Protect Your Haircolor This Summer: Introducing L’Oreal EverPure UV Protect Spray

September 11, 2009
L’Oreal EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System UV Protect Spray ($8.99)

As someone who dyes her hair at home quite often, I’ve learned that one of the main culprits of faded, dull color (other than failing to use shampoos/conditioners for color-treated hair ~ this is a must!) is the sun. I know many of you love lying out on the beach on a gorgeous summer day, and while we all think to protect our complexions nowadays with the help of some SPF, so many of us forget to protect our hair!

Of course it’s best to wear a hat, bandanna, or something else that will physically block the sun, but if you’re like me and hate having things on your head, a great alternative is L’Oreal’s new EverPure UV Protect Spray!

EverPure UV Protect Spray is gentle and lightweight enough to be used on daily on all hairtypes (wet or dry). The UV filters in the spray help to protect your hair (and that gorgeous new dye job) from the sun’s harmful rays, meaning healthier, happier, less breakage-prone hair for you!

All of EverPure’s conditioners and masques (they come in various formulations such as Extra Nourishment, rizz Frighting, Volumizing, etc.) happen to contain both UVA and UVB filters (although I have yet to try these myself) so the UV Protect Spray is great for additional coverage on top to help prevent your color from suffering premature fading.

And of course as the name indicates, these products are 100% sulfate free and contain botanical infusions of rosemary, mint and juniper extracts for a soothing aromatherapeutic experience.

Availability: At and chain drug, food and mass market retailers nationwide.

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