OPI Designer Series Nail Lacquer in Reserve Review & Some Japanese China

January 28, 2010

Naughty blogger that I am, these photos are actually from weeks ago (when my friend Cathy – yes the same one I visited in Cali – was actually in NY) but I thought you might all enjoy beholding the beauty that is OPI DS Reserve – just one of the many amazing things Nicole got me for Christmas. Check out additional photos (sadly all taken with my iPhone as I wasn’t at home with my usual camera), the full review and some of the most stunning coffee cups I’ve ever laid eyes on after the jump!

The Designer Series by OPI is a line of nail lacquers with a state-of-the-art formula that combines dazzling diamond dust with saturated pigments to give you a nail color that explodes with brilliant almost holographic shimmer.

is a gorgeous, easy-to-wear rosy pink shade that’s just exploding with shimmery bits (yet the texture is completely smooth) and truly a stunner. These photos really don’t showcase the beauty of Reserve as the photos have no flash, but trust me, it’s gorgeous.

And on a completely unrelated note, the day that I did my nails in Reserve I ended up going out to this scrumptious little dessert place called ChikaLicious where they had the most delicate, intricate, all-around stunning china sets that I’ve ever laid eyes on.

All I can say is – I want!

24 Responses to “OPI Designer Series Nail Lacquer in Reserve Review & Some Japanese China”

  1. pankeke Says:

    ahh!! i am in love with this color! i can only imagine how better it looks in real life *___*

  2. viickietoria Says:

    pretty pretty nailpolish (: and china(:

  3. You know I LOVE pink and this polish looks so perfect! If only I wore nail polish 😦 When I'm off for long stretches I love to do my nails sparkly, but otherwise they remain mostly naked XD;The tea sets are GORGEOUS. I love the pink and yellow sets best.

  4. T.R. Says:

    PRETTY! I just picked up OPI's Absolutely Alice and Madd as a Hatter. I LOVE AA it is a gorgeous blue glitter that is amazing. Haven't tried MAAD yet.

  5. T.R. Says:

    Hey Jen FYI and I don't know if you want to do a post but Hautelook.com will be having a "sale" on Feb. 4 for baby quasars. Don't know pricing b/c they haven't said but just an FYI.

  6. lumkeikei Says:

    Hey!I love that nail colour!!! Do they sell it in Sephora?

  7. I love the OPI polish with diamond dust. I have it in Ruby and I always get compliments on it.

  8. That's a really gorgeous color on your nails! And very pretty china, too.

  9. PixyEla Says:

    Oohhh I love pink & that nail polish is sooo pretty. I MUST get it lol. & those Coffee cups are soooo cute!!!!! Again, I want the pink one haha. Have a wonderful weekend Jen. 🙂 p.s. I nominated you for a blog award. ^^

  10. Jonesy Says:

    love this nail polish!(www.the-blisslist.blogspot.com)

  11. Tammy Says:

    What a gorgeous color!! I'm currently wearing a very light pink that has a similar texture..I want this color now!! haha

  12. *Jen* Says:

    Pankeke the sparkles are really gorgeous in person – definitely worth checking out. I love all the OPI DS polishes!

  13. *Jen* Says:

    Viickietoria this is one of my favorite polish shades at the moment, and the china just makes me drool!

  14. *Jen* Says:

    Justine I've been too lazy to do my nails for the past few weeks.You know I'm usually all about the pink but I LOVE that yellow set, seriously the most gorgeous tea set I've seen to date.

  15. *Jen* Says:

    Tala I saw those shades when I was at Larchmont in Cali (have you had a chance to stop by yet? it's really awesome!) and they're GORGEOUS – especially loved Madd as a Hatter, it's a stunning, unique shade.

  16. *Jen* Says:

    Thanks for the info Tala, I'm def going to try to squeeze in a post, although I've rarely been finding the time to blog lately.

  17. *Jen* Says:

    Lumkeikei unfortunately they don't – the only place I've seen them thus far (near me) is Ulta. Luckily I have wonderful friends who send me them!

  18. *Jen* Says:

    Charlotte they're seriously all beautiful – I have yet to see a DS polish I don't love.

  19. *Jen* Says:

    Thanks All Women Stalker! I wasn't quite sure how I felt about the shade in the bottle, but on the nails it's really a stunner.

  20. *Jen* Says:

    PixyEla thanks for the award!I usually love the pink and the pink teacup is stunning but the yellow one was just complete and utter love for me.

  21. *Jen* Says:

    Thanks Jonesy!

  22. *Jen* Says:

    Tammy I was looking for a similar DS color (light pink) but didn't see one when I was at Ulta. They must have one though! Will keep an eye out for it :).

  23. lumkeikei Says:

    I finally found it at HK's Sephora! The bad news is it is super expensive… $198HKD!!I got one anyway cause the colour is so pretty!

  24. *Jen* Says:

    Lumkeikei I'm jealous that the HK Sephoras carry these!

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