MAC DSQUARED Swatches and Review

October 1, 2009

So a few days back I actually took the day off work to indulge in some much needed R&R and while making a quick stop into Nordstrom, spotted MAC’s DSQUARED collection out and about. Some of the testers were gone from the display but I swatched what I could!

Swatches: Greasepaint Sticks in B and V

  • MAC DSQUARED Greasepaint Sticks in B and V ($17.50): B is a deep indigo blue and V is this fantastic blue violet. I’d never even tried a Greasepaint Stick before so these were quite the revelation for me – long-wearing and great color pay-off. I’m tempted to go back for B unless you all suggest otherwise. Once dry I had the hardest time getting these off – I rubbed and rubbed to no avail. A little soap seemed to do the trick though.

Swatches: Lip Erase in Dim; Tinted Lip Conditioner in Fuchsia Fix

  • MAC DSQUARED Lip Erase in Dim ($16): MAC’s Lip Erases are usuallya PRO store exclusive, so if you don’t have a PRO location near you and you’ve always wanted to check these out, now’s the time. The Lip Erases do a great job of neutralizing (ie. erasing) your lip shade so that whatever you apply on top really pops and is true to the shade in the tube. To me, Dim looked to be a little more of a deeper yellowy beige than I would’ve liked, but I’m sure it works fabulously well nonetheless.

  • MAC DSQUARED TLC in Fuchsia Fix ($14.50): The Tinted Lip Conditioners are one of my favorite products from MAC, and while Fuchsia Fix has got nothing on the gorgeous TLC’s that were released with MAC’s Hello Kitty Collection from early 2009, it is a nice deep (yet relatively sheer) shade of fuchsia that should pamper your kips while imparting a kiss of color all winter long.

Swatches: Lipsticks in Nude Rose and Blood Red

  • MAC DSQUARED Lipsticks in Nude Rose and Blood Red ($14.00): Nude Rose is a sheer neutral pink with peachy undertones (it’s literally the shade you’d think of when you hear nude rose) that I’m trying my darndest to stay away from. I know it would be next to invisible on my lips and I’d be disappointed but it looks so gorgeous in the swatch. Blood Red’s name is rather deceptive in my opinion because, while it may look a little reddish in the swatch, it’s actually a deep berry shade and looks pretty pinky in the tube.

What products from the MAC DSQUARED release have caught your eye? I’m contemplating purchasing a Greasepaint Stick or two and perhaps the Lip Erase. And while I really really don’t need yet another blush brush, that 165 Tapered Cheek/Highlight Brush really seems to be calling my name.

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