L’Oreal True Match Roller Perfecting Roll-On Makeup Review & Swatches

February 25, 2010
L’Oreal True Match Roller Foundation in Shade N1-2 ($14.99)

Good idea or bad, you’ve got to admit that the concept of a roller foundation is pretty unique – I’ve thought of a million and one improvements I’d love to make to pretty much every single product I own, but I’ll admit that it never even occurred to me to apply foundation with a little paint-roller reminiscent applicator.

So how did it work out for me? Read on for the review (and more photos of course) after the jump!

First one little caveat – I have yet to have a good experience with L’Oreal compact foundations. Case in point, the Super Blendable Compact Foundation irritated my skin and gave me hives and all-around looked pretty terrible on. I’ve had better luck with their liquids, but generally I tend to stick to their lip products and a skincare item or two every now and then.

Having said that, my complaints about L’Oreal’s True Match Roller are essentially the same as those you’ve seen in my L’Oreal Super Blendable Compact Foundation review. The shade I received (N1-2) is too light, sits awkwardly on the surface of my complexion, never quite blending in and emphasizing any pores and lines, and irritates my skin. I know others who’ve experienced the same, and since the formula may or may not work for you (for me it’s a definite not) I thought I’d focus more on the roller since I know you’re all curious about the paint-roller method of foundation application.

So the roller is — well pretty much a miniature paint roller. It’s a rotating cylindrical sponge mounted on a little roller, and while it’s not terrible, it’s really not my ideal method of foundation application. On the pro side, it’s kinda fun to roll your foundation onto your face and to blend it in by repeatedly rolling over the same area. You can get anywhere from light to full coverage depending on how vigorously you blend and how much product you use, and there’s little to no skin-tugging involved.

Swatch of Shade N1-2 (you can see how it makes a rectangular shape)

As for the not-so-great, well my one major issue was that the roller applicator wasn’t quite as maneuverable as I would’ve liked. A tapered end would have been nice to get into those harder-to-reach areas around my nose, and I would’ve appreciated the applicator being a bit smaller or the pan of foundation being a bit larger, as overall it turned out to be a rather messy endeavor. Also, more often than not I’d end up picking up too much foundation with the applicator, which of course made for too much foundation on my face.

While a fun novelty item, L’Oreal True Match Roller Foundation sadly didn’t work at all for me. Ah well – I still love my Go 360 Clean Cleanser to bits and use it religiously every day!

This review contains a press sample sent to ABS by the brand’s PR representative for blog consideration. If you have any questions regarding the foregoing, please feel free to contact me at a.beautyful.sentiment@gmail.com.

38 Responses to “L’Oreal True Match Roller Perfecting Roll-On Makeup Review & Swatches”

  1. I find this so bizarre yet so intriguing at the same time! Sorry it didn't work for you. I might pick it up one day when there's a sale just to see!

  2. Deb Says:

    I read some other reviews of this, and the other ones mentioned that the roller picked up too much foundation as well. I think it was on Musings of a Muse that there were suggestions for using the roller without picking too much up, but I think you shouldn't have to do all these special things to get the product to work correctly. It should work as advertised without any additional tweaking on the part of the customer.

  3. itsliz89 Says:

    This product brings the lolz. It would be funny seeing someone put this on. They took the term face paint a little too literally.

  4. Genie Says:

    You've just saved me about 13$ LOL! I was looking forward to trying this but after reading yours and all the other bad reviews, I'd rather not. I'm still waiting to get my hands on that Alice In Wonderland Pallete though……..Hope you're feeling better!

  5. Stephanie Says:

    glad to see your review on this. it cured my curiosity.

  6. Askmewhats Says:

    intriguing! I'd love to try this but I have a feeling I will have a hard time manuevering this too 🙂

  7. ezzie Says:

    the roller is so cute, but it wouldn't be my first choice of foundation application either. still, props to loreal for bringing up a unique idea!oh, and i tried that Go 360 cleanser and i absolutely adore it! the rubber scrubbie is genious 😀

  8. Khymm Says:

    the packaging looks so unique! nice review.. too bad it didnt work for you..

  9. Too bad this didn't work for you! The packaging instore had me intrigued but before I swore off foundations, the price was a huge turn off. It's 20.99$ CAD at most drugstores which seems REALLY expensive for a drugstore foundation… even more than the new Revlon HD.I am still loving my Go 360 Clean Cleanser. After I bought my first bottle it disappeared for a while, but it's finally back, so I've bought a back-up 🙂

  10. Bee Says:

    Jen! Are you feeling all better now? 🙂 Yay! You FINALLY managed to get your hands on this? Hehe. I've still never bought it for myself because I didn't like the idea of a roller and doubted it would work for me. Oh, and I'm always around…I read every one of your posts; I just don't always comment! Maybe, I should! I've also decided to start commenting with a profile now. :)I'm thinking of getting a BB Cream. Any recommendations, as I know you have super-sensitive skin like me? I do have the SkinFood Aloe one, but I'm not sure if it broke me out? But that might've been the RMK foundation I was using. I might give it another go – SkinFood, that is. Not RMK. I don't know. But I don't seem to do well with Asian-branded products. I also can't seem to wear liquid foundation; I react. So, I wear foundation-powder. I'm fine with powders. Anyway, gonna go and read the reviews you have done on BB Creams. I'm sure you did on the Etude House one? ❤

  11. Great review! I'm not even remotely interested in this now, but I do like the L'Oreal Color Match as a cheapo foundation. It's as close to a dept store product as I've found – very blendable, buildable coverage, and a natural finish. Love your blog! xoxoxo- Amy.

