Mascara Series Part 31: L’Oreal Paris Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara Review & Photos

September 3, 2009
L’Oreal Paris Extra-Volume Collagen Hydra-Collagen Volumizing Mascara ($7.95)

The Claim: Captivate with 12x more volume, instantly! Discover your lushest, most luxurious lashes ever. Our unique formula has hydra-collagen and the instant-impact brush build breathtaking volume fast.

The Packaging: At first glance Extra Volume Collagen looks to be just another sleek black tube, but there are enough subtle variations that make it stand out in terms of the packaging. I really like the chic lucite-like bit added to the top of the tube.

The Brush: L’Oreal boasts that their “instant-impact” brush is 50% bigger than a conventional mascara applicator to build volume faster, but I’m not entirely sold on it. First of all, instant impact my butt! One coat of Extra-Volume Collagen does next to nothing for me. I’m also not a fan of big just for the sake of big – the bristles on this brush do little to lengthen, separate or define. It’s not a terrible brush, but it’s just decent at best.

The Formula: So let me just start off by saying that I’ve never been this torn on a mascara’s formula before. Here’s the thing – I hapen to think that this mascara looks pretty fabulous on, especially for the price point, but there are so many little things that bother me about it. As I mentioned above, one coat does absolutely nothing for me, but two coats and it’s va-va-va voom lashes with gorgeous volume and good length (this completely kills my curl though). So my issue with the formula? Well it’s horribly, digustingly, repulsively crusty and clumpy. It feels a little crunchy going on, with little lumps being deposited here and there along the length of my lashes, and the feeling of the mascara wand kind of scraping through these lumpy bits is just gross; and of course it only gets worse with subsequent coats. Yet somehow the overall once the mascara’s dry actually looks quite good, especially with the super-blackness of the formula.

It also flakes a little and smudges on me (and forget about crying – any dampness and this stuff slides right off), irritating my contacts.

The Verdict: While I’m bordering on loving how this mascara looks on me after 2-3 coats, I don’t think I’d repurchase as the feeling of applying it is akin to the sound of nails across a chalkboard for me, plus I just don’t have the time or patience to whip out a lash comb each and every morning.


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