Holiday Giveaway: Win The Body Shop’s Entire Holiday Color Collection!

December 10, 2009

So my lovelies – the day has come! What day you ask? My day to participate in The Body Shop’s 12 Days of Giveaways, of course! Click on after the jump to learn how to win yourself every item from The Body Shop’s shimmering holiday color collection, a $156 value!

I’m sure you’re all wondering exactly what it is you’ll be entering to win, so here’s the breakdown:

On top of all this generosity, the Body Shop will also be giving away a grand prize valued at a whopping $1,200 on December 12th! To enter, simply enter your name and e-mail address here on The Body Shop’s site anytime before the deadline on the 12th and you’re good to go.

As for the ABS giveaway, the rules are simple. All you have to do is leave me a comment down below by midnight (EST) on December 11th telling me about your holiday look (and please include your e-mail address, or if you’re uncomfortable leaving it in a comment, e-mail it to me). One winner will be chosen at random the morning of the 12th! Open to US residents only (but don’t be too sad, I’ve got a fantastic holiday giveaway planned that’s open to everybody!).

199 Responses to “Holiday Giveaway: Win The Body Shop’s Entire Holiday Color Collection!”

  1. Courtney Says:

    my holiday look is body shimmer and lots of pretty holiday eyeshadows! i love this giveaway !

  2. Ann Says:

    My holiday look consist of staying warm with warm cable knit sweaters, knee boots, and warm hats and coats.Thanks, Angelabrownatural at gmail dot com

  3. CC Says:

    I almost always wear pink at the holidays but this year I found the cutest brown & cream sweater to match what my kiddos are wearing so I'm on a mission to create a new non-pink makeup look for Christmas! I've been trying out so many new colors, I don't know why I've waited so long to do so!

  4. destini j Says:

    i love sparkle during the holidays and a nice smoky eye and a catching lip color. i love your blog and thanks for doing email isshueeet@yahoo.comthanks destini j.

  5. Sandy Says:

    My winter makeup look tends more towards the matte side. And my winter fashion look is made up of tons of layers!!

  6. Lilly G Says:

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I love The Body Shop's products. My look this holiday is going to be pretty simple: Neutral eyes with pink lips. I'm just starting to get into the make up thing so nothing extraordinary yet =P.My email is: blogshopstore[at]gmail[dot]com

  7. Erin Says:

    Thanks for the chance at winning! This set looks great!erin.larson4(at)

  8. Diana Says:

    My holiday look will be very elegant and chic..we are having a very special dinner..thank you for the

  9. Anonymous Says:

    well my look will be simple..we are going to get together and open some skinny jeans and a nice

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Count me in!Its getting cold where I def some warm and cozy clothes..something that screams out holidays

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I think my holiday look will be a nice dress and some

  12. Soha Bayoumi Says:

    Hi! This is a great giveaway.My email is soha [dot] bayoumi [at] gmail [dot] comThanks!

  13. Quietspirit Says:

    I think this is a wonderful contest. My like to keep my holiday look simple and natural looking with a little sparkle thrown in for fun and a nice lipgloss with a hint of color.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, I would love to win this collections. As for my Holiday look…. I'm not quite sure I recently lost 72 lbs and am just excited I can wear normal clothes now. I think I'll probably go glitzy and glamorous as thats how I fell about myself now. My email address is thanks Melissa S

  15. Ashley Says:

    My favorite holiday look is cranberry, gold, and bronze eyeshadows! I've been wearing MACs Cranberry a lot lately, and pairing it with various shadows like Woodwinked or some of my UD shadows. Love! Thanks so much for hosting this contest on here!

  16. Katrina Says:

    My holiday look will be a pair of leather like leggings and a blood red sweater I recieved for my 46birthday. And a brand new tube of Mahagony lipstick from Iman to match. Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year!

  17. I love your blog. I've been reading forever but I think this is my first time commenting!My favorite holiday look is subtle taupey eyes and red lips (well in my case, more raspberry, I love NARS flair!)

