Random Babblings…

August 19, 2009

Does the fact of your mortality ever come at your like a ton of bricks? While riding the bus which takes me to the subway which takes me to work this morning, I came to the realization that lately I’ve become so enmeshed in the process of getting somewhere that I’ve forgotten to take the time to actually live.

You know I’m not usually one to wax philosophic or to go all serious on you – ABS is all about escaping the challenges of our everyday lives – a pleasurable escape I’ve attempted to create for all of us. But lately it’s been feeling more like work than like play, and between the long hours I spend blogging, the ridiculous hours I work at the office Monday through Friday and some Sundays, the volunteer work I do every Sunday and the various responsibilities that take up my time on Saturdays, I’ve become so overwhelmed by short-term goals that I’ve really lost sight of what it is that makes me happy. The joy I my work and the fact that I was helping people used to bring me, the exhilaration I used to experience back when I first started blogging and I realized that more than 40 people had visited my blog in a day – these are things I want to get back to.

Which is all a roundabout way of saying that you’ll have to excuse the dearth of posts for this week. I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt to remember to do at least one thing for myself each day, whether it’s indulging in something completely silly and frivolous like reading a children’s book or playing hooky from work & blogging to just lie around in bed all day.


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