Starry Nights

March 17, 2010

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been AWOL lately – no posts, no comment responses, no nothing.  Well that’s all thanks to the lovely power outage I suffered over the past few days, meaning no power and no running water.  So what did this mean for me?  Well let’s just say having no internet and cable were the least of my worries – I was washing my face with bottled water and sitting in front of a crackling fireplace in an otherwise pitch black house.  Thankfully the craziness is over, the power and the water are now back (the storm is over, the fallen trees have been cleared and life is returning to normal), and so am I!   

2 Responses to “Starry Nights”

  1. SoRi Says:

    Goodness gracious, how did you manage to survive? I know if I go 12 hours without internet, I go bat-sh*t crazy! Glad to have you back in one, sane piece.:P<3

  2. SoRi I was losing my mind!!! I actually hardly watch television lately as I don't have the time, but you should've seen me – I was just sitting there in front of it, hoping it would miraculously turn on and entertain me. I thought I was going to lose it after about 6 hours LOL.

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