Korres Love Your Lips Set Review & Swatches

April 13, 2010
Korres Love Your Lips ($63.00 value for $34.50)

 I happen to love products that come packaged together – palettes, GWP makeup bags, face in a box sets, etc. – as they just make life so much easier, and lucky for us Korres has brought us all the essentials to whip your lips into prime-puckering shape with minimal effort in the form of the Korres Love Your Lips gift baggie.  Check out the full review, photos galore and some lip swatches after the jump!

Your $34.50 gets you two of Korres’ Cherry Oil Lip Glosses in Naked Rose 22 and Naked Beige 30, a Lip Butter in Jasmine (LOVE their Lip Butters – see my review HERE), and their Lemon Lip Scrub – a great value considering that each and every one of these products is one I’d use regularly.

I’d actually planned on purchased Naked Beige (a sheer neutral beige shimmer) at some point prior to receiving this set from Korres as it’s a great neutral shade that can pull together any dramatic eye look, but what really tugged at my heartstrings was the gorgeous golden shimmer in Naked Rose (a golden rose shimmer with light to medium pigmentation).  I’m a sucker for gold in my glosses, and so of course I proceeded to spend a good ten minutes or so just admiring the shade in the sunlight (weird I know).

Korres’ Cherry Full Color glosses have an addictive light cherry scent and nice color pay-off (although some shades are definitely sheerer than others), but what I really love about them is that they stay put remarkably well despite the fact that they’re not sticky or tacky.  Admittedly the shade range is rather limited, but I like to think that the selection is well-edited and hope that Korres will bring us more shades in the future!

As for the Lip Butter, well you need only read my initial review of Korres’ Lip Butter in Quince for my thoughts.  The Lip Butters are smooth, creamy, delicious, and slip right on like butter.  On me Jasmine is pretty much invisible making it much more of a balm than a tint, but it does make a great lipstick underlayer.

So having been continually disappointed by Lip Scrubs that don’t actually scrub over the years (I’ve tried so so many and they really don’t do much of anything for me), I was expecting more of the same from Korres’ Lemon Lip Scrub, but lo and behold this product actually leaves my lips feeling soft, supple and exfoliated.  I was a little disappointed at the lack of lemony scent and the fact that it didn’t get rid of all of my lip flakies, but I did love how fine the exfoliating granules were, which I’m pretty sure is what made this so much more effective than products I’ve tried in the past.

Swatches (from L to R): Jasmine Lip Butter, Naked Rose, Naked Beige
And a close up of Naked Rose and Naked Beige for your viewing pleasure (you know you love the shimmer as much as I do!).
And lip swatches as promised!  Naked Rose on top, Naked Beige down below.
The Verdict: All in all I’d have to say that the handy little package that is Korres’ Love Your Lips set is pretty great value and would make somebody a nice, simple all-in-one gift.  Next time your lips are in need of a little pick-me-up, definitely check this out!
This review contains a press sample sent to ABS by the brand’s PR representative for blog consideration.  If you have any questions regarding the foregoing, please feel free to contact me at a.beautyful.sentiment@gmail.com.

12 Responses to “Korres Love Your Lips Set Review & Swatches”

  1. Catinka Says:

    ooh those lip glosses are so shimmery and pretty.I think i also looked at your photographs of the lip glosses for a good minute or two admiring the sparkles. And I'm excited that they actually smell yummy and not perfumey. I definitely want to check those out… and I'm always looking for a good lip scrub.thanks for such a detailed review.

  2. Hey Cathy!You're up early – I'm dying to crawl back into bed. I'm foreseeing falling horribly ill tomorrow and having to take the day off work. I've been wanting to try the Sara Happ lip scrubs as I've heard nothing but great things. They're on my list!

  3. Phyrra Says:

    Naked rose is so pretty!

  4. Isn't it Phyrra? I love that everything in this set is so easy to wear and really goes with everything. It's great!

  5. omigod! Naked beige is pure love! *____* Looks sooooo lovely!

  6. Jenny Says:

    The colors are sooooo pretty!! I think I'm going to check it out when I go to Sephora!!! I've always wanted to try lip scrubs, and since you said this one is not that bad… why not, plus it comes with all those other goodies. I just love things in packages, so much more affordable! AND Sephora is having an additional 15% on entire purchase till April 19th!!! YAY

  7. Mary isn't it just such a fantastic neutral? Awhile back I was hunting for that perfect nudey beige gloss, and this was what I settled upon, then I never quite got around to purchasing it. I guess it worked out well for me though!

  8. Jenny I've been meaning to post about that but I keep never quite getting around to it!And if you're interested, I'll also be posting an ABS exclusive discount code that you can use on the Korres site, and you'll also get a free deluxe sample of their new antiaging primer which I'm so in love with. Stay tuned for it!

  9. This set is so gorgeous! I am definitely going to look for it when I'm at Sephora next. Naked Rose is so gorgeous with the shimmer. I'm in such a lippie phase right now and am actually impatiently waiting for my Fyrinnae lip lustre orde to ship. And of course my recent lipstick purchases, haha.

  10. Catherine Says:

    Hmm interesting! I haven't tried the Korres glosses yet, but the lip butters sadly do nothing for me… (but I just have ridiculously dry lips so I can't say I was particular surprised) but they do look so pretty. And now I'm intrigued by the lip scrub too. I've always been disappointed by them in the past but maybe daily use of this one would actually do something for me?

  11. ezzie Says:

    ooh, im itching to try out the lip scrub! too bad the lemony scent is not too lemony :P& im in deep love with the korres lip butters!

  12. ezzie Says:

    ooh, im itching to try out the lip scrub! too bad the lemony scent is not too lemony :P& im in deep love with the korres lip butters!

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