Lunch Stop at Henri Bendel & Their Friends & Family Event

November 4, 2009

Hello my lovelies! I feel like I haven’t been on the blog in ages, which is never a good sign, but I’m back with some photos from my quick pit stop at Henri Bendel at lunch today. I spotted just about a million things that I’d love to get my hands on, and thanks to Nicole it looks like I actually may since she was kind enough to mention that Bendel currently has their F&F event going on November 5-8, meaning savings of 25% throughout the store!

For me Henri Bendel is seriously accessories heaven and I love their constantly changing selection of trinkets and other little treasures. Here’s what I’ve currently got my eye on (photos taken with iPhone so don’t mind the quality):

This fabulous (uber uber soft – I think it’s some type of heavy jersey material) infinite scarf is embellished with a large bedazzle brooch and is just screaming my name. From what I recall, it’s just over $100 and with the extra 25% off I’m mighty tempted!

Another sparkly little item I saw while at Bendel were these DEOS Apple iPhone & iPod earphone covers. Quite possibly the most useless items ever, but still so seriously cute and shiny! I do love the shiny. The ones you see in the last photo, with just the ring of crystals around the bottom, was in the $30 range (I want to say $35 but I’m not 100% suer), and the fully bedazzled ones up top were in the $90’s. I am loving the idea of being able to customize my iPhone headphones, but for now my sensible side is firmly in control and says no.

Have you seen any fun items during a recent jaunt to Henri Bendel? Do share in the comments!

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