Up Close & Personal with Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact in Lovely Tulip

October 7, 2009

Jill Stuart’s Mix Blush Compacts ($48) are one of my favorite items from her entire cosmetics range, not because the blushes themselves are particularly awe-inspiring (they’re decent albeit a bit chalky but I’ve definitely tried better), but because the packaging is just so insanely appealing that even after having dropped $50+ on one after tax, I don’t feel the least bit guilty.

See my thoughts on the brush-softness and more reasons to love this product after the jump!

Reason #1 To Love the Mix Blushes: The beautifully crystal-adorned blush brush that comes attached to the compact by a delicate chain. It’s nice quality, beautifully soft, dense, gorgeous to look at and detachable ~ need I say more? I was so surprised by the quality of the brush.

Reason #2 To Love: The beauty of the compact itself. It’s elegant, girly, and brings out your inner princess. I know we’re not all girly girls here, but who doesn’t enjoy feeling like royalty?

Reason #3: The blushes are supremely wearable. They’re have a slight glowy sheen to them but they’re subtle – not too pigmented, not ridiculously sheer, not too sparkly but not completely matte. Plus they’re just plain pretty to look at!

Close-up of 07 Lovely Tulip in the pan.

Final Thoughts: If you’re looking to spend your $50 on a fabulous blush that you’ll love for the rest of your days, this probably isn’t going to be it. But if you’re like me and have a decent blush collection and would love to add something new and different to it that’s guaranteed to be an attention-getter, this is your product. The quality is solid, the packaging is fantastic and I promise you’ll love staring at it!

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