Mascara Series Part 31: Urban Decay Skycraper Multi-Benefit Macara Review & Photos

September 8, 2009
Urban Decay Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara ($22)

The Claim: Six-in-one Skyscraper Mascara lengthens, strengthens, thickens, brightens, separates and curls lashes. A flexible, new generation brush grabs and separates every lash, while deluxe ingredients like panthenol, vitamins C & E and silk protein help condition, strengthen and protect, with no flaking. Lashes are long, strong and feather-soft.

The Packaging: Skyscraper Multi-Benefit comes in a gorgeous, velvety-feeling matte touch tube embellished with a hand-drawn midnight purple design. The packaging was really a delight for the senses!

The Brush: When I saw the applicator on this mascara, I immediately thought of my dearly loved YSL Everlong (review HERE), and so of course I purchased Urban Decay’s Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara in the hopes that it could serve as a cheaper alternative. And while the brushes do look quite similar in person and in the photos, for some reason this one just doesn’t give me the amazing definition that Everlong does. It’s still quite the nice macara brush – it defines and separates the lashes quite well – it’s just not as good.

The Formula: The formula was a little disappointing for me. It is indeed feathery soft and lightweight and it builds nicely on the lashes, but I would’ve appreciated a little more length and volume and a lot more curl. Again the formula is similar to Everlong’s, right down to the lash-loving ingredients that are meant to promote healthier lashes, but my lashes lacked the stunning length I’m able to achieve with Everlong. One coat of Skyscraper really didn’t do much for me ~ what you’re seeing in the photos below is 3 coats. I experienced zero flaking or clumping and only a tiny bit of smudging, making this a nice run-of-the-maill mascara, but there was just no wow-factor to it for me.

The Verdict: Urban Decay’s Skyscraper Multi-Benefit is less skyscraper and more two story building. It makes a great everyday mascara, but on those nights you’re looking for a little more drama to really make your eyes pop, this isn’t going to cut it. I did quite like it though, and it gets high marks from me for the beautiful packaging!

RATING: 3.5/5

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