Lemming Of The Day: Dior Granville Handstitched Tote

November 21, 2009

Those who know me know that I’m pretty much as bag-obsessed as I am cosmetics-obsessed, and since I don’t have the time/energy to start a whole new blog (seriously I can barely keep up with ABS!) I figured it’d be fun to have a few posts here and there on the bags as well. After all, don’t we all enjoy a little eye-candy? 🙂

So my lemming for today is Christian Dior’s Granville Handstitched Medium Tote ($2,350.00), a gorgeous, buttery lambskin convertible tote with hand-stitched cannage detailing. Looks like it’s a hit with the celebs – check it out below on Demi Moore (unfolded) and on Blake Lively (folded with shoulder strap).

I’m a huge sucker for a convertible bag – I love the look, the practicality, and basically getting two different looks in one bag. This is one seriously hot tote!

6 Responses to “Lemming Of The Day: Dior Granville Handstitched Tote”

  1. Deb Says:

    I love the look of that bag, but the price is a no-go for me. I love the convenience of being able to wear it across the body.

  2. ezzie Says:

    oo, this bag just screams glam :Dblake looks very stunned. lol @ paparazzi shots 😛

  3. *Jen* Says:

    Deb it's definitely more than I can afford at the moment, plus lambskin scares me. I know I'd get caught on a corner and tear a hole in it.

  4. *Jen* Says:

    LOL Ezzie she does look rather confused. Not the best photo I've seen of her.

  5. Tali Says:

    OMG I need it in my life lol STUNNING BAG!

  6. *Jen* Says:

    Tali isn't it hot? It's just begging to come home with me!

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