Francois Nars’ Six Personal Product Picks

December 2, 2009

While I realize that I don’t spend nearly enough time chatting about Nars products here on ABS, I actually do happen to be a huge fan of the creative, artistic genius that is Francois Nars. Allure’s December issue has a feature piece on the man behind the makeup, and here are the six items that Mr. Nars himself named as his favorites!

#6: Nars 15×15. This limited edition book compiled in celebration of the company’s 15th anniversary contains Nars’s photographs of Amber Valletta, Isabella Rossellini (whose sister is a professor at my alma mater), and others. Says Nars on the project, “All the proceeds go to a charity of the participant’s choice.”

NARS Duo Eye Shadow in All About Eve (shown at right) and Taiga. These are neutral eyeshadows that are “not too yellow, not too brown.”

Check out Francois Nars’ top four picks after the jump!

#4: NARS Lipstick in Shanghai Express (far left), Jungle Red (center), and Red Lizard (far right). “So many reds are too blue or too greasy or never quite the right shade, but I have really good reds. Every woman should have one — it’s like a little black dress.”

#3: NARS Blush in Orgasm. Aside from the notorious name, this blush “looks good on practically everybody.”

#2: NARS Body Glow. Francois Nars’ glittery, cocoa-colored oil. “I love the fragrance: It reminds me of gardenias in Tahiti. And it’s got a great texture.”

#1: NARS The Multiples. NARS’ line of multiuse color sticks are “such an easy product to have with you in your bag, because it gives you three possibilities, for lips, cheeks, and eyes.”

Hope you enjoyed the rundown – I know this article created many new lemmings for me and revived several preexisting ones as well. Currently at the top of my NARS wishlist? This fun little NARS The Multiple Coffret, a set of three iconic mini The Multiples in Orgasm, South Beach, and Copacabana (it’s the set featured in the photo above).

Please do share your favorite NARS products with me in the comments (especially blush shade recommendations) as I’ve been meaning to grow my NARS collection for the longest time!

Source: Allure

16 Responses to “Francois Nars’ Six Personal Product Picks”

  1. Catherine Says:

    I have to admit, I am still a NARS virgin and the notoriously dry texture of their lipsticks scares me. I think I'm going to cave on a blush soon hehe…

  2. I am just getting into NARS and so far I love everything I've bought. Blush wise I love Madly (for a nude blush with red lips) and Torrid (a peachy-pink) and Super Orgasm (which is a nice peach with gold shimmer… but not as much as what it looks like in the pan!). I LOVE their eyeshadow-duos, especially Rated R which was my first NARS purchase <3. I like their Velvet matte lip pencils (I have damned – a dark red, and Sex Machine which is more of a fuschia). Haha, basically I like everything from them I've bought. Right now I'm lemming the Day and Night palette which I gave to a friend as Christmas gift idea. 😉

  3. *Jen* Says:

    Catherine I have yet to try a Nars lipstick, although I've always wondered if they're actually any good. I'm definitely not a fan of dry lipsticks.

  4. *Jen* Says:

    Hey Justine!So how's the back feeling? Any better?I've been wanting to try Torrid, Deep Throat and Cactus something or other. I remember your telling me about Rated R – it looked great on you! They really do make some gorgeous shades and I need to spend more time checking them out.

  5. The back is still sore, sadly. I can sit and walk now, but I still can't bend over which is problematic. I see a doctor tomorrow though, so hopefully we can figure something out!I actually got the Manish Arora palette yesterday, and while MAC's Bitter is similar to the green side of Rated R I like Rated R a lot better. If you start swatching more you'll end up like me, I bet, with a LOT more NARS all of a sudden 😉

  6. *Jen* Says:

    You poor thing Justine! Did anybody else get injured? I hope you're at least partially enjoying your recovery and spending a lot of time relaxing and just doing lots of nothing.How're you liking Manish Arora? I thought it was a really nice selection of brights. I rarely find the time to swatch anymore lately. I feel like I'm at work 24/7 =X.

