Help Me Support A Fellow Blogger & Go Check Out Painted Ladies!

October 28, 2009

I know I’ve been promising you the Guerlain Holiday review and rest assured it’s coming this week, but in the meantime if you’re in the mood for some great new beauty reads head on over to Painted Ladies, a recently launched (August to be specific) beauty blog for all ages featuring reviews, Q&A’s and tips and tricks from the pros, and of course, giveaways! They’ve actually currently got one going on for a MAC My Favorite Pink Dazzleglass (you all know how much I wanted this one – it’s a gorgeous shade) which ends tomorrow, so be sure to head on over!

Why the mention on ABS? Well primarily because one of the Painted Ladies co-founders, Taryn, is a fantastic blogger and an even more wonderful friend ~ when ABS was barely a blip on the blogger radar (well I guess it still is barely more than a blip but you get what I mean) she offered me tons of moral support and even sent me two fabulous packages chock full of Japanese goodies to help me have some stuff to review on the blog. Check the packages out here and here!

So if you’ve got a free moment or two and are interested in checking out a fresh new perspective on the beauty scene, definitely head on over to Painted Ladies and have a look around. And don’t forget to enter their giveaway!

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