L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Color Correcting Primers

April 7, 2010

I’ve been waiting for L’Oreal’s Studio Secrets collection to be brought stateside ever since I heard about its launch in the UK, and while it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting the entire collection, I’m more than happy to settle for these Professional Color Correcting Primers.  Available in three shades – green to counteract redness, pink to illuminate and add warmth to light complexions, and apricot to lend a radiant, healthy glow to medium/dark skintones – these primers are infused with moisturizing agents to ensure smooth, even foundation application.

Check out more details and photos after the jump!

L’Oreal’s Studio Secrets Professional Color Correcting Primers not only come packaged in sleek tubes reminiscent of Make Up For Ever’s HD Primers, but they’re also contain SPF 15 to provide sun protection on a daily basis.  The pink and apricot shades contain mother-of-pearl particles to provide you with a radiant complexion and I’m really hoping for great things.  I’d usually go for the anti-redness, but I’m dying to see just how prominent the mother-of-pearl is in the anti-dull ones, so should I be lucky enough to happen upon these at one of my local drugstores (just checked Walgrees today with no luck) I’ll be picking up the pink.

Have you tried these?  Got your eye on them?  Share in the comments!

20 Responses to “L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Color Correcting Primers”

  1. Deb Says:

    I actually saw these at Ulta today while DBF was getting a haircut. They reminded me of Makeup Forever as well. I've noticed that a lot of the drugstore brands have been adding products that are comparable to what you might find in a prestige brand's line. It's nice if the price is right and the product performs just as well.

  2. Nice to see a primer with SPF in it! Haven't seen these here in Canada (Calgary, at least) at all though! L'Oreal seems to be randomly selective with what they bring over – for example the full L'Oreal Hip line isn't available here (I've been looking for the Chrome liners FOREVER, with no luck).Hope you manage to find these! Can't wait to see a review, as always.

  3. Deb I totally agree – first Revlon with their PhotoReady Foundation that was reminiscent of MUFE's HD foundation, and now this. I'm definitely up for trying it though, and I'm hoping for great things!

  4. Justine I hate when I'm totally lemming a L'Oreal product and it's not here yet – I was going crazy waiting for Telescopic Explosion to launch here LOL. I definitely plan to hunt these down so I'll keep you updated!

  5. hope they release it in asia soon too..this looks interesting…much like mufe

  6. TLNHTRN Says:

    I think I've seen all three at some of the drugstores in my area and at one Target? But I had my eye on the perfecting base because I don't own any face primers.. but then I didn't look up any reviews on it yet. I would like to try the anti-dull skin now that you've mentioned it. I hope it works ok!

  7. I'm definitely interested in that green one! Maybe it'll be answer to the redness in my cheeks *fingers crossed*

  8. Camille I immediately thought of the MUFE HD primers when I saw these – and since I rather liked those, I'm hoping these will be up to par if not even better. Lately I've been learning to appreciate the wonders of a really good primer.

  9. How lucky TLNHTRN! I'll definitely have to pop by my local Target to see if they have this in yet as I'm really dying to try both the pink and the green primers.

  10. XOVINTAGELOVE I'm still looking for that perfect product that'll be light yet cover all of my bothersome redness. Which reminds me – I need to go find my anti-redness cream that works so well for me, it's disappeared somewhere into the abyss that is my house =X.

  11. I'm interested in testing out the green one! I think I've seen the display for these but it's always empty. =/

  12. Jeweled Thumb I'm hoping to stumble across a few bottles this weekend as I'd love to try these out. I kinda want them all!

  13. Celine Says:

    I'd love to try the green one! I'm always kind of pink in the face, and I have some hyperpigmented acne scars too! I hear they have good foundation, maybe I should give L'Oreal a try.

  14. TRose Says:

    I got the pink one a few months ago when I had a 2 dollar off L'oreal coupon and another coupon at Ulta which came out to be around 5 dollars for the bottle. Even at 5 dollars, I am a bit disappointed in it. It is a bit cakey and emphasized my pores. It was a fail unfortunately.I think the Face Primer might be a bit better because they have testers for that and when I put it on my hand it felt nice and smooth.

  15. MEii Says:

    this really does remind me of MUFE HD primer. I really liked the PhotoReady foundation so i'll definitely go grab one of these if i see them in my local drugstores.

  16. Tina Says:

    I've definitely seen these at the CVS stores around my area (Eastern and Western Massachusetts) and I think I've spotted them at Walgreens too. I contemplated buying the pink to try but at $14.99 (or about so), I didn't want to dish out that soon without doing some research first. However, it just occurred to me that CVS pretty much accepts returns on anything, so perhaps I might pick up a bottle this weekend.

  17. Celine me too – I always look a little flushed and I've got some weird acne scars from a few years back that just refuse to fade into oblivion. My favorite drugstore foundation at the moment is Revlon's PhotoReady – now I just need to find the right shade so that I can stop blending several shades to get the right one.

  18. Hi TRose!Wow $5 is such a great deal for these! Awww it's too bad you didn't like it, maybe I shouldn't go for it. The cute, petite-looking packaging does appeal to me, but I also have more primers than any one woman should own.

  19. Me too MEii! I can't seem to find the perfect shade, but I'm going to keep buying PhotoReady until I do LOL.

  20. Tina i still haven't had any luck finding these, but I'm going to continue to look. Even if I don't end up purchasing them, I'd still love to see the display/packaging in person.

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