Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer in Zara Review & Photos

August 20, 2009
Zoya Professional Lacqure in Zara ($6)

Zoya Zara is a unique duochrome metallic violet with massive amounts of gold shimmer and a foil finish. Despite all the shimmer, the finish is completely smooth.

Close up of Zoya Zara in the bottle.

I’ve had this particular nail polish shade on my wishlist for months, and having waited so long I think I may have hyped it up too much in my head. Don’t get me wrong, it’s seriously stunning when the sun glances off your nails just so and the golden shimmers are really brought out, but under fluorescent/artificial/dim lighting conditions, the underlying purple base just looks a litte muddy on me.

I shouldn’t complain though, because all in all it is a seriously gorgeous bottle of nailpolish! Check out my NOTD photos below:

Zara is also stunning as a finishing polish as a topcoat on top of your other purple polishes – it lends just the right amount of shimmer for a foiled metallic look.

What shades did you get during Zoya’s three free promotion?

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