Monday, Martha and Makeup

March 8, 2010

While I generally don’t love being at work (I so envy those of you who absolutely love your jobs), Monday are by far the worst – dragging your tired, weary body out of bed when all it wants is to pretend it’s still Sunday and hide under the covers. But I’ve decided to try to take it all in stride this week, as things really are looking pretty good – at least on the ABS front. Last week I got a lovely e-mail from the PR people over at Lancome letting me know that I’d been mentioned on the Lancome Blog – how cool is that?! That pretty much made my day.

As for today, I’m trying to brighten my mood by looking at Martha the Tangerine – named for Martha Stewart, the doyenne of all things domestic. I got bored sitting at my desk, and before you know it, Martha was born =P. Isn’t procrastination great?

And now for the makeup bit. I’ve settled into a bit of a makeup rut that I’m in the process of trying to shake off, but here’s the somewhat blah look I’ve been sporting for the past two weeks. Nothing spectacular but understated enough for work and simple enough that the clients don’t do a double-take. Details after the jump!

How To:

I’m hoping your weekend was more exciting than mine. I spent most of Sunday playing around with makeup, rereading Breaking Dawn and finishing the Percy Jackson series. What have you been up to these past few days?

36 Responses to “Monday, Martha and Makeup”

  1. It's so great to see you posting with some regularity. I miss your posts (though I don't comment much)! I also had a boring weekend. Homework, playing with makeup and cooking to help me procrastinate from doing homework. =)

  2. Phyrra Says:

    You look lovely :)I went to see Alice in Wonderland this weekend and it was amazing! I even did AiW themed makeup (if you peek at my blog).I also played Dante's inferno and Bayonetta on the ps3 all weekend, taking a break from WoW.

  3. Thanks so much Jeweled Thumb! I've missed posting too, and I've realized that after taking a short break it's hard to get back because you fall so behind, and then it all gets so overwhelming. Oooh I've been cooking up a storm too! What did you make over the weekend? I've been on a bit of a baking frenzy :).

  4. Awww thank you Phyrra! So jealous you already got to see Alice in Wonderland – I'm contemplating giving it a week or so before venturing to theaters as I hate being crowded and sitting in a ridiculously packed theater. I've been in a rather blah mood for the past week or so – must be that time of the month =X.

  5. Phyrra Says:

    I don't like crowds (because I have anxiety issues), so what I've been doing to go to the theatre is to go to the nice theatre by my house, which is a Cobb Cinebistro. The Cinebistro has limited seating space, you pick your seats online when you purchase the tickets. The seats are leather. You then order dinner/alcohol once up there. There's no crowding, normally no one under 21 is allowed up there, and it's just such a better experience than dealing with a crowded theatre.

  6. Phyrra that sounds awesome! Nicole was telling me there's a place like that in FL as well, but I have yet to stumble across one in NY. If I do though, I'll definitely be going to the movies more often. I love drinking while I watch movies – not to sound like a closet alcoholic lol. I always manage to end up next to a group of obnoxious kids who'll talk loudly throughout the movie or make weird animal noises and laugh, etc. They make me feel like a cranky old lady =P.

  7. Phyrra Says:

    Yep, I'm in Florida ;)The Cinebistro chain here is awesome. There was a theatre similar to this when I was in Chicago as well. I bet there are places like it in NYC. I hope you can find one :)I'm definitely that cranky old lady! I hate people ruining my movie experience.

  8. Why did I think you were somewhere in the midwest? I've been experiencing early onset senility so you'll have to forgive me. I'm definitely going to google around to see if I can't find something similar. I like to enjoy my movie in peace – or else I'd rather just watch it in the comfort of my own home.

  9. Phyrra Says:

    Lol! No idea. I'm originally from Indiana, but lived in California for a long time, spent a little time in Tennessee and have been in Florida for almost 6 years now.

  10. Phyrra seems like you like warmer weather. I'd love to head somewhere warmer right now, although I shouldn't complain because the weather here is GORGEOUS today.

  11. Deb Says:

    I know what you mean about Mondays. There was an blurb in Allure about Wednesdays being the crummiest day of the week (apparently more suicides happen on Wednesday), but I am not feeling it. Regardless, I hope you can break out the doldrums soon!

  12. Phyrra Says:

    Yep,I love my warm weather. When it's between 70 and 90 I'm in bliss 🙂

  13. sophia Says:

    Wow so little makeup used for such a nice look! That Jill Stuart is soo pretty, I never would've thought to give their makeup a try!

  14. Brooke Says:

    Gorgeous eyes!! and I love Martha the orange 🙂 I hope your job is a little less painful tomorrow (at least tomorrow means there are only 4 days left!)

  15. Katiya Says:

    hey Jen! Love Martha!! I had a question about the eyeliner you used to line the bottom of your eyes. I usually use the most water resistant and smudge proof eyeliner (almost industrial strength!!) to line the bottoms of my eyes and they just disappear within an hour! What you recommend?

  16. Hey girl! Just came across your blog and LOVE it!!!! I can't wait for your next post! I am now addicted!!!Have a fab night!xoxo erica

  17. Deb Monday are just so tough – the week always seems interminably long come Monday morning. Plus Mondays always end up being miserably long days for me – case in point, it's close to 7 pm and I'm still at the office with no end in sight.