  7. One girl pulled her shoulder (not sure if it was on the same patient though) and I think otherwise the nurses are getting sick from exhaustion. Being in the H1N1 rooms is EXHAUSTING, and you're usually there your entire stretch (so 3-5 12 hour shifts). I was happy to relax fairly pain free after the first 2 days (which were awful) but now I'm bored. XD; So I'm watching PIXAR movies while I wrap presents.I like it, but more for the packaging than the colours – they'r e nice but I have dupes in my Yaby palette. Oh well. I got it BN for less than retail, so it's all good 🙂 I also got the Full of Fuschia liner with it, which is a lovely hot pink, but not as metallic as I was hoping. And you'll probably laugh but my Bay store was doing a beauty event where if you spent 50$ or more you got 10$ coupons for each month for the next year on cosmetics… and I ended up with another Dior quint, surprise surprise. XD;That sucks about work 😦 You definitely need a down-time day. My sister's been swamped at her firm too, but she just left today on vacation!!

  8. *Jen* Says:

    Justine I don't know how you do it – I always feel like I'm on the verge of having a nervous breakdown working the hours I do – I'd probably go crazy working your hours. And you're evil for reminding me of how much I wanted a Yaby palette! They're just so gorgeous and perfect. I need! LOL I feel like you're going to own every Dior quint ever made at some point.

  9. Deb Says:

    Surprisingly, I don't own any NARS products. I love the look of the Rated R duo that has been mentioned. However, MAC's Rated R (Starflash) is very dupe-y to the green-yellow shadow in the Rated R duo. MAC Rated R is just a bit more frosty. The blue shade in the duo is probably dupe-able. Do you have any NARS eye shadows? I am curious about the texture/staying power.

  10. LOL Someday… except I only like the quints in the current packaging, I don't really like the old packaging with the navy and gold all that much. And in my defence, I got the 140 Twilight quint which was LE LAST Christmas and I was so surprised to see it that I bought it. It'll be nice for navy smokey eyes, I think. If only we got the LE Asian quints! They're more $$ if I have to buy them second-hand XD;YABY!! If NY has an IMATS I would wait until then as the palettes seem to be like 30-40$ cheaper than on the two websites, and I am jealous of anyone who gets to go to one! Pursebuzz has awesome swatches of three of the pre-made palettes (Pearl Paints, Brights, and Dramatically Neutral). I can't recommend them enough! 🙂

  11. I swear by Nars Orgasm and yes, it looks good on everyone! However, I would really like to try their lipstick one of these days. Or perhaps an eyeshadow quad. Argh, there's just so much to like and love with Nars! :)- Kaith

  12. *Jen* Says:

    Deb I actually haven't – whenever I've swatched them they've seemed to be a little less pigmented than I'd like for some reason. Their blushes seem to be just gorgeous though and really special.

  13. *Jen* Says:

    Justine I know I used to have a few quints in the old packaging but for the life of me I can't remember what they looked like! Ooooh I'll definitely have to try to see if I can't get into the IMATS then – or at least maybe CP one from someone going to the IMATS, although to be honest I really don't know very many fellow bloggers as I tend to keep to myself. I want the Pearl Paints!

  14. *Jen* Says:

    Hey Kaith! Thanks for taking the time to comment! Nars really does make some stunning products. I remember my first purchase was this shimmery intense black eyeshadow (which is so old that I'd forgotten I had it – so I just lied to Deb when I said I don't own any NARS shadows LOL) – it was awesome as a liner.

  15. Jen if I ever go, or they have a sale again, I can totally pick some up for you! I love them so much and at less than 3$ a colour I don't see how you could go wrong, LOL. Just let me know 🙂 I'm really close to caving on an order, and shipping isn't too expensive so I'd be happy to pick some up for you!Haha I'll be honest, I like the NARS duos and artist palettes because I am mostly too lazy to dig out individual shades when I do a look. Like except for hilight/liner, most of the colours I'll wear for my eye looks come in one container/palette. So I'm a fan of anyone who releases paletets often (this helps me justify my Dior collection, ha).

  16. *Jen* Says:

    Justine I would LOVE that, please do keep my updated on the Yaby front! I never heard about them until you and I've been lusting after a palette since then (although I'd forgotten until you reminded me). I'd love to find a palette on sale!I know what you mean about digging up individual shades – all of my individual shadows always seem to get lost and to disappear into the wilderness that is my vanity.

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