April 9, 2010

The weekend is nearly upon us, and all I can really say is – thank goodness!  I don’t know how much more of the work week I could’ve handled, and while this weekend is going to be insane for me (I’m cooking a 7 course formal dinner for a party of eight) I’m definitely looking forward to the reprieve from work. 

Plus just last night I realized that the 2 year anniversary of ABS is nearly upon us!  Can you believe that come Sunday, I’ll have been blogging for a full two years?  Despite the fact that I almost missed it, I’ve got some great things planned for next week (this was actually most by coincidence lol) including a new look for the blog (this may actually be mid-next week), the launch of my forum (finally!) and a bunch of fantastic giveaways, plus an ABS-exclusive Korres discount code.  Hope you’re all as excited for this as I am! 

12 Responses to “TGIF!”

  1. J-Ezzy Says:

    Have I only been reading your blog for two years?! Feels like you were my first big blogger that I would visit online! I'm so happy you continued your blogging and didn't stop after 4 months (that's the average life span of a beauty blog).Congrats and good luck with the 7 course dinner, I applaud you, I wouldn't dare consider doing that on my own! I'd have to check my insurance policy b/c my house would burn down!xoxo

  2. Phyrra Says:

    TGIF! And yay for your blog-anniversary coming up! ❤

  3. jo.frougal Says:

    My first time here and I feel like I'm barged into a big party and feel welcome! ;D Congratulations on two years, and happy celebration!

  4. Catinka Says:

    I hope you're not too exhausted preparing for the dinner party. I'm excited what you're hostess makeup will look like.

  5. Catinka Says:

    I can't believe in a few hours ABS will be 2!!! Congrats Jen! I agree with J-Ezzy that I feel like I've been reading your blog for ages and want to let you know that I read and take your opinions on products like the Bible… haha.. well not like the Bible. Good luck with your crazy dinner. I bet it'll be scrumdiddlyuptious. I wanted to crash but I hurt my ankle walking around the city.

  6. J-Ezzy I'm so flattered to hear that, thank you so much for your always super-sweet comments! I can definitely see why people stop after a few months as at first it can be really overwhelming and a bit tough, but at some point I hit my blogging groove and it's all history from there! I did burn myself a bit (had an oil pop up while frying some beer-battered calamari) but other than that it went off without a hitch! I'm now dead-tired though.

  7. Welcome Jo and I hope that you'll continue to come back for years to come! I promise that ABS will only get better from here :).

  8. Hey Catinka!I'm dead tired – I feel like I could sleep for days! On Friday I was up until like 3 am cooking, then had to get up early on Saturday to finish cooking, then Saturday I was cooking throughout the dinner party and basically passed out at like 1. And then Sunday was off to church to teach Sunday School =X. I was too exhausted to even properly put together my face, but on the bright side I did find a great eyeliner in my desperate Walgreens run to look halfway decent before the dinner.

  9. Catinka you know it makes me so happy that you visit ABS – I always look forward to your comments!Awww I hope your ankle's feeling better now! What happened?

  10. Catinka Says:

    Ankle is fine… I think my body got used to the LA mode so I'm a little out of shape… but just got back to LA and I miss you!!!

  11. Good to hear Cathy! I miss you too – wish we'd got to spend more time together while you were here, and of course I'm sad you didn't get to raid my beauty closet.

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