Dior Cristal Boreal for Holiday 2009

October 7, 2009

Dior Cristal Boreal ($80)
Dress Up and dazzle for the holidays with Dior’s own legendary jewel designs. The greatest star of all, this gleaming pendant necklace inspired by the “Crystale Boreale,” a legendary Swarovski crystal-studded pendant designed for Christian Dior in 1955. Influenced by the ornate, corseted gowns and decorative broaches of the 18th Century Louis XVI style and inspired by the delicate light-reflecting qualities of crystal, each product in this exquisite color collection is like a tiny jewel. Featuring shades of petal pink, deep silver and a wide range of purples to create a luxurious and festive look for holiday.

I always look forward to Dior’s gorgeous holiday beauty releases that come in jewelry-form, but this revered fashion house has really outdone itself for Holiday 2009 with this Dior Cristal Boreal, a stunning rendition of an 18th-century influenced piece comprised of four aurora boreas crystals and a smattering of 48 additional Swarovskis. Housed within is a crystal-effect gloss in shade Pink Crystal. This is going onto my holiday wishlist, alhtough at $80 it’s probably not something I’ll end up with.

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