  18. Tamara B. Says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter who is going to so many friend's Christmas parties this year. She loves any and everything that is fashionable so she can out shine her buddies LOL Oh, to be young again LOL Merry Christams everyone!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Oh wow what an amazing giveaway. I love the holidays! I usually try not to over do it but lets see.. wavy hair, golden hoop earrings, grey short sleeved sweater dress (beautiful and slimming), black leggings/nylons and some gorgeous black pumps. Make up wise, i dont do too much, some nudish pink lipstick, blush, maybe some silvery eyeshadow with a golden tint. I think thats it.. well my handbag of course black and gold or maybe just a black clutchI might have over did it

  20. Mascara, black eyeliner and red lips! I love red adn gold lips during holidays :)

  21. Anonymous Says:

    My favorite holiday look is smooth reflective metallics on my eyes and nails in warm tones, especially gold! extemter [at] hotmail [dot] com

  22. Anonymous Says:

    IΒ΄ll go with a classic style in red and black. And warm stockings! :)/

  23. My holiday look is to be as natural as possible, since the winter plays havoc on my face to begin with! My cheeks get rosy on their own as it is, so I try to put on more moisturizer and less foundation (because I already have sensetive skin as it is!). I try to use more metallics (golds, silvers) and more sparkely stuff. Winter hat, muffler and jacket and I'm good no matter where. :)Bunnymasseuse @ the place

  24. Didi Says:

    Hi Jen – I've been tinkering with purple & brown eye makeup for the holidays and I'm loving red/nude lipsticks with a slight gold sheen.Every winter I'm always on the search for the perfect dress and matching winter coat so that the hem of the dress is just a few inches longer than the hem of the coat and peeks out from underneath. O and cute winter hat or scarf to top it all off.

  25. MJ Says:

    All I can say about my holiday look is: shimmer!butterflyrouge(at)yahoo(dot)com

  26. J-ezzy Says:

    I like to go for a matte look all around and lots of faux fur and leather, OTK boots, big scarfs, lots of mascara, eyeliner, blush, bronzer is a must. hahajaninekarina (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. My holiday look is MAC Goldmine Eyeshadow…you look golden with that on and oh so festive!CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Kayvid: My holiday look is Snowy-shimmery eyeshadow and black liquid eyeliner on top lid only. Mascara. Soft pink blush and plumped pink lips. I so hope I win this :-)

  29. Gabby Says:

    My holiday look is a blue (I know, lol) Mexican-style dress, accessorized with simple earrings and lots of curly

  30. Anonymous Says:

    My holiday look usually involves the color red somewhere- it's festive and one of my favorite colors!

  31. Anonymous Says:

    For the holidays, I like to opt for simple makeup with earthy tones and dark-colored knits with

  32. Jackie Says:

    My holiday look is a simple, comfortable one. Black slacks and a red sweater. After Christmas Eve mass, we have dinner at my-laws. Christmas day is casual. Jeans and a comfy sweater!

  33. LT Says:

    I'll email you my email addy. :)My holiday look would be a subtle iridescent sparkle on the eyes. Not too much shimmer but not flat either and a bold lip.

  34. etirv Says:

    Just a bit more shimmer!!!delilah0180(at)yahoo(dot)com

  35. Shelly Says:

    unfortunately my holiday look is the same as my everyday look which is basic…..

  36. Jane Says:

    My favorite holiday look is a sweater dress in cream or red with tights & boots if it's a casual gathering. I also have a purple metallic dress for parties this year! Can't wait to wear it with some festive makeup — I'm thinking shimmery gold lids?

  37. myolie Says:

    my holiday look would be.silver eyeshadow with shimmer and red lipstick and white coat with red boots plus black leggings and black sweater inside the coat(dont want to freeze).^ ^

  38. Daituf Says:

    My holiday look involves lots and LOTS of glitter!!! I'm so obsessed with glitter liner now, what with the influence of all the holiday collections… I'm really loving your blog btw! Tho you are creating a LOT of lemmings for me!!! That makeup organizer??? i want…I need!!!

  39. stephanie Says:

    My Holiday look consist of tights, boots, Big Rings, Wool Jackets and shimmery eyeshadows with nice bronzer and a nice burgandy nail polish!

