Beautiful, Sunny (Somewhat) LA

January 26, 2010

Sadly it was a little rainy when I arrived at LAX (I had been hoping to enjoy some warm Cali weather) but at least there were the remnants of a quickly disappearing rainbow to greet me. Lucky for me, the weather cleared up rather nicely and the remainder of my 2.5 day stay was full of gorgeous, sunny (albeit rather chilly) weather.

One of the most beautiful places that I visited was the Getty Museum. My friend Cathy and I arrived a little after 5 PM (literally 20 minutes or so prior to closing) and the setting sun made for the most stunning photographic backdrop.

More photos after the jump!

I haven’t had a chance to take photos of my purchases yet (they were pretty few and far between as I was trying to be good) but hopefully you’ll be hearing all about those tomorrow. I did get to check out this AMAZING beauty mecca called Larchmont Beauty that makes me want to move out to LA so that I can shop there every day. They carry every product known to man and a ton of really hard-to-find brands that people like me scour the city for. If you’re in the area, definitely check it out and if you’ve been there be sure to share!

24 Responses to “Beautiful, Sunny (Somewhat) LA”

  1. Katiya Says:

    these pictures are so amazing! I can't believe they turned out like this!

  2. Oh my goodness! Those photos (especially the first two) are just stunning 🙂

  3. My sisters were just there! The sunset makes the museum even more stunning than even bright clear skies!! Glad you had a good trip 🙂

  4. Phyrra Says:

    Lovely photos! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. *Jen* Says:

    Thanks to you Cathy! I had so much fun and I'm so so happy the photos turned out beautifully. One great thing about the Sony is that the photos always seem to look better once off the camera.

  6. *Jen* Says:

    Thanks Rae! It was the perfect setting for snapping some quick photos – so glad I took the camera with me.

  7. *Jen* Says:

    Justine I had such a nice, relaxing time – work has been insanely stressful and I really needed to get away.

  8. *Jen* Says:

    Thanks Phyrra! Given the rather dim lighting conditions I was really pleased to see how well the photos turned out. Plus it was awesome that the rain stopped long enough for me to be able to snap some pretty photos.

  9. Stephanie Says:

    I love the Getty's garden! It's even more amazing in the spring/summer when the flowers are in bloom. It's interesting to see it at this time of year. I'm just only able to visit CA in the summer.Looks like you had lots of fun! Can't wait to hear about Larchmont beauty!

  10. ezzie Says:

    the place is gorgeous! and i live somewhat close to LA (if you call 8 hours close. lol), so the next time i visit some family, i'll definatly check out larchmont beauty!i can hear my wallet crying already. Lol~ :Pcan't wait to see the goodies you got!

  11. IMM Says:

    Cool pics J!LA looks so much more enticing compared to NYC at the moment with the windy rain 😉

  12. God, I love sunset shots. They're just so beautiful and calming.

  13. gio Says:

    Thanks for sharing. The pictures are beautiful!

  14. Tracy Says:

    Now I have a serious lemming to visit LA! Great photos 🙂

  15. T.R. Says:

    Oh my gosh Jen, this Larchmont Beauty is right around the corner from my office and to think I never even "saw" it considering all the times I've been to Larchmont. I will definitely be checking it out this weekend. (Of course in between MCLE course….:O) I'm really excited. I've been buying quite a few things the past few weeks and I REALLY don't need ONE more beauty item.

  16. T.R. Says:

    Can you believe I've been in LA 12 years and STILL have not been to the Getty. Ok now that's just sad. :O(

  17. *Jen* Says:

    Stephanie I would love to live near the Getty so that I could stop by often – although the parking rates there are exorbitant! Larchmont was AMAZING! They seriously carry any and every brand and the prices were great too.

  18. *Jen* Says:

    Wow Ezzie 8 hours? That's quite the trek!

  19. *Jen* Says:

    Thanks N it was!

  20. *Jen* Says:

    All Women Stalker I was sad that I arrived late and so didn't get to spend a ton of time at the Getty, but really the timing couldn't have been more perfect as the sun was at the perfect height for some great photos.

  21. *Jen* Says:

    Thank you Gio! I have my friend Cathy to thank for a lot of them as she pointed out several of these great shots to me.

  22. *Jen* Says:

    Tracy it was so great, although I don't know if it was being away from NY or just not having to think about work for three whole days.

  23. *Jen* Says:

    Seriously Tala? You MUST go check it out, it's pretty awesome!LOL hope you had fun with that MCLE. NY has CLE requirements but NJ didn't – but of course now that I've passed their bar they decide to institute a mandatory CLE rule Boooo!

  24. *Jen* Says:

    Tala that's one more place to add to your list of sites to see – it's just gorgeous!

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