Drugstore Discoveries: L’Oreal Go 360˚ Clean Deep Cleanser with Scrublet Review

January 5, 2010

If you’re anything like me, you look at a $6.99 cleanser on the shelf at the drugstore and wonder if it can really be any good – you’re probably used to the drying, irritating, strip your skin to the bone type of cleansers that many drugstore brands seem to love releasing. Well your inner recessionista will rejoice over the awesomeness that is L’Oreal’s new Go 360˚ Clean Deep Facial Cleanser. Check out the details after the jump!

The Go 360˚ Clean Deep Facial Cleanser makes a fantastic daily cleanser. On my simultaneously super dry yet super oily skin, Go 360˚ Clean provides a wonderful deep clean that removes trace of foundation (it’s not so great with the mascara) while also keeping my skin break-out and blackhead free. And the best part? It’s non-drying!

What makes this a ‘love’ product for me is L’Oreal’s darling little Scrublet (close-ups below) that comes cleverly nestled within the Go 360˚ Clean bottle. Its soft, siliconey nubbies are gentle enough for use on the most sensitive of complexions but deep cleansing enough to keep the most stubborn of pores clear and blackhead-free. Plus the back has a suction cup (if you don’t feel like sticking it back into the bottle) so that you can pop the Scrublet onto your mirror, shower door, or other surface of choice for easy storage.

I only have two tiny gripes and they really are pretty minor – I’m not crazy about the slightly medicinal scent, and I don’t know about you but the top of my bottle is ridiculously hard to get open. One other thing I should mention is that while this is a great cleanser, it’s not very high-lathering meaning if you’re used to working your cleansers into a rich, thick, luxurious foam, you might be a little disappointed.

If you’re like me and have gargantuan mutant blackheads that never know when to quit, L’Oreal’s deep facial cleanser just may be the product for you, and given that it’s well under $10 even after tax, it’s definitely worth a look-see. If you’ve tried the other versions of this product (I’ve got my eye on the cream and the exfoliating versions) I’d love to hear about them!

Availability: L’Oreal Paris Go 360˚ Clean will be available February 2010 at www.lorealparis.com and chain drug, food and mass market retailers for $6.99.

A press sample of this product was sent to ABS by the brand’s PR representative for blog consideration. I probably would’ve purchased this anyway because I’m a sucker for the cute scrubby! If you have any questions regarding the foregoing, please feel free to contact me at a.beautyful.sentiment@gmail.com.

41 Responses to “Drugstore Discoveries: L’Oreal Go 360˚ Clean Deep Cleanser with Scrublet Review”

  1. Aly Says:

    i got the exfoliating one and i like how it cleans my skin but it smells so weirdi wish they had the one you use at the store..there were only the cream cleanser and the exfoliating one xP

  2. Deb Says:

    I like how the scrublet nestles in the bottle. When a product comes with an extra piece like that, too often they end up getting separated somehow.

  3. Katiya Says:

    this stuff sounds amazing! and i'm willing to invest anything to get rid of my mutant pores, jen you're hilarious!

  4. Jamie Says:

    Can't wait to try this! Speaking of L'Oreal – has anyone had any experiences with the new sublime bronze "one day" bronzing lotion? I contacted the company directly and asked when it would be available in stores and they replied telling me "soon". I'm DYING to know more!!

  5. Jen Says:

    Ooh, I'm a sucker for things like the scrublet too. Nice that it's non-drying!

  6. *Jen* Says:

    Aly the one I have smells a little medicinal – does yours have that same scent? I wouldn't say that it's pleasant but it's definitely not the worst.

  7. *Jen* Says:

    Deb it's really clever. I do tend to store my scrublet on my mirror or shower stall though – that way it's right there when I need it and I really have no excuse to be lazy.

  8. *Jen* Says:

    cathy you've seen them! they seriously have a mind of their own and never want to cooperate with me =X.