  40. Anonymous Says:

    My holiday look is a little white eye shadow, rosy cheeks, and a cup of cocoa! love your blog btw, I read it all the time, check it every day in fact : )

  41. InABox Says:

    My holiday look is about the same as my everyday look, which is pretty natural, except that I add a little bit of shimmerwhatinabox (at) gmail (dot) com

  42. clementine Says:

    It depends on the outfit I'm wearing, but in general, I like a clean-faced look with silver and white shimmer highlights. Might try bright lip gloss this year, too!

  43. Jules Says:

    My holiday look is a very neutral colors on my eyes and a pop of bright lipstick! I also add a little shimmer on my cheeks and brow bone! :Djulie.luhtala (at)

  44. Anonymous Says:

    my holiday look is simple chic.sandersite[at]hotmail[dot]com

  45. Laura Says:

    I wear shades from the red family all year round so I supplement around the holidays with shimmery golds. And big lashes! But really, I make my holiday look pop with sparkly bow jewelry. I've been a make-up and skin care junky for years, the jewelry is new πŸ™‚

  46. Laura Says:

    oops, forgot unassumingvixen at gmail dot com

  47. kriken Says:

    my holiday look is shimmer in violets and plums.kriken at hotmail dot com

  48. Chelsea Says:

    my holiday look is a cranberry and gold smokey eye!

  49. Zoe Says:

    My holiday look is a gorgeousAdrianna Papell Lace EmbellishedBlack Net Dress, delicate drop earrings, a smoky gray eye andpink lip! Thanks for the chance!!glamourfan(at)hotmail(dot)com

  50. *Jen* Says:

    Courtney I LOVE your avatar photo it's so cute! I'm a big fan of body shimmer around the holidays – I feel like it's one of the few times of year I can get away with piling it on :).

  51. *Jen* Says:

    Hey Ann!I've definitely found myself hunting for boots now that the cold weather's rolled around. They're a great way to look sexy while keeping warm.

  52. *Jen* Says:

    But CC pink goes so well with brown! Although it is always a ton of fun to experiment with new shades you don't usually wear. I usually go green for the holidays to try to be at least a little festive.

  53. *Jen* Says:

    Awww thank you Destini! A smoky eye is always great for sitting around the fire or just enjoying a great day with the family. Classic!

  54. *Jen* Says:

    Sandy layering is definitely key when the weather is as chilly as it is today!

  55. *Jen* Says:

    You're welcome Lilly, I was so honored when The Body Shop approached me about it! I recently broke out this soft pink Illamasqua blog that I really need to blog about – it's gorgeous!

  56. *Jen* Says:

    Sounds great Diana – it's always nice to have a special event to attend during the holidays.

  57. *Jen* Says:

    Sounds fun Laliz! I love opening presents on Christmas morning.

  58. *Jen* Says:

    Hi thebaby! I've been wearing scarves nonstop to keep warm – I can deal with my other parts being cold, but my neck needs to be warm =P.

  59. *Jen* Says:

    Hey Nanariza!Sounds pretty!

  60. *Jen* Says:

    Thank you Soha!

  61. *Jen* Says:

    Thanks Quietspirit! The Body Shop is definitely being very generous this holiday season! I'm thinking of going red this holiday season for something fun and festive, although I usually avoid them like the plague.

  62. *Jen* Says:

    Wow Melissa that's absolutely amazing! Congratulations!!

  63. *Jen* Says:

    Ashley that sounds so gorgeous! I've never tried a cranberry before, but you've inspired me to give the shade a shot this holiday season.

  64. *Jen* Says:

    Katrins sounds simple, chic and fun! Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year to you as well!

  65. *Jen* Says:

    Jeweled Thumb so glad you decided to take the time to comment, I love getting to know my new commenters! πŸ™‚ I've been getting into taupes myself lately. The one that's on my "too bad it's discontinued" list is Lancome's Erica F which I've heard so much about.

  66. *Jen* Says:

    Tamara that's so sweet of you to enter on behalf of your daughter. This would make such a great surprise for her!

  67. *Jen* Says:

    Thanks Nikky! Me too, it's such a beautiful time of year, and it really seems to bring out everyone's good side. Ahh I love a great sweater dress in the winter. Your whole look sounds just gorgeous!

  68. *Jen* Says:

    Beauty Obsession I'm all for pairing red and gold too – I like to do a red lip with some really shimmering glittery gold gloss dotted just in the center for some extra shimmer.

