A Package-Ful Weekend & My First Matte NOTD!

September 1, 2009

I’m a very lucky blogger to have so many wonderful readers that I consider to be friends, and this past weekend I received two wonderful packages that simply made my weekend!

Charm Candy (who runs a lovely blog on Juicy Couture Charms) sent me this ridiculously cute (and yummy smelling) package full of goodies from this little Hawaiian company called Berry Sweet Bath & Body. The mango butter lip balms seriously glide on like butter and there was this one pineapple lip scrub in the package that smelled so good I almost ate it! I’ll be reviewing everything for you soon, so stay tuned for more detailed photos! Just as a teaser, the lip balms have scrumptious-sounding names like Lemon Cupcake, Mojito, Gummi Bears, Raspberry Lemonade and Strawberry Candy.

And the always lovely and wonderful Nicole sent me a gorgeous OPI polish (I’ll update with the color name once I’m at work – don’t have it in front of me), Essie’s Matte About Me (which I’ve been dying to get my hands on for the longest time but haven’t been able to find), Chanel’s Glossimer in Courtisane (which I’ve swatched for you previously – it’s gorgeous) and Nail Life Aromatherapy Speed Dry (which I know I’ll love since I loved the previous Nail Life product Nicole sent me). And of course I couldn’t wait to dive right into all the products!

Close-up of Courtisane.

I used my new OPI polish topped with a coat of matte about you to create this really cool deep pink satiny matte manicure that I absolutely love! I can see myself getting so so much use out of Matte About You. I’m thinking of trying it over Zoya Zara next – I’ve heard that it looks pretty cool over shimmer.

And of course I’ll be attempting a matte Konadicure at some point. I’m really curious to see how that turns out!

Thank you so much to both Nicole and Charm Candy for your generosity and thoughtfulness! Your beautiful packages really made my weekend something special and I’ll definitely be thinking of each of you as I enjoy these products. ❤

2 Responses to “A Package-Ful Weekend & My First Matte NOTD!”

  1. missmicchan Says:

    just started checking out your blog and I love it…I have subscribed! 🙂 Love the nail colour btw^^missmicchan.blogspot.com ❤

  2. *Jen* Says:

    Thank you Miccmicchan!

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