Long-Wearing Gloss Done Right: L’Oreal Infallible Plumping 6 Hour Lipgloss Review & Lip Swatches

September 18, 2009
L’Oreal Infallible Plumping 6 Hr Lipgloss ($9.99)

Let me just start off by saying that L’Oreal’s Infallible Plumping 6 Hour Lipgloss is one of the best that I’ve tried. One of my lovely readers, Nicole, introduced me to this product a few weeks back and I actually hesitated to try it (1) because it was a drugstore gloss, and I’ve never really had much luck with those, and (2) because it had the word long-wearing in the name.

All the long-wearing glosses I’ve tried have either not been true glosses but more of a liquid lipstick/stain, or they’ve been horribly flaky and drying on the lips causing me long-wearing discomfort. But thanks to L’Oreal’s Infallible Plumping 6 Hour Gloss (and my recent great experience with Revlon’s ColorStay lipsticks), I’m now a believer in the institution that is long-wearing lip products!

Close-up of the Infallible tubes so that you can see the shimmer.

What makes Infallible different is that it forms a sheath of shimmery color on your lips that seems to form a long-lasting glossy seal over the lips without causing the upper layer of your lips to feel like they’re being flaked or rubbed off.

While I wouldn’t say that these last for a full six hours on me (more like 4-5), they are superbly long-wearing compared to other glosses I have which don’t even go for 2 (primarily because I usually end up wiping it off when eating/drinking due to discomfort) and I’m actually even loving these more than most of my department store glosses at the moment!

I really love the applicator on this gloss, which is similar to the one some Lancome glosses come with, and it helps you to evenly distribute the product on your lips. Plus it’s just fun to look at!

The gloss has a really pleasant light tingling sensation akin to the feeling you get from LipFusion (don’t be scared off – it’s nothing like Lip Venom I promise) and it does seem to provide a little plumping action in terms of filling out those small vertical lines you may have in your lips, but don’t expect miracle of Angelina Jolie-esque proportions!

Swatches of Infallible (left to right):
106 Plumped Pink, 206 Plumped Rose, 306 Plumped Red, 506 Plumped Mauve

I tried four of the shades and I honestly loved them all! Plumped pink is a soft milky pink that would pair beautifully with a smoky eye, Plumped Rose is that perfect shade to accent my natural lip shade, Plumped Red is a really stunning candy apple red and Plumped Mauve is a great plummy shade (I know it looks brown in the photos but it really isn’t at all).

And onto the lip swatches!

Lip Swatch of Plumped Pink

Lip Swatch of Plumped Rose

Lip Swatch of Plumped Mauve

The Verdict: I say run over to Drugstore.com (or your local drugstore) since they currently have these on BOGO meaning you’re getting double the value on a pretty amazing product! I was quite literally shocked by how much I liked these, and I think that you will be too. Long-wearing color in a nice range of shimmery shades for under $10 ~ I definitely recommend them!


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