  69. *Jen* Says:

    Hi Extemter! Metallics on the eyes are definitely hot during the holidays, especially warmer golds and bronzes.

  70. *Jen* Says:

    Hey Infrared! Stocking are most definitely a must for me during winter as I live in skirts.

  71. *Jen* Says:

    BunnyMasseuse I feel your pain – the cold weather wreaks havoc on my complexion, making it super dry yet oily and prone to breakouts/irritation and rosy cheeks. This year my regimen seems to be working for me though and it's thankfully been relatively well behaved. Toss earmuffs onto your list and it looks pretty much like mine! πŸ™‚

  72. *Jen* Says:

    Hey Didi!You know how I love me my purple eye looks – and gold sheen anything always gets a thumbs up from me. I saw the most gorgeous dress/matching coat duo the other day at Neiman Marcus – if only I could remember the name of the designer!

  73. *Jen* Says:

    MJ most definitely! And The Body Shop definitely seem to be feeling the shimmer as well, judging from their holiday collection.

  74. *Jen* Says:

    Hi J-ezzy!I've been wanting to try OTK boots but haven't been bold enough yet. On my list of things to purchase though!

  75. *Jen* Says:

    Cherry Blossoms I haven't tried that particular MAC shadow, but I'll be adding it to my list. I've been looking for a true gold (non-bronzey) shadow that has some great shimmer/sheen to it.

  76. *Jen* Says:

    Hey Kayvid!Isn't this a fun giveaway? I'm so happy The Body Shop asked me to host a day!I've been thinking of going for a glittery (but not too glittery) liner on the top lids only for a fun holiday look.

  77. *Jen* Says:

    Gabby sounds fun! I predict my outfit will involve a lot of black =P.

  78. *Jen* Says:

    Hey Emma!I always try to incorporate a little red or green (or both) into my holiday looks as well.

  79. *Jen* Says:

    Danaidae I love knits with leggings and boots. Chic, simple and pretty.

  80. *Jen* Says:

    Hi Jackie,Sounds simple yet festive. I have a black dress picked out for Christmas Eve mass, although I'm now thinking it might be a little too cold for me to wear.

  81. *Jen* Says:

    Got your e-mail LT, thank you.Subtle iridescent shimmer sounds nice – I like to sparkle it up around the holidays.

  82. *Jen* Says:

    Sounds good to me etirv!

  83. *Jen* Says:

    Shelly I'm sure you look fabulous on a daily basis!

  84. *Jen* Says:

    Jane all this talk of sweater dresses is really making me want to go out and get myself one this holiday season. And shimmery gold lids with metallic purple would be so amazing. Or even smoldering purple lids that are 2-3 shades darker than the purple of your dress.

  85. *Jen* Says:

    Myolie sounds like you're all set for your holiday look!

  86. *Jen* Says:

    Daituf do you have a favorite glitter liner? I've been looking into them for the holidays too. Awww thanks so much!

  87. *Jen* Says:

    Stephanie I love to break out all my fun jewelry around the holidays!

  88. *Jen* Says:

    Aclamoreofwings sounds pretty and simply, and so comforting with the cocoa. I could use a cup myself right now.Thank you for being a regular ABS reader, I really appreciate it!

  89. *Jen* Says:

    InaBox there's nothing like a little glimmer and shimmer to jazz up a look.

  90. *Jen* Says:

    Clementine bright lips are always a bit of a shock for me – I have to wear them for a half hour or so before venturing out of the house so I have time to adjust =P.

  91. *Jen* Says:

    Jules I love bright shimmery blushes that give you that 'just in from the cold' look during the winter.

  92. *Jen* Says:

    Thanks for sharing sandersite!

  93. *Jen* Says:

    Laura I love red paired with gold, especially when they're layered together on the lips. And yes I'm all about the big lashes!

  94. *Jen* Says:

    Thanks for remembering the e-mail Laura!

  95. *Jen* Says:

    Kriken I love plummy shades – and it doesn't hurt that they bring to mind visions of dancing sugar plum fairies :).

  96. *Jen* Says:

    Chelsea sounds very holiday-appropriate and pretty!

  97. *Jen* Says:

    Zoe I love Adrianna Papell dresses, they're always so elegant. Sounds great!

