Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color Packaging: Old vs. New

October 7, 2009
New Packaging (left) vs. Old Packaging (right)

I’m a creature of habit and very very rarely do I do even remotely well with change. Case in point: when the Bloomies in SoHo decided to up and change their layout on me, moving things onto different floors and creating new departments and all that jazz, I stopped shopping there. I used to literally go there at least 2 – 3 times a week, but since the change I’ve been shopping elsewhere. I know it’s stupid and irrational, and the old layout probably wasn’t the most efficient, but what can I say, I don’t like change.

Which is why, while the shift in packaging on these Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colors were initially disconcerting to me, I’m shocked to find that I actually quite adore the new, even girlier pot!

Older Jill Stuart Eye Jelly packaging (click for more photos).

I do miss the simplicity and sleekness of the old design, and how the top resembled a faceted jewel, but even an obstinate, change-hating person like me can recognize the beauty of the new design. Yes it’s a little frilly and a little more ornate than what I would have gone for, but it’s really pretty nonetheless.

Newer Jill Stuart packaging (click for more photos).

I love that they’ve kept the weighty glass bottoms to these little pots (they feel so great in your hands) but have added the scalloped edges for a little more aesthetic appeal. All in all, job well done packaging designers at Jill Stuart!

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