  9. *Jen* Says:

    Jamie I've tried the older version – I wasn't even aware that there was a new one! I'll try to get more details on it! 🙂

  10. *Jen* Says:

    Jen I love things like that too – I'm in the middle of putting together a post comparing the L'Oreal one and this Japanese one I purchased YEARS ago.

  11. Jamie Says:

    Jen there's an older version? I'm dying to find a bronzing lotion that I can slather on before an event that will STAY PUT and then wash off at night – this new L'Oreal stuff seems to be the answer. The only other thing I can tihnk of is that stuff that body builders use before a competition….LOL If you have any suggestions please let me know.

  12. *Jen* Says:

    Jamie I've tried this one:http://www.abeautyfulsentiment.com/2009/09/drugstore-discoveries-loreal-sublime.htmlI don't know if it's the same one you're talking about.I don't have any great suggestions for you but if you're just looking for an all-around great self-tanner, one of my faves is by this company by antidote. It lasts for maybe 3-4 days so it's longer than a day but it's very user friendly and looks beautiful on.

  13. Thanks for the review! I've been wanting to try this since I found a coupon in the paper $2 off i think it is. ^_^

  14. Jamie Says:

    Thanks for the tip Jen! I too have tried their Sublime Bronze self tanner ( I think I have it chucked in the back of a closet somewhere). This is a new product they have that is more of a one time use thing. At first I thought…"where do they see a market for that?" but then I realized that it is really handy for people like me that have HAD it with self tanner streaks that appear and then take DAYS to scrub off. Here's a link if you want to go check it out. http://www.lorealparisusa.com/_us/_en/default.aspx#/?page=top{userdata//d+d//|diagnostic|main:pdp//objectid+SK17_17//{pdp_tab:pdp_overview//objectid+SK17_17//}|media:_blank|nav|overlay:_blank}

  15. *Jen* Says:

    JL $2 off this is such a good deal – I want a coupon! 🙂

  16. *Jen* Says:

    Jamie thanks for the link – I was looking for it and couldn't find it on their site. It sounds pretty great – I love the idea of a one day tanner as there are those days I want a tan, but literally only for a day.

  17. Catherine Says:

    Oooh, I am intrigued!

  18. mandy Says:

    This sounds so great! 😛 Glad to hear more reviews on this product. I think even just the scrubby is worth getting! Thanks for the review. Maybe I'll give this a try after i finish my current cleanser ^__^

  19. *Jen* Says:

    Catherine you should give it a try, it's really a fun product!

  20. *Jen* Says:

    Mandy it really is – it's a great scrubby and the price is so reasonably considering you get both the cleanser AND scrubby for only $6.99.What are you using right now?

  21. ~Lisa Says:

    Oooh! Great review, I'm totally going to purchase this soon

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Kayvid: Hey Jen! Happy New Year to you. Have you tried using this cleanser with your Clarisonic? Or would you rather just stick to the scrublet? On the other hand, What cleansers do you use with the Clarisonic?

  23. *Jen* Says:

    Lisa don't forget to stop by and let me know what you think once you've had a chance to try it!

  24. *Jen* Says:

    Hey Kayvid!Happy New Year!!I have tried this cleanser with my Clarisonic and it's decent but I prefer it with the scrublet – it's a little gentler and easier on my skin. With the Clarisonic I like foaming cleanser that have a thicker lather – or pretty much anything that's thick and cushy feeling, to provide a little bit more of a buffer between my complexion and the Clarisonic brushhead.

  25. ezzie Says:

    i just saw the commercial for this cleanser and was happy to come see your full review on it :)& i am so picking this up on my next trip to the drugstore!~ ^-^i have dry patches on my cheeks but i was also blessed with an extremely oily t-zone that loves to drive me nuts, and i am looking forward to trying tis out!plus the little green scrubbie is way too cute to resist!