  98. vrtish55 Says:

    A nice warm sweater, and jeans, I just got some mineral make-up so I'll be practice with that. Any hints or tips? Thank you. vickers_73460(at)yahoo(dot)com

  99. hana Says:

    Since its the winter season, I love wearing shimmers and sparkles! So my look would probably be purple shimmer eyeshadows and pale pink nude lips with a light dusting of glitter over the

  100. *Jen* Says:

    Hey vrtish :)Hmmmm – my only tip would be to invest in a good buffing/kabuki brush, a with mineral makeup I think application really makes all the difference. What brand did you get? I've personally been loving Lancome's Oscillation PowerFoundatino. I also always layer my mineral foundation over primer, as without it my face tends to get simultaneously dry and greasy throughout the day lol.

  101. vrtish55 Says:

    I've wanted to try Lancome's Oscillation PowerFoundatino, is it awesome? I have Orglamix eyeshadows, Bare Minerals for face and blusher. I will definately prime up! Thank you!

  102. Lisa Says:

    My holiday look is all about rich plums, light shimmery lavenders, and silver. A clear gloss on the lips and you're good to go! I hope I win!s u s h i g r l 1 0 2 9 @

  103. Amanda Says:

    My holiday look involves simple black dresses, colorful tights, and black heels. For some reason this winter I've been digging the "gold and green" eye with a neutral lip. mandaleem at gmail dot com

  104. T.R. Says:

    My holiday look is sparkly make up, dressing up in pretty dresses and fun holiday inspired fashion. To me the holidays are a time that regardless of how you dressed all year, this is the time to take it all the way up several notches. :O) p.s. don't worry Jen I've been MIA in posting though I have been lurking….LOL

  105. *Jen* Says:

    Vrtish it's pretty awesome for a mineral powder, but also pretty awesomely pricey considering the tiny amount of powder you get. Do prime well and be sure to buff away!

  106. *Jen* Says:

    Hey Lisa,All my favorite holiday shades – plums, lavenders, silvers – so pretty!

  107. *Jen* Says:

    Amanda I love to dress up a simple black dress with some patterned tights. I'm wearing argyle tights today as a matter of fact :).

  108. *Jen* Says:

    Hana I love shimmers and sparkles for the holidays as well. Your looks sounds exactly like something I'd go for! πŸ™‚

  109. *Jen* Says:

    Tala I was just thinking about you earlier today and hoping all was well. The holidays are definitely THE time to amp it up and to have some fun with sparkly makeup.

  110. Pam Says:

    What makes my holiday sparkle is wearing your favorite sweater and nice skinny jeans with nice knee high boots and that perfect smell good.

  111. Rachel Says:

    My holiday look is usually gold with red, black and cream. I love gold eyeshadow and black mascara that I cover with gold mascara (it only glitters in the light-love it!)

  112. Misty Says:

    I haven't thought that far ahead I know it will be a soft look.misty_labean yahoo com

  113. Aleksis Says:

    My day to day holiday wear consists of tons of layering long sleeves with cute over sized sweaters…skinny jeans with my myriad of snow boots and a panera bread hazelnut coffee in hand! πŸ™‚ Holiday parties on the other hand will include lots of purple and sparkle! Yay!! lol

  114. My favorite holiday look is variations of gold eyeshadow and a 'glowing' tinted moisturizer with bronze eyeliner and dark dark black mascara.Great giveaway!

  115. Deanna G. Says:

    My holiday look would be jewel tones & lots of sparkles!calidreamin87 (at) gmail (dot) com

  116. amynaree Says:

    my holiday look this year are glittery eye shadows and red lips!

  117. Liz Says:

    I live in Alaska and my holiday look starts with a layer and ends with four more on top of that. By the time I am ready to head outside I look like a poofy penguin.psead at uaa dot alaska dot edu

  118. LilyBiscuit Says:

    Hi! I love to add a little sparkle! Usually I put a shimmery lip gloss on and highlight my eyes under the brow and on the inner corners of my eyes. Then maybe some special jewelry too :)Thanks!vac924 at gmail dot com

  119. I love icy blues and sparkly silver for the holidays! Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your blog!

  120. miriama Says:

    Sparkle and shimmer! And deep colors like plum. A little heavier on the liner and mascara.