  18. Phyrra I love weather that's between 50-70 – crisp, cool, yet not freezing :).

  19. Thank you Sophia! I've been trying to keep things simple these days to encourage myself to wear more makeup (I've been pretty much wearing only foundation for weeks now) and Jill Stuart products are seriously great, and of course the packaging is stunning!

  20. Thanks Brooke!I know it's silly for a grown woman to play with fruit but it helps to ease the pain of being at work all day =P. Definitely looking forward to the weekend!

  21. Hey Cathy!Isn't Martha cute? Although she's gone now – I got hungry and ate her.So the Chanel water resistant liners actually suck – I only use them because I have them lying around, I would never actually recommend them. They're overpriced and don't stay put well at all.You've tried the UD 24/7 pencils right? Those have decent staying power, and of course you know I like the L'Oreal HIP ones, although they smudge too. Sadly I don't have anything amazing to suggest to you just yet, but I promise I'll keep hunting!

  22. Hi Erica!Thanks so much for your sweet comment, glad you're enjoying the blog!

  23. This is a lovely everyday look! I wear the same thing whenever I go to work (I have my entire routine down to 10 minutes or less) so I can understand the lure of easiness… and routine! AND I finally hit pan on a Dior palette. 😀 But if I'm not working I try to play around with colour (a.k.a the rest of my stash) more… the warm weather really has me in the mood for brights!I worked nights the whole weekend but I was on with an awesome group of nurses so it ended up being pretty awesome 😀

  24. Katiya Says:

    hey Jen! Yeah I've tried the 2 and UD 24/7 comes out within like 2 hours and I think my contacts are allergic to the HIP ones because my vision gets all blurry the moment I line my eyes with them :(I've tried the Bobby Brown pots to line my under eyes… and that I guess seems to be the only solution for my very oily eyes 😦

  25. Justine congrats on hitting pan! That's always a major accomplishment for me as I never finish anything! It's really a small miracle if/when I finish a product and a true sign that it was great and that I couldn't live without it. I can't remember te last time o finished something.Sadly my coworkers aren't nearly as lovely as yours. Can't wait to get home tonight although all that's waiting for me is more work lol.

  26. Cantu even the Bobbi brown gel liners smudge on me although they do better than most other products. I'm sure I've asked you this a million times already, but have you tried MAC's liquidlast liner? I've heard that it stays put like no other.

  27. Catherine Says:

    I am right there with you on Mondays. Love the lip though – so gorgeous!

  28. Thanks Jen! I was pretty excited to see the pan, even though there's a LOT of product left… I feel accomplished! I'm close to finishing up my HG liquid liner too (but I have backups of this as I use it every day so it doesn't feel as satisfying, haha).At least you're home! You can work in PJs 🙂

  29. coffretgorge Says:

    I think I've said this before but I REALLY LOVE YOUR LIPS! So gorge! 🙂 i like your eye makeup too, simple and very wearable. Martha is adorable! I hope you didint eat 'her'! LOL 😛

  30. Bee Says:

    How is it that your understated work make-up is so pretty?! I love the shimmery eye shadow. I might try and create something similar for myself when I go out in a bit. Hehe. You are such an influence, Jen. I adore the lip colour! But I don't think it'd look the same on me as I'm darker than you. o.O My weekend was hardly exciting. I didn't even leave my flat! I TRIED to do some work which proved unsucessful. Oh, I did bake cupcakes with my flatmate at 10pm on Sunday which lasted until 3am, which was terrible as I had to wake up for class on 3 hours of sleep. Urgh. That was a killer.

  31. Thanks Catherine! I love Courtisane so much because it's got all the dazzling sparkle of Chanel's glossimers with a bit more pigmentation than you'd normally get. It's such a nice, bright pop of pink (especially in person).

  32. Ooooh Justine please do share what your hg liquid liner is! I don't know if you noticed up above, but Katiya and I are on the hunt for that perfect liner that'll stay smudge free all day.

  33. Coffretgorge even if you have said it before it always makes my day to hear it again so thank you! And sadly I did eat Martha =P. I got hungry midday and there she was, sitting on my desk in all her citrusy glory. She never even saw it coming!

  34. Awww thanks Bee for all the sweet compliments! I think Courtisane would be pretty universally flattering, it's really such a fun shade and currently one of my favorite glossimers.Baking must have been so fun! I love cooking/baking but can never find the time anymore – I'm determined to make some time though, and you've inspired me to bake up some cupcakes, which I've never actually diner before. I'm always a little intimidated by the prospect of having to ice them – do you have a favorite frosting recipe you'd recommend?

  35. I love the shades you have on your eyes! You do such a good job on them. And Martha the Tangerine is just cute.

  36. Hi Jen! I`m happy to share my HG 🙂 I use K-Palette 24hr Waterproof liner, which is pen-style, and is a nice dark black. They also make Geisha Ink but K-Palette (the Japanese version) is a lot cheaper. I get mine from Imomoko, though of course I bought it first in Japan: work I use KATE Supersharp Liner in BR-1 which you can get from Adam beauty: LOVE pen-style liquid liners, they are so easy to use, but unfortunately they don`t seem very popular in North America! There are loads of different brands in Japan 🙂

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