MAC Dazzleglass Creme and Style Black Now Online!

September 25, 2009

I really haven’t been keeping up with MAC at all lately as I’ve been busy discovering other brands that have been hovering under my beauty radar, but the MAC Dazzleglass Creme release definitely has my full attention! Those of you who have been with me for awhile know how much I love the Dazzleglasses, and based upon this description:

“Flashing flecks of lustrous glimmer give lips a new kind of high-beam shine, while the balm-effect of the pillow-top comfort creme keeps the supple going and going. For dazzle with absolute comfort, it’s better than brilliant!”

this stuff sounds pretty amazing! My one gripe with the regular Dazzleglasses was always how ridiculously tacky they were, so Dazzleglass shine + balmy comfort = LOVE!

I know MAC’s Style Black was also a highly anticipated release, but I just wasn’t too into it. I am, however, ridiculously excited to see the re-release of Volcanic Ash, and in practical tube form no less!

I know mentioned all this in my review way back when, but this stuff is seriously amazing and worth its weight in gold. If you haven’t already, go get 10 tubes and hoard them like crazy!

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