  121. Annie Says:

    I'm going casual this holiday with a sweet, black skirt, some black leggings, a sparkly silvery-grey cardigan (black shell underneath) and glamming up with the makeup! Definitely doing a dark red lip as the focal point. Hope I can pull off something hollywood glamour worthy, but suppose I'll just be happy if I can manage to apply without getting it on my teeth! Ha ha.skincarequeen9 (at) hotmail (dot) com Thanks for a great giveaway!

  122. Lavendar Says:

    I'd love to win this!

  123. Reva Skie Says:

    Some thing sparkly and/or something velvet are my standard holiday go tos.blogsweeps (at) gmail (dot) com

  124. Lavendar Says:

    Sorry i forgot to mention my holiday look! I aim for comfort- ugg boots, and a cozy sweater. I keep my makeup minimal, with maybe some darker shades of berry!

  125. @debralu Says:

    My holiday look will be simple… dark dress pants or a skirt, a Christmas sweater, blouse, and Christmas-themed jewelry. Merry Christmas everyone!!debralu2 at yahoo dot com

  126. Anonymous Says:

    My holiday look is very casual. Jeans and a turtleneck and boots with a sparkley pair of hoop

  127. Charm Candy Says:

    Now I'm itching to check out their makeup next time I'm in the store.. the palettes look pretty! And Jen you're so awesome to reply to all of the comments, lol.. that is a huge undertaking!

  128. Jeneal Says:

    My holiday look consists of metallic eyeshadow (but def on the light side, heavy makeup=yuck)and you gotta love those boots!

  129. Hana Says:

    My holiday look is champagne sparkly eyeshadow, black mascara, and sheer red lip gloss. Oh, and either red or gold nails.Thanks for the giveaway!

  130. antithesis Says:

    my holiday look includes comfy pj sets and slippers and a cute sweater and jeans when visiting family. as far as makeup, i used to go w/ a bare face but now im leaning toward neutral or festive green and/or gold looks for day and shimmery but smokey looks for evening.

  131. aaj83 Says:

    hmm…my holiday look..will try to create a liiiiight smokey eye…with a lil sparkle thrown in… and the rest of the face fresh and natural!! πŸ™‚

  132. I love wearing black with colorful leggings! πŸ™‚ Red and green are favorites of mine! Oh, and I also love love love getting that natural "rosy" cheek look. All I have to do in the winter is walk outside and – voila! – I have perfectly pink cheeks!

  133. My holiday look is probably going to be RED LIPS!!! Woohoo :)xtina115 at gmail dot com

  134. My holiday look is a little shimmer/sparkle, along with comfy clothes. My email address is

  135. My holiday look is very natural and simple. I like touch of glitte on the eyes, and rosey lip gloss. Thankscharisscharity at yahoo dot com

  136. My look is really simple. I like some cute sweaters and scarves. I have some beret hats that keep you warm and cute!!-Laurenlauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  137. Brittany K Says:

    My favorite holiday look is red lips with a fairly simple eye, either a cat eye with black liquid liner or a shimmery white shadow and some mascara.

  138. Heather Says:

    My holiday look is anything warm.greatkidsbooks (at)

  139. kabaker Says:

    My favorite holiday look is a purple smokey eye with some fun shimmer!

  140. ezzie Says:

    i like to keep my holiday look clean and simple, but i will add some sparkle to it (;i'll put a light wash of pearly eyeshadow on, add some winged liner, then re-trace the line with a glitter liquid liner. ooh, and some falsies for sure! ^-^xoxo.ezzie at gmail dot com

  141. Angela Says:

    my holiday look will be lots of shimmers and

  142. Deb K Says:

    My Holiday Look is something that is red and festive! I also have a cute pair of Cute Ornaments Earrings :-)deb55106(at)gmail(dot)com

  143. Miffy Says:

    I'm in love with this embellished black dress with silver details from theory! So I will probably use chrome grey-ish colors to do (I mean attempt to, lol) smokey eyes with nude lips (perhaps Nars striptease). Or maybe if I feel brave enough, I'll go with red lips with minimized eye make up ('tis the season afterall! :D) but I get so timid when it comes to bold lip colors (and the phobia of having the color on my teeth don't help :3).I hope I'm not too late to join the giveaway!allyallyoxenfree (at) gmail (dot) com πŸ˜€

