Tarina Tarantino for Sephora is Here!

February 22, 2010

Tarina Tarantino’s Sephora cosmetics line has officially launched and of course I had to spread the news being a HUGE Tarina Tarantino fan! I shared my launch lemmings a few weeks back, but having had nearly a month to talk some sense into myself, I’ve decided to settle for just the TARINA TARANTINO Pearl Glow Primer ($32) as I’m still currently obsessed with perfecting that dewy, glowy but non-greasy look.

Have you seen any Tarina Tarantino goodies at your local Sephora? If so please share locations – I’ve been scouring mine but no luck yet!

6 Responses to “Tarina Tarantino for Sephora is Here!”

  1. Miss Boom Says:

    They have her stuff at our Sephora, but I"m in California. All I can tell you is that everything is covered in rhinestones,

  2. *Jen* Says:

    I'm jealous Miss Boom, I'm still waiting for Tarina Tarantino to arrive at my Sephora stores!

  3. I'm not sure if this is coming to Canada (I hope it is, something has to replace the counter-space CARGO had!) but I'm interested in the brushes mostly… except now Tokidoki is doing a collaboration with Sephora and apparently there are going to be brushes in THAT collection so I am now torn between three design elements I love: hot pink, bows, and Tokidoki. XD;

  4. *Jen* Says:

    Justine I hadn't heard about Tokidoki for Sephora – I LOVE Tokidokie so so much! I wasn't too impressed with the TT eyeshadows or liners, but I am loving their primers and blushes. Reviews to come!

  5. i saw this at my local Sephora in Canada just recently! they were in the display that was originally holding the Cargo items (which i'm sad to see go at Sephora!). seems like Sephora's rotating a few of their lines 'cause I heard other lines are getting discontinued from Sephora 😦 i've heard good things about that primer but have yet to try it out. i fell in love with their blush in Parasol the last time i went. it's the most gorgeous peachy/coral shade ever ❤

  6. Anita I'm loving the primer thus far – the shimmer/opalescence is just perfect for giving me a glow without emphasizing my pores. And the blushes are awesome! I have Feather which is so pretty.

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