Mascara Series Part 29: Lancome Hypnôse Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara Review & Photos

August 13, 2009
Lancome HYPNÔSE DRAMA Instant Full Body Volume Mascara in Excessive Black ($24.50)

The Claim: Hypnôse Drama creates full body, high-volume lashes in a single stroke. The full contact brush, with its S-shaped curve, grasps and loads lashes for a fanned out, eye-popping, full body fringe. It works magic on tiny lashes. Even dramatizes corner lashes other brushes miss—or worse, mess. Lancôme’s luxurious new texturizing complex features highly saturated waxes and intense black pigments for maximum lash volume. The triple coating system with caring Pro-Vitamin B5 delivers a fluid and creamy application to quickly and easily build big, battable lashes.

The Packaging: I’m generally not too impressed by Lancome’s non-limited edition packaging, but I do always appreciate the raised rose design they have on their mascara boxes ~ very pretty! The Hypnôse Drama tube is actually rather sexy – it curves and dips in all the right places, mimicking the S-curve of the brush housed within.

The Brush: Hypnôse Drama’s brush is what suckered me into purchasing this mascara. As you know, I’m all about trying out new mascaras, and when a company releases a brush design that I haven’t seen before, all hope is lost. In practice, the S-shaped curve design creates much the same effect that a curved wand does; the brush molds to fit the contour of your eye a little better and helps to give you lashes some extra lift. Unfortunately the bristles don’t quite do it for me – they do indeed load the lashes with mascara as Lancome claims, but this comes in the form of depositing large blobs of mascara along my lashes and then not being able to work out the clumps or provide much definition.

The Formula: Based upon Hypnôse Drama’s claim to be able to quickly build long, lush lashes I was expecting great things but was sorely disappointed. The formula is indeed intensely black, but that’s pretty much the only positive that I can find. Hypnôse Drama has a very very wet, somewhat mousse-like formula that globs onto the mascara wand and then sort of sits on your lashes, forming unattractive clumps that are difficult to work out. The wetness means that should you blink while applying your mascara or for a good period of time afterwards, you’ll end up with raccoon eyes. The formula flaked on me, smudged a little, and didn’t hold a curl (although it did provide some nice lift thanks to the S-brush). I was able to achieve some decