iconic To Go Set contains the lash-curling Diorshow Iconic Mascara in Noir (rich black), a mini Addict High Shine Lipstick in Catwalk Mauve (sheer mauve plum), and a chic Dior travel pouch for grab-and-go glamour.

If you’re a fan of Dior Iconic Mascara (see my review HERE) and have been meaning to repurchase, or you’ve been contemplating purchasing it but have been reluctant to shell out the $27, Sephora’s new Iconic Diva To Go Set is a great way to go. The set is the same price as the mascara alone, but comes with a chic travel pouch and a mini Dior lipstick. It’d be silly to get the mascara when you can get two additional items for the same price!

Dior’s Lady Dior Compact Now Online…

January 6, 2009
…and I could cry! Has anybody else checked out the price on this thing?!

Dior ‘Lady Dior’ Compact ($95)
One of Dior’s greatest fashion icons, the legendary Lady Dior handbag, inspires this exclusive mini-bag compact with sparkling metal and faux-leather accents and a ring clasp to attach it to your handbag. Open to enjoy the sheer chic of Dior cheek highlighter plus a glossy lip tint. Hand it to Dior to have such charm.

If you don’t remember, I blogged about the Lady Dior Compact in this post (which has some great photos btw) and mentioned that it retails for 89,000 won, which with the current exchange makes it just under $70–but it’s $95 in the US!!! I wouldn’t be complaining quite so much if this were at least real leather, but for faux-leather I feel like $100+ after tax is all a bit much. And of course I’m doing all this whining because I really really want it but would feel ridiculously guilty purchasing this.

On a happier note, I wouldn’t feel quite so guilty indulging in this gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent GOLDEN GLOSS N° 27 Shimmering Lip Gloss ($28) since 30% of the proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund.


I’ll also be checking out YSL’s new Spring Collection which, after the Lady Dior compact, is looking mighty affordable!


Dior Lady Dior Spring 2009 Collection Photos

December 30, 2008
Lady Dior Cannage Bag ($1,800)

So it looks like Dior has finally decided to indulge both my bag and makeup obsessions in one sweet little package–this Lady Dior compact.


This is just one of those products that causes me to squeal with delight! Yes I’m sure it’s ridiculously overpriced, horribly impractical, clunky, heavy, and not the wisest purchase I could make given the state of the economy, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Check out more photos of Dior’s Spring 2009 release here–it looks like this could double as a very cute bag charm, and would be absolute perfection for those of you who own the Lady Dior bag!

(photo from this Korean blog)

The Lady Dior compact contains a lip/cheek color and a highlighter and comes in two colors families. I’m leaning towards the pinkier shade (as opposed to the red) myself but of course I need to see these in person before making any final decisions. The compact retails for 89,000 won in Korea which is the equivalent of approximately $70 dollars—ouch!!!


Also a part of Dior’s Spring 2009 release are these two 5-Color Eyeshadow Quints, one iridescent (on the left), and one not. They look to be very pretty neutrals but I can easily live without these.

Are you feeling Dior’s Spring 2009 Collection?

Dior Holiday 08 Swatches: Silver Smoke 5-Colour Eyeshadow and Dior Chic Palette

November 8, 2008
Dior Chic Palette: bronzey brown, ivony, brown with green sheen, silver, plum, gray
Silver Smoke 5-Colour Eyeshadow: deep gunmental gray, pale lavender, opalescent white/pink, white pearl, silvery taupe

Dior Chic Palette ($49.50)
What it is:
A couture-inspired palette featuring six eyeshadow shades.

What it does: Dior Holiday Collection Makeup Palette contains six oh-so-wearable shades in a palette inspired by Dior’s latest must-have handbag and accessory collections. The case features the iconic Dior insignia, golden grommets, and luxe leather-like details for a Sephora-exclusive product that is beautiful on the inside and out.

What else you need to know:
Shades include:
– Shimmering bronze
– Ivory sheen
– Brownish green sheen
– Light mauve gray sheen
– Plum sheen
– Shimmering grayish black

All in all a very versatile and wearable palette, but nothing too exciting for me. I actually loved all of the shades in this palette except for the brown/green–I know this look shade is flattering on many but it’s just not something I can pull off. I do think this Sephora-exclusive limited edition palette would make somebody a great holiday gift though!

5-Colour Eyeshadow Set – Silver Smoke ($54)
What it is:
A seductive palette of five rich, versatile eyeshadow colors paired with a mini mascara.

What it does: Dior’s 5-Colour Eyeshadow assortment allows you to create a multitude of makeup looks from the simplest, to the most sophisticated, depending on your mood. Diorshow Mascara is the original cult classic, inspired and used by professional makeup artists. Wiggle the extra-large brush at the base of lashes and sweep upward for a perfectly plush, sophisticated look.

Set includes:
– 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Silver Smoke (light lavender/ opalescent pink/ shimmering gunmetal grey/ white pearl/ silvery taupe)
– 0.17 oz mini Diorshow Mascara in Black

As you’ll see in my swatches, while this quint does contain lavender and pink shades, they all end up looking like variations on silver because they’re light and opalescent. This is a gorgeous palette though–I tested it out on myself, using the lavender as my primary lid shade, the pink as highlighter, the gunmetal as my crease shade, and the silver to smoke out the gunmetal and it created a rather fabulous smoky eye. The individual shades aren’t all that special and easily dupeable, but as a palette with the mini mascara this gets a thumbs up!

