Jill Stuart Cleansing Oil Review

September 21, 2009

Since the Jill Stuart Beauty line is at long last available in the US, I figured it was about time that I got around to reviewing her uber-girly sweetly scented Cleansing Oil for you.

Containing strawberry juice, apricot seed oil and raspberry essence, the Jill Stuart Cleansing Oil helps to massage away dead skin and the grime that the surface of your complexion may have accumulated during the day. To read more on why I can’t live without my cleansing oil, check out my SK-II Cleansing Oil review.

See more photos and check out my full review of Jill Stuart’s Cleansing Oil after the jump!

What I love about the Jill Stuart is basically the wonderful at-home experience you get out of this one little bottle ~ it’s quite literally a treat for the senses! The bottle is a treat for your eyes (I feel like a princess just looking at it), the cleansing oil itself smells just heavenly (it has Jill Stuart’s signature fruity scent to it that I LOVE), it feels fabulous as you massage it into the skin, and it rinses away nicely leaving your feeling cleansed and pampered.

My one little caveat is that when I get this particular cleansing oil in my eyes, it does sting a little, but I love all the other aspects of the Jill Stuart Cleansing Oil so much that I’ve managed to look past this one little flaw.

If you’ve been looking to try a cleansing oil, definitely give Jill Stuart’s a shot! Not only is it pretty affordable compared to other cleansing oils that I’ve tried, but it’s also finally available stateside through the Jill Stuart boutique meaning you’ll no longer have to fly the stuff in from Asia. Remember that while it seems counter-intuitive, cleansing oils are actually fabulous for keeping oily skin clear and happy, so do give them a chance, you just might be pleasantly surprised!

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