L’Oreal Launches Roll’On Foundation in the UK

September 23, 2009

The SO is currently in the process of renovating his new space and so I’ve had paint rollers on the brain, and it looks as though L’Oreal has been on the same wavelength considering their UK launch of this rather intriguing Roll’on True Match Foundation.

Read on after the jump to learn more about this foundation that you roll onto your face!

According to L’Oreal, “L’Oréal Paris True Match Roll’on foundation delivers their new approach to achieving perfect uniformity and flawless-looking coverage. The stretch formula and the unique Roll’on applicator work together to provide ultra-fine, ultra even coverage. No tide-marks, no caking. With its ergonomic shape, the applicator reaches even the most difficult areas, leaving the finest layer of foundation over the skin.

Tragically this isn’t available stateside (and who knows if it ever will be) but if it ever is I’ll be the first in line to test it out simply because I’m dying of curiosity. I know it’ll probably be rubbish and I’ll have wasted hard earned money on it, but I’ve got to see this roll-on applicator for myself!

On a semi-related note, I’ll be bringing you my review of L’Oreal’s Telescopic Explosion at some point today, and a comparison of Telescopic Explosion and the two Phenomen’eyes mascaras hopefully by tomorrow.

Availability: For those of you in the UK, this currently available via Boots for £12.71.

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