Introducing Sensai The Lipstick!

August 28, 2009

One of my favorite brands, Kanebo Sensai, has completely re-engineered, re-formulated and re-packaged (oh have they repackaged – the new tubes are just so elegant and gorgeous!) their lipstick line called THE LIPSTICK to represent an elegant fusion of advanced anti-aging skin science with timeless shades. The beautifully distinctive hues are disperted with golden silk powder and particles of Japan’s most precious silk, Koishimaru Silk, which encapsulate pure gold particles that have been microscopically injected into the silk.

Sensai’s THE LIPSTICK claims to provide immediate and long-term anti-aging benefits with the ability to increase moisture content in lips by 172% after two weeks of regular use and accelerate microcirculation by 120% in 10 minutes among other benefits.

Sensai’s previous lipstick release have quickly risen to be amongst the most prized in my collection (the Lasting Treatment Rouge in Hitoeume which I’ve reviewed HERE is easily my favorite, along with their Deep Moist Shine Rouge in Botan which I’ve reviewed HERE), and so I’m excited to get my hand on these new additions to the line!

Sensai’s THE LIPSTICK will be available in 15 luxurious shades ($55 each), each selected from over 200 core color used by the Japanese aristocracy in their silk kimonos during the Heian Period (794-1185). I plan to have reviews/swatches coming for you soon!

All 15 shades are available at Bergdorf Goodman and at For more info on Kanebo INTERNATIONAL, check out

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