  12. Katiya Says:

    I just prefer using a fluffy brush to lightly dust on my face after applying foundation and that does wonders. How do you think the powder foundation would work as just a finishing powder? I've always been a great fan of the maybelline dream matte powder (it's a little lighter than MAC studio fix but just perfect alone or over foundation)

  13. luv2smilexo Says:

    this product makes me laugh. I am not sure my feelings on paint rolling my face 😛 Even the boyfriend said I should try it for fun haha

  14. I saw this the other day at the store and thought to myself, "what were they thinking with the paint roller?" I don't want to knock a product before I've tried it, but that alone completely turns me off. For a drugstore cosmetic this is still a pricey product, and I'd almost rather just spend a bit more and buy a higher end foundation that will likely perform much better. Thanks for the review though! I was curious about this one! 🙂

  15. my main concern is – how do u clean that thing?! @_@ haha~

  16. i totally agree with you, L'oreal products have never worked for my skin either, which is surprising because i expected their quality to be better since they are under Lancome and i happen to like Lancome's products. i think the roller foundation is a neat idea but i guess it turned out to be more of a gimmick than anything else. thanks for this review! it's definitely helpful to a lot of us who've been curious about this new product 🙂 xx

  17. faerie_bel Says:

    If our faces were completely flat, this would be a great idea. LOL Maybe you could still get some use out of the foundation by using a brush instead?

  18. Hi Jeweled Thumb!I know what you mean – I was so strangely drawn to this, even knowing it would be bad. It's one of those things you just have to try for yourself!

  19. Deb I'm with you – I really don't want to have to struggle with my makeup. I'm busy enough in the morning without having to make my makeup work for me.

  20. itsliz I can only imagine how ridiculous i look rolling this over my face. it's kind of soothing in a facial massage kinda way, but it just wasn't for me.

  21. Glad to be of service Genie! I've been wanting to get me hand on that palette too – I love all things Alice in Wonderland!

  22. Hope you enjoyed the review Stephanie!

  23. askmewhats I really wanted to like it but it just didn't sit quite right on my skin. oh well!

  24. ezzie it's definitely fun and unique – i cant honestly say this never occurred to me.yeah i totally love my go 360 cleanser too – myp ores have never been happier!

  25. Justine that's definitely pretty pricey for a drugstore foundation! I'm always hesitant to buy drugstore products when the prices make them verge on inexpensive department store brands.

  26. Hi Bee!I am indeed feeling better, notwithstanding the remnants of a nasty cough. Thanks for sticking by ABS and being so loyal, you know I really appreciate it!I like the gold caviar BB cream I reviewed sometime back – and I love the mousse BB creams. They take a little getting used to (because they dry so quickly you have to work fast) but once you get the hang of it they're pretty great. Also love Etude House's mineral primer which is tinted so it's just like a foundation except with great SPF protection.

  27. All The Pretty Things I totally agree – while Revlon's PhotoReady is my new fave drugstore foundation, the liquid L'Oreal True Match has a pretty great formula, especially for a product under $10.

  28. Hey Cathy! The formula's a little sticky on my skin and never quite sets or dries so I don't think I'd be too crazy about using it with a brush. Will have to try the Maybelline though – I've been liking their mousse foundation.

  29. Luv2mile I have yet to show this to the SO but I think he'd get a laugh out of it too. It's such a silly product!

  30. A Lovely Blogger you're totally right that this is pretty pricey for a drugstore product, and so it's so disappointing that it's not better. I didn't have high hopes for this, but I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

  31. LOL reveriepapillon! Can you imagine trying to clean off all the foundation and then rotating it so that it could try? Such a hassle!

  32. Anita Lancome makes such lovely foundations, but L'Oreal's foundations just don't seem to cut it for me. I do absolutely LOVE their Go 360 clean though!

  33. LOL Faerie_bel! We're obviously at fault for not having flat faces – maybe L'Oreal would've done better with a slightly tapered or curved applicator, although that would probably be a bit more costly to product. I actually dislike the foundation even more than I dislike the applicator – it really irritates my skin =X.

  34. Hello :)I was never much into Loreal foundation products since I've had a bad experience with their liquid foundations. I'm glad you gave us your review of it… and I can honestly say that their products need more improvement :p Great review! Mind if I friend ya? 🙂

  35. The practical, compact packaging's enough to entice you at first glance. I especially love the little roller applicator thing.

  36. Not at all Rainy Days! There are definitely quite a few L'oreal products that could use some tweaking, but I must say that they also make some simply amazing products that are so reasonably priced. I can't rave enough about their Go 360 Cleanser with scrubley which has completely changed my skin and pores. I plan on buying ten backups in case they discontinue it!

  37. All Women Stalker L'Oreal does really know how to tempt us. Even having tried this and knowing I didn't like it, my eye is always drawn to it on my vanity and in the drugstores :).

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