Do Samples Make You Buy?

September 25, 2009

I’m a self-confessed beauty addict and sample hoarder ~ nothing makes me happier than going cosmetics shopping and coming home with a bunch of random samples to try! Which got me to thinking, how often does a sample actually lead to a product-purchase for you?

With me I’d say I end up purchasing the product a good 50% of the time. Sales associates are often very reluctant to hand out samples of products and this really confounds me since it’s not as though the samples are coming out of their salary ~ samples are exactly that, samples, and they’re meant for potential customers to try!

Samples that I’m currently testing out and loving are:

  • Chanel Sublimage Eye (this is beautifully emollient yet not too heavy)
  • Jill Stuart Powder Foundation
  • Rock & Republic lipgloss

What samples have you tried recently and loved? This summer the SO got me a sample of the Clarins SPF which I fell in love with and ended up purchasing two bottles of, and I know there are countless other products out there that I’ve purchased because I loved the sample. Yay samples!

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