Dior Vernis in Black Sequins 905: Review and Photos

October 30, 2008
Dior Vernis in Black Sequins ($19)

What it is: A black nail lacquer with silver flecks. Limited edition and only at Sephora!

What it does:
Dior Vernis in Black Sequins gives nails a celestial shimmer. The raven black lacquer contains silver flecks that make your nails looks like a starry night—they glitter. Dior’s fast-drying, diamond-hard, chip-resistant formula makes sure this limited-edition varnish lasts.

Close-Up of Dior Black Sequins

I hadn’t even noticed Dior’s Black Sequins up on the Sephora site until a couple of readers requested that review it if I had the chance, but since I’m always up for testing out pretty black nailpolishes I was only too happy to oblige! I checked multiple Sephora stores in the city and they were all sold out of this polish (so get on it if you want since it is limited!) so I had to resort to ordering online!

Black Sequins is a true black nail laquer with tons of tiny little silver flecks interspersed throughout. The effect really is like that of a starry night–well if starry nights were actually visible in my area. Since the flecks aren’t chunky at all the overall effect is subtle and definitely more eye-catching in brighter lighting than it is in a dim room, but all in all I love it! The finish isn’t completely smooth due to the glitter, but it’s absolutely and positively not the chunky glittery feeling you get from a lot of glitter polishes. While I don’t get much use out of my Chanel Black Satin, I know this will be gone before I know it!

As for the lasting power, well I’ve only had this on my nails for a night or so, but having been a fan of Dior polishes for well over 10 years I can attest to their great quality. They dry super quickly, have great shine, and best of all are the longest lasting polishes I’ve ever tried. I always manage to chip my manicures in a day or two with other polishes (Essie, Chanel, OPI, etc.) but my Dior polishes last and last.

Okay onto the photos! I did my nails last night in the dark so please excuse the stray marks and messiness (and the not so great photos). I’ll be fixing it up later today!

Click the photos to enlarge and check out the shimmer!

Like I mentioned above this polish is limited edition and seems to be selling out quickly so head on over to Sephora and check it out for yourself if you’re interested!

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Guerlain and Dior Holiday 2008

October 6, 2008
Guerlain Sublime Radiant Powder ($82)

Reminiscent of a vintage perfume flacon, this metallic glass bottle lends a touch of glamour to any experience, even before application. A jeweled butterfly atomizer releases a fine spray of velvety powder onto face, body and hair. Every inch of exposed skin comes alive with glints of silvery shimmer.

Quite possibly the most gorgeous holiday item of them all, but at $80 so difficult to justify splurging on. But I can’t be the only one drawn in by the allure of that dainty little butterfly fluttering on top!

Guerlain ‘Mysterious Butterfly’ Eyeshadow Palette ($57)

Guerlain ‘Kiss Kiss’ Gloss ($28)

Guerlain ‘Meteorites Voyage’ Pressed Powder ($160)

Encased in this chic, refillable silver compact is a flirty yet elegant illuminating pressed powder in varying hues of pink, beige and white that can be used to accentuate the eyes, cheeks or the entire face. It’s everything you’d expect from the iconic Meteorites—a subtle, lit-from-within glow—now embossed with the signature butterfly motif of Guerlain’s holiday collection.

OMG that price!!! I almost had heart failure when I saw that–definitely wasn’t expecting it at all. Thankfully I’m not that into this product or today would be a sad sad day for me =P.

Guerlain ‘Le 2 de Guerlain’ Mascara ($35)

Le 2 de Guerlain has become the essential mascara for all makeup bags. It is now available in a limited edition and boasts a new power: The large brush boosts volume, length and curl with a deep black coat, while the mini brush adds extra impact with a sparkling violet. The product’s seasonally colored, elegant design is adorned with a butterfly motif.

Guerlain ‘Kiss Kiss’ Lipstick ($29)

Dior Deluxe Travel Palette ($70)

Dior’s holiday Deluxe Travel Palette let’s you take your beauty anywhere you want to glow. This dazzling travel case in Dior ‘s exquisite, plush, finely-stitched leather-like case, ‘cannage’ quilted textures, and of course, the bold Dior insignia. Holds everything you need to shine including a glowing color powder blush, sun powder, six sensational eyeshadows, a deluxe travel-size Diorshow Blackout Mascara and Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect for lips. What a gift!

You know I’ve been lusting after this Dior Deluxe Travel Palette and it’s here at last! Now all I need to do is to convince somebody that I absolutely need this as a Christmas gift!
What will you (or that special someone) be treating yourself to this holiday season?

ABS’ Picks from the Upcoming Holiday Releases

September 24, 2008

How can you not love holiday-themed cosmetics releases? Winter releases were made for those of us with paler complexions. The shimmery winter shades, the limited edition snowflake packaging, and the fanciful array of products all aimed towards shoppers with a Christmas agenda–it’s heaven!

From Dior:

This set is sheer perfection! Somebody needs to get me this for Christmas!

From Givenchy: I’m a sucker for holiday packaging!

From YSL: Nothing spectacular but this would make some nice young makeup lover a beauitful gift.Source