SENSAI Cellular Performance HydraChange Series Preview

March 10, 2010

I hope you all survived your Tuesdays better than I did – I’d have to say that even for a Tuesday, mine was pretty abysmal.  On the bright side though, the work week is almost half over and I’ve got a seriously amazing new skincare line to introduce you to.

Sensai’s new Cellular Performance HydraChange Series (launching in mid-March), containing a unique hyaluronic acid cocktail, seals in moisture, smooths skin’s appearance, and best of all, provides an immediate water-like hydrating sensation upon contact. 

I’ve been playing around with two items from this launch, the HydraChange Mist ($75) and the HydraChange Cream ($175) and my mother will be the first to admit that my skin is looking pretty amazing lately (and if you know Korean mothers, you’ll know they never compliment you on anything, especially your skin).  I haven’t broken out once in the two months since I switched my skincare over to HydraChange and my skin hasn’t been dry despite the ridiculously cold we’ve been having, but most amazing for me is the fact that my pores seem to be significantly tighter (although I can’t be sure this is what brought about that change – I think it might have something to do with the daily cleanser I’m using as well – either way I’m seriously amazed and so so ecstatic since I’ve tried pretty much every pore-tightening product known to man to no avail).  I’ve got to run off to work soon so this is all the info you’re getting today, but you can expect review of the products soon!

Availability: Launching in-store at Bergdorf Goodman in mid-March.  Pre-orders available via  Available at in April.

20 Responses to “SENSAI Cellular Performance HydraChange Series Preview”

  1. Jess Says:

    I'm currently using the Hydrachange Cream and the Hydrachange Essence too! I've been really intrigued to buy the Mist too, but I still have my La Mer one. So, I'll have to wait until I've finished. :)I'm quite satisfied with Hydrachange, since I do feel it is hydrating my skin, what I can't say of the Sensai Silk products.

  2. hmm … thanks for the info. i may check this out.

  3. Hyaluronic acid certainly seems to be a buzzword in Japanese skin care! I recently added in the Hadalabo Super Hyaluronic acid lotion to my skincare (it's the one where you have to pat it in) and my skin seems a lot happier and more moisturized (I still add a moisturizer after, but I no longer feel 'tight'). Mine doesn't have pore-tightening effects though! It was only 14$ though so I suppose I shouldn't complain :PI'm so glad this is working for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Jess what are your thoughts on the essence? I've really been wanting to try it, it sounded pretty amazing based on the product description. I was a little put off by the stickiness of the hydrachange cream at first but I love it so much now and don't even notice it!

  5. Let me know if you do Mrs. Halimah! It's now officially my fave skin cream, although I may switch to something a little lighter like La Mer's gel cream for the summer. Unless of course I can find a cheaper option!

  6. looks promising,bad part is its not available here in the philippines,i love great skin care products may it be high or low end as long as it delivers

  7. Catherine Says:

    OOH. Can't wait to hear your full thoughts!

  8. Awww that's too bad CamRenRai! I do believe that the website delivers internationally, although I'm sure you're like me and like to try out a product before splurging on it.

  9. Catherine I hope to have them up in the next day or two, although if I forget please do remind me and bug me about it until I do post! =P

  10. Justine I love all things hyaluronic acid – one of my favorite serums is Peter Thomas Roth's hyaluronic acid serum. My skin just drinks it up!

  11. hannahhloves Says:

    love your posts and reviews. you answered questions ive had about some products. i am now a follower (

  12. Julia Says:

    Hi, I wanted to know how you found the new range compared to La Mer. Thanks for any info ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Just had a few questions, could you please post up the ingredients list? my skin gets irritated when there is alcohol and what is your skin type?mine is combo and prone to acne and i'm wondering if this would work for me as well.

  14. Dennipep Says:

    I love Japanese skin care products but I haven't tried Sensai's products.I will check it out,thanks for sharing this =)

  15. Julia I'd say this is comparable to the gel cream, although thinner and stickier, but definitely very different from the actual creme. The La Mer gel creme is really nice but doesn't do a heck of a lot for my complexion. This, on the other hand, does fantastic things for me!

  16. Anonymous I have combo, acne prone skin too with severe oilies in certain areas and severe dryness in others. I don't have the ingredients in front of me but I'll be sure to post them with the review!

  17. Dennipep I hope you do they're great!

  18. Anna Says:

    I simply adore Sensai! I'm gone try this line sounds promising.

  19. Anna I do too – everything from their lipsticks and foundations to their skincare. Each and every item I try is truly exceptional!

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