TEMPTU RETOUCH Powder Review & Photos

August 31, 2009
TEMPTU RETOUCH Powder Soft Focus Finish ($43)
TEMPTU RETOUCH Powder is a lightweight, mineral-based formula that banishes shine and provides natural-looking, satin-soft skin. This powder’s silky texture blends easily onto the skin and is ideal for finishing any makeup application. The built-in brush applicator holds just enough loose powder in its handle for perfect touch-up application.

I’m pretty fickle when it comes to my beauty products, and things are constantly moving in and out of my makeup rotation, but one constant for the past few weeks has been TEMPTU’s RETOUCH powder. It’s ideal for on-the-go touch ups thanks to its handy dandy brush form and I love the mattified, satiny soft-focus finish the RETOUCH powder gives my complexion.

TEMPTU RETOUCH Powder wasn’t actually love at first use for me, mainly because the applicator brush itself, while mighty convenient, is definitely not the softest and tends to feel a little rough and scratchy. Luckily, the powder has so many other redeeming qualities that I can overlook this one flaw.

First of all the RETOUCH Powder and the TEMPTU foundation are a match made in heaven. The Translucent shade coordinates beautifully with my foundation and I love that after retouching with the powder, I don’t look like I’m wearing any powder at all, but rather I just seem to have beautifully matte, even skin with a soft focus glow that seems to de-emphasize my pores.

Of course another thing that the RETOUCH powder has going for it is the portability factor. The fact that this is a powder and brush in one makes this very very easy to just pop in your purse, and I literally haven’t gone a day without mine since opening it. I’ve tried other powders built into brushes in the past, and I’ve always been dissatisfied with the dispensing mechanism as they always seemed to release these messy clouds of product. One click of the TEMPTU releases the perfect amount of powder to touch up your entire face. I didn’t believe this at first as I could never see the powder coming out of the brush, but the results more than spoke for themselves.

All in all I love my RETOUCH powder and plan to repurchase when I run out, although the price is a little steep!

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