  144. Soos Says:

    Glossy lips with Illamasqua Intense Gloss in Fume and gleamy eyes with Scott Barnes Eye Ice in Majesty. Whatever I wear will be comfortable – like a sweater and long flowy

  145. Anonymous Says:

    I want to stay warm this time because it is getting colder and colder so my holiday look will be a brown and gold

  146. My holiday look involves my favorite sweaters (one brown and one blue), jeans, and boots. Oh, and my darling purple knit hat. As for makeup, I tend toward browns and greens, and go for tinted chapstick instead of lipstick.Thanks for the giveaway!jmdreg at gmail dot com

  147. bayctygrl Says:

    My look is warm and stylish, boots over dark skinny jeans and a nice shirt.hippopurplemonkey at yahoo dot com

  148. ellie Says:

    I'm fairly conservative throughout the year but during the holidays I like to jazz up my look and add a little sparkle. I'm sporting bright colors and sexy clothes that are just a little bit on the naughty side.

  149. Tess Says:

    My holiday look is all about the shimmer and sparkle. I love the gleam that reminds me a fresh snow. I like either a cheerful red or a soft pink for lips and nails. Eye shadow is neutral and subtle. Eyeliner is added for definition and mascara, of course, for flirty lashes.

  150. Anonymous Says:

    wow! haven't posted in a long while!! totally been keeping up with your blog, though!my holiday look, to be quite honest, is to simply brush some glittery-ness over my usual make up shades!! =P not very original, i know, but minimum effort for my holiday looks, since i have to do it every night for work the month of december (i bartend…)anyway, was it midnight between the 10th and 11th? or midnight the 11th and 12th? if i'm a day late, disregard my entry into your contest…if i'm not…my email is iamadorable@hotmail.comps open url is sending me error msgs, so i am gonna come in under anonymous…sorry! =P

  151. hi Says:

    It's all about gold eyeshadow & really pretty jewelery :).

  152. hi Says:

    and my email is xemailheather at gmail dot com

  153. lipton|TEE Says:

    My holiday look is red lips with a pretty sweater dress and knee length boots to

  154. Heather! Says:

    I don't have much a 'holiday look', really, but I do tend to wear more glittery shimmer eyeshadow. Does that count?! :)Great giveaway…thanks!!h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  155. Miss Boom Says:

    This time of year I love to wear bright red lips and nails. Sparkly, preferably!monikaelise at yahoo dot com

  156. Double wow! I love The Body Shop. The winner will definitely have a happy holidays! *grins*- Kaith

  157. Angie Says:

    My holiday look:Eyes that sparkle with copper bronze eyeshadow with champaign color as highlighterLips that are swept with a hint of pinkCheeks that have cheek stain as the lower layer and powdered with a light touch of coral blushLast but not least, the happy holiday glow to make the look complete

  158. Didi Says:

    Omygah, Jen! I just had to share this with you – YSL 20% off F&F sale!

  159. Amy Says:

    My holiday look consists of a pretty dress, red lips, and golden/metallic eyeshadow for the eyes. I may also use some body shimmer lotion. I love all the glitz and shimmer! :Dangeldream3(at)gmail(dot)com

  160. janetmouse Says:

    My holiday look is a smoky eye with lots of lashes and with nude lips and light pink cheeks πŸ™‚

  161. AK Says:

    My holiday look is comfortable and casual.Thanks!

  162. EK Says:

    I don't really have a holiday look, but it's winter, so bright colors cheer me up.Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  163. Shawnta Says:

    My holiday look is soft, pretty body shimmer (tasteful & not overdone) or a nice shimmery eyeshadow with a great black mascara that gives LOTS of volume & length. Also, a great, festive holiday nail polish. I keep it pretty simple with just mascara & gloss (and every now & then add shadow) but even mascara & gloss can be amped up a bit for a nice holiday look. I wear scarves a LOT around the holidays…they're definitely a part of my holiday look.

  164. STYLEEZTA Says:

    I love using a lot of white and silver eye shadows for my holiday looks! It looks festive πŸ™‚

  165. My holiday look is all about the eyes. I always draw the most attention there. Add some sparkles to any skin that's not covered and trying to stay warm and you're set!!

