Berry Sweet Bath & Body Lip Scrub: Good Enough To Eat (Literally!)

November 23, 2009

So the other day I blogged about Berry Sweet Bath & Body’s lip balms, and while I do really like them, my favorite product from this line is by far this Juicy Pineapple Lip Scrub. Not only does it contain some great exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients such sugar, shea, macadamia nut oil, mango butter and other goodies, but it also smells amazingly delicious – to the point that every once in awhile I’ll take a little nibble of the products while it’s on my lips =P.

More photos and details after the jump!

Blogger Charm Candy sent me this fun package full of Berry Sweet Bath & Body products, which are all produced in Hawaii, and the lip scrub came in the cutest candy-shaped tube along with a coordinating piece ‘o cake mango butter balm.

The pineapple scent of this scrub is seriously just heavenly – it literally makes my mouth water every time I pop it open, and I know I shouldn’t, but I just can’t resist eating =X. Okay all weirdness aside, it really does leave my lips really smooth and soft and wonderfully exfoliating. Do check it out or reach them via e-mail at

All this cuteness was a gift from fellow blogger, Charm Candy. Thanks so much Tori, I had so much playing with (and eating LOL) these delicious products!

14 Responses to “Berry Sweet Bath & Body Lip Scrub: Good Enough To Eat (Literally!)”

  1. ezzie Says:

    Yummmm!a nice, juicy pineapple lip scrub sounds too wonderful right now!

  2. Kit Says:

    Oh, this is the perfect gift for one of my friends who absolutely loves all things pineapple. Will have to find out if I can get my hands on a set.

  3. Catherine Says:

    That has got to be the cutest packaging I've ever seen for a lip scrub!

  4. Charm Candy Says:

    Hahhahaha.. don't worry, I have a Strawberry Lime one that I do the same thing to every now and then.

  5. TLNHTRN Says:

    lol you're so funny! I love anything with a pineapple or coconut smell and I love Hawaii!<3 I have family there 🙂 But I'm confused, are you suppose to use it when you're cleaning your face, like how you exfoliate your face? Or is it a product that you can use all day or any time during the day?

  6. Jules Says:

    i'm gonna take my own berry sweet bath & body lip scrub !!!

  7. ~Lisa Says:

    Hey, at least it's edible and there's no bad ingredients!! XD I always get tempted by the scent but I try so hard to stay away from yummy scents because the make me wanna eat it =P

  8. *Jen* Says:

    Jules it's some good stuff – so so soooo yummy! I love just sniffing it.

  9. *Jen* Says:

    LOL Lisa I made sure to check the ingredients before having that first nibble. This stuff really smells delicious.

  10. *Jen* Says:

    Tori thanks so much for these again, I love them! The pineapple really is delicious and my fave scent from the line by far.

  11. *Jen* Says:

    TLNHTRN I've never been to Hawaii but I'd love to go when I've accumulated the funds. You basically use it to exfoliate just your lips – I rub it on then I usually just tissue it off. You can use it any time of the day but I'd recommend using it maybe 2-3 times per week or whenever your lips are feeling a little dry/peely/gross. It'll help to smooth them right down.

  12. *Jen* Says:

    Catherine I love the candy-shaped cardboard tube, it's so fun. Delicious packaging for delicious products!

  13. *Jen* Says:

    Kit definitely shoot the lady over at Berry Sweet an e-mail, hopefully she can get one over to you. I've heard her prices are very reasonable and this is so cute!

  14. *Jen* Says:

    Ezzie it's really so so delicious – takes just like pineapple candy.

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