Lazy Saturday Morning & Sephora 20% Off AGAIN!

November 7, 2009

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Saturday mornings? Waking up at my usual 6am or so, a little dazed and confused, wondering if I should be getting up for work – then coming to the ever so wonderful realization that it’s Saturday, and I don’t need to get up for work. I of course then proceed to roll over and go back to sleep for another two hours or so. It’s really a wonderful thing!

So what are you up to on this beautiful Saturday morning? I’m sitting around on my bed with my laptop, contemplating putting together a few new posts and applying some Einstein Lip Therapy to my lips with random thoughts of Thanksgiving foods floating through my head. I’m thinking a little shopping (and definitely a visit to the post office that is long long overdue) is in order.

As for next week? Well I plan to stop by Sephora Private Holiday Shopping Event, taking place on November 12, 2009 between 7-9 PM, to take advantage of their special 20% discount offer – it’s like F&F all over again! You shoul’ve seen the little happy dance I did when I found this nestled between the pages of the Sephora holiday catalog a few days back. Anybody else planning to go?

I hope that you’re all enjoying a wonderful, leisurely Saturday morning!

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