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Kayvid: Hey I tried the 360 in white n pink. I think its the cream one. I love it!!! But I believe all of them have menthol…I wish they didnt. But oh well! Me being combo, it works great. I do plan on using it with my new clarisonic…

  27. *Jen* Says:

    Ezzie sounds like our skin types are similar – mine drives me crazy too! It's a little dry now but otherwise pretty well under control.

  28. *Jen* Says:

    Hey Kayvid!I was sad when another reader told me this didn't work for them, but since you're loving the pink one I'm definitely going to give it a shot.Sadly I haven't been able to find these near me yet but I'm going to keep looking!And congrats on the new clarisonic!

  29. Aly Says:

    oh mediciney..thats probly better than the one i haveit smells like fake citrus-y smellbut its getting better hahahacept i feel like the scrupper is too floppy…maybe thatsa just me 🙂

  30. Jamie Says:

    Okay so y'all suckered me into trying it! I picked up the cream cleanser and what can I say….thanks! I even had my skin problem prone bf try it last night and he loved it so much he said he's going to pick some up. The scrubby really makes the experience, I tried the cream cleanser – just wish they had something a bit more moisturizing for my sahara-like face.

  31. *Jen* Says:

    Aly I wouldn't say the scent grows on you, but like you said it gets better and is less startling =P.

  32. *Jen* Says:

    Leslie which milky cleanser have you been using? I happen to like Diors as it's nice and cushy and provides a nice barrier. I also LOVE Cle de Peau's foaming cleanser with the Clarisonic but it's a little pricey. If you can get a sample of the Dior I'd suggest giving that a shot as it's rather nice. As is their foaming cleanser that comes in the green squeeze tube.

  33. *Jen* Says:

    Jamie I'm so happy to hear that you're loving it! This is probably the longest I've stuck to a drugstore product, which is saying a lot. I may just pick one up for my boyfriend too, I think he'd enjoy it.

  34. ViVi Says:

    I just bought this product yesterday and I absolutely love it! I love the scrublet too! I love how clean my skin feels afterwards and it's not drying at all. My skin feels smoother and my pores do look smaller. It's my new favourite product now 😀

  35. *Jen* Says:

    So glad to hear that ViVi! I have to say this is probably the longest I've ever stuck with one cleanser, and a drugstore cleanser no less. It's great stuff!

  36. Janet Says:

    I got the "sensitive skin" one (the white cream cleanser with blue scrublet) and it's really fantastic. I find that it removes almost all makeup — even waterproof mascara. The only thing it can't take off is eyeliner (which I don't wear every day anyway). It's really a perfect all-in-one cleanser.The cream one has no scent and it's really gentle on the skin. I usually find drugstore cleansers dry out my skin, especially in the winter, but this one's actually been really good! When you're done with the gel one I'd recommend giving the cream cleanser a shot.

  37. SEH Says:

    jen! i just bought this product on your reccomendation. we don't have the green one in the UK but i bought the white one which has salycylic acid for blemishes and my skin is kind of dry/oily/belmishy all at the same time! i really like the feel of it!!! also i'm wary of drugstore products sometimes because my skin is very sensitive but this didn't aggravate it at all!

  38. Anonymous Says:

    I got the sensitive one and it is AMAZING! I used to have acne but along with the stuff my dermatologist gave me my skin is getting so clear!!!!!!

  39. Janet I'm totally obsessed with the GoClean cleanser now having used them for a few months – my skin really looks fantastic and I never break out anymore! And you're spot on with the fact that these are amazing in that they're so affordable yet don't dry out your skin and really seem to do great things for it. Such a great product from L'Oreal, I hope they never discontinue it!

  40. So good to hear SEH! I hope that now that you've almost had it for a month you've grown to love the Go 360 line as much as I do!

  41. That's so fantastic Anonymous! My skin has been amazingly clear too – my complexion just loves this stuff, and I couldn't be happier considering how affordable (and cute) it is!

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