ABS’ V-Day Prep

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Sorry I haven’t been around much lately – I’ve been feeling a little under the weather and trying to catch up on some sleep – but now that I am here I figured I’d walk you through my morning V-Day prep.

  • 9:30 AM ~ Roll out of bed (after playing on my phone for a good half hour =P) and hop in the shower. Lather up with all sorts of yummy-smelling products like The Body Shop’s Banana Shampoo and Conditioner and their wonderfully sudsy Fuzzy Peach body wash. After all, what girl doesn’t want soft, touchable skin; smooth, frizz-free hair and

  • 9:50 AM ~ Step out of the shower, stick my hair up in a towel and proceed to spritz away at my face using Kanebo Sensai’s Cellular Performance HydraChange Mist to lock in moisture (wouldn’t want my face feeling tight and dry halfway through the day). Top it all off with Sensai’s HydraChange Cream for superb moisture minus the oilies.

  • 10:00 AM ~ Tear open a packet of Elizabeth Grant’s Vitamin C Illuminating Eye Pads to brighten, tighten and lighten my undereye area. Last night was Lunar New Year meaning late-night fun, which doesn’t quite make for great date-night undereyes. These are my current favorite under-eye quick fix and I even sleep with them on some nights!

  • 10:20 AM ~ Remove eye pads and top with Elizabeth Grant’s Bright Lights pen from her Socializer pen duo for an illuminating undereye treatment. These are fantastic for travel (and for stashing at your boyfriend’s) and make a great quick-fix.

  • 10:25 AM ~ And what am I doing right at this very moment? Taking my hair out of the towel and massaging in some White Sands Orchids Oil. This is a non-greasy yet wonderfully moisturizing hair treatment that’s fantastic as a pre-flat iron hair protection, and it also has a nice light fragrance to it.

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my morning routine!

18 Responses to “ABS’ V-Day Prep”

  1. Lovin' the sneak peak into your morning ritual. Hope you have a great day ahead of you!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I've been waiting for Kanebo to add hydrating products in addition to their eye essence and mask. Do they have a whole line now with essence and cream? Are they available at BG?

  3. Phyrra Says:

    Happy Valentine's Day pretty lady!

  4. I play on my phone all the time now, which makes me think it was a good investment, but is also a huge time waster. I mean this morning I was playing PopStar! and then suddenly it was like an hour later!!I love reading bath product reviews but I only use ONE kind of each product at a time so by the time I finish one I forget all the reviews and just buy the same stuff XD. I just finished my body wash from Bath and Body Works' Morrocan collection and am halfway down an aromatherapy wash from the same store… and then I hope my House of Gloi soaps get here otherwise I move onto another B&BW one (I try not to buy multiples of each one at the same time as well)! The Sensai skincare looks SO PRETTY but is still unavailable here 😦 I am using a Japanese drug-store inbetween toner/moisturizer right now that I am really liking… and even with importing it's still only 15$ a bottle CAD! The eyepads look really nice – where do you get them?I still don't use concealer. I'm trying to get more sleep and drink lots of water which is helping my under-eye issues laods! The packaging on those looks so cute though.Hope you had a great V-Day!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Weird… didn't this post say something different before?

  6. I'd like to try those vitamin C pads.

  7. Susan365 Says:

    great blog! I don't follow any on this subject so I am excited to have found you!

  8. Klaudea Says:

    I love it! It's so cute how you labelled with times too!Mmmm I am very interested in the Orchids Oil. Wondering how I'm going to get my greedy little hands on something like that all the way over here in Canada lol.Hope your V-day was just as cute as your post!

  9. Charm Candy Says:

    Jen! I am sure you're busy with work and life but you HAVE *HAVE* *HAVE!!!* to try out Hourglass lipgloss. (Especially in Siren.) HAVE TO!! :DI hope everything is good with you!

  10. *Jen* Says:

    All Woman Stalker I'm about a week late on responding to these comments but I had a fantastic V-day with a lovely meal cooked by the SO. Hope yours was great as well!

  11. *Jen* Says:

    Hey Anonymous! They do indeed – there's an essence, a face cream, the mist pictured here along with an eye cream and a mask. And yes the whole line is available at BG and it's pretty fantastic!

  12. *Jen* Says:

    Hope yours was fantastic Phyrra – although with men in your life like yours I'm sure it was pretty amazing!

  13. *Jen* Says:

    LOL Justine happens to me all the time. The eyepads are by Elizabeth Grant and they're really quite fantastic for a quick pick-me-up and not as pricey as some other brands. Here's the site:http://www.elizabethgrant.com/Home.phpThe pencils are less concealer and more just tightener/brightener/highlighter. I don't know that they make a huge difference but it makes me feel better to use them =P.I hope you had a great V-Day!

  14. *Jen* Says:

    LOL Anonymous I altered it a little =P.

  15. *Jen* Says:

    Makeup Theory they're available via Elizabeth Grant's site here:http://www.elizabethgrant.com/Home.phpand I do highly recommend them, they're pretty great!

  16. *Jen* Says:

    Klaudea I saw something similar on a forum I used to frequent and always liked the idea so I figured I'd give it a shot over here. The Orchids Oil is great – I see that it's available on Amazon, I wonder if they ship to Canada? I really love to use it on those days I'm flat-ironing my hair.My V-day was great! 🙂

  17. *Jen* Says:

    Tori are you talking about those new cute fat stumpy looking ones I see on Sephora? I have been kind of wanting to get my hands on them – will definitely give them a try!I've been fighting a horrible cold for the past week and basically just sleeping and working and not doing much of anything else. Hope your life is more exciting than mine is at the moment! =P

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