A Glimpse Inside the Jill Stuart Boutique & My Haul

October 3, 2009
The Jill Stuart ‘counter’ at the boutique in SoHo.

I know many of you have been dying to see and hear about the Jill Stuart Cosmetics currently available at the Soho Greene Street JS boutique, so here I am bringing you all the info!

Upon stepping into the boutique I seriously had the hardest time finding the cosmetics ‘counter.’ Took a brief glimpse upstairs and no luck, so I headed downstairs and again no luck. I ventured back upstairs, feeling a little silly, and saw this tiny little glass display case standing next to the register – and there stood the entirety of the US Jill Stuart release!

So what have they got? 2 types of glosses, lipsticks, eye jellies (you know from my review that I love these), mix blush compacts, eyeshadow palettes, a mascara and fragrance. I was so disappointed to see that they weren’t carrying any of the loose powder blushes or powders that come in the most gorgeous pots (check my Jill Stuart powder review to see more photos), nor were they carrying any skincare like the yummy smelling cleansing oil.

They did have a few testers, although everything was literally dumped into a small box behind the register that you had to dig through. That’s not to say I didn’t come home with a few goodies though ~ and I do plan to go back for more!

Check out close-up shots of my haul and hear about the prices after the jump!

I picked up a Mix Blush Compact not because I was particularly wowed by the colors, but more because it was just too gorgeous to resist! I loved the surprisingly soft little blush brush attached by a delicate chain to the compact, and of course the compact itself was pretty irresistible to begin with. The prices for all this beauty? $48. I cringed a little at the price but I can live with it!

I also picked up a Jelly Eye Color for $24. It seems that Jill Stuart has changed the packaging on these and they’re not cuter than ever! This was definitely one of the more reasonably priced items of the bunch.

And I almost missed this as they didn’t have it on display – a Jill Stuart mascara to call my very own! So this cost me a whopping $32 which really pained me, but I just couldn’t resist – it’s got the coolest looking applicator!

Reviews and close-up photos of the interiors of everything to come (you’ll just have to wait! =P) soon ~ everything is just as spectacular on the inside as they are on the outside. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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