  166. Apple Says:

    I love to dress up with anything dark or black then layer it up with high shine accessories. So luxe!

  167. Grace Says:

    My holiday look is sheer, shimmery neutrals or smokey purples and grays and always a peachy glowy cheek. I love wearing boots, warm coats and sweaters and scarves too! πŸ™‚ Thanks Jen! (and The Body Shop)

  168. Anonymous Says:

    holiday look will be gold and a reddish

  169. I tend to go for something really natural and neutral for the winter, but occasionally add pops of color with a funky colored liner or something like

  170. For the holidays gold glittery eyeshadow is a must for me!!! And lots and lots of extra black mascara! brittbritt3 at msn dot com

  171. Anonymous Says:

    My holiday look will involve plum and shiny shades and of course lots of sparkle! This prize will definitely help with that!! LOVE body shop!zmama09 at yahoo dot com

  172. *Jen* Says:

    Pam smelling nice is always the perfect way to complete any look or outfit!

  173. *Jen* Says:

    Rachel I've been on the hunt for a good gold mascara that actually show up – got any suggestions for me? πŸ™‚

  174. *Jen* Says:

    Misty I'm not much of a pre-planner myself – I tend to wake up that day and just decide on the spot.

  175. *Jen* Says:

    Oooh yummy Aleksis, I love Panera! You know I love both purple and sparkle to pieces!

  176. *Jen* Says:

    Thanks Contests and Such! I love giveaways!You look sounds beautiful – I'm definitely digging the whole dewy complexion thing lately.

  177. *Jen* Says:

    Deanna jewel tones are so amazing – so rich and vibrant, especially against the backdrop of winter shades.

  178. *Jen* Says:

    Hey Amynaree! Sounds great!

  179. *Jen* Says:

    LOL Liz sounds cozy! I must admit I've only been to Alaska during layovers in the middle of my Korea flights, and even then only to duty free. I have yet to step foot outside!

  180. *Jen* Says:

    LilyBiscuit I love to layer on the jewelry for special occasions – it's nice to add some glitz and glam to highlight the shimmery makeup.

  181. *Jen* Says:

    Hey April & Ashley!Awww thank you, I appreciate the comment! I love doing it!

  182. *Jen* Says:

    Hi Miriama! Plums are so yummy in the wintertime!

  183. *Jen* Says:

    You're very welcome Annie!I love your look, definitely something I'd wear myself. I'm not sure what my holiday look will consist of, but there will definitely be a pair of black leggings somewhere in the mix.

  184. *Jen* Says:

    Good to hear Lavendar!

  185. *Jen* Says:

    Thanks for entering Reva Skie!

  186. *Jen* Says:

    Thanks for coming back Lavendar! LOVE my Uggs! They may not be the most fashionable things in the world, but seriously nothing is as comfortable as a pair of nicely worn in Uggs.

  187. *Jen* Says:

    Merry Christmas Debralu! Thanks for entering!

  188. *Jen* Says:

    Samnene you've reminded me that I haven't worn a turtleneck in AGES! I think I will tomorrow :).

  189. *Jen* Says:

    Hey Charm Candy!LOL I'm trying to get caught up on them, although honestly with the giveaways it's always a little overwhelming. Thank goodness this one is relatively short and so there are fewer comments!

  190. *Jen* Says:

    Jeneal I love the boots in the winter!

  191. *Jen* Says:

    Hi Hana!Very pretty! A soft champagne eye is always so chic and pretty.

  192. *Jen* Says:

    Hey Antithesis! Sounds great! I've been taking full advantage of my holiday PJ's – the most comfy things ever.

  193. *Jen* Says:

    Sounds beautiful aaj!

  194. *Jen* Says:

    The Gray Princess I need to venture out into colorful legging territory – mine are all black, gray or brown – pretty boring.

  195. *Jen* Says:

    Hi Chewed Checkers!Sounds hot!

  196. *Jen* Says:

    Billie Bo Baker it's always nice to be comfortable while spending some time relaxing with the family :).

  197. *Jen* Says:

    ccboobooy it sounds nice and simple with just the right touches of color.

  198. *Jen* Says:

    Lauren I have this cute beret hat I bought the other day but have yet to wear.

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