ABS Wants: Lipstick Queen ‘Fame’ 5-piece Pop Art Lipgloss Collection

October 20, 2009
Lipstick Queen Five Minutes of Fame Pop Art Gloss Set ($55 value for $25.56)

Lipstick Queen creator Poppy King recently released a range of Fifteen Minutes of Fame Pop Art Glosses meant to embody each minute of the fifteen minutes of fame Andy Warhol believed each individual would have in the future. These glosses are clear, bright, unadulterated color sans shimmer or glimmer.

QVC’s set brings us five of these minutes at what I think is a bargain price:

  • 0.04 oz gloss in 3 Minutes, an apricot pink
  • 0.04 oz gloss in 5 Minutes, a pale peach
  • 0.04 oz gloss in 11 Minutes, a vibrant purple
  • 0.04 oz gloss in 12 Minutes, a deep rose
  • 0.04 oz gloss in 13 Minutes, a raspberry hue

This set is currently topping my wishlist – my lips definitely want their 15 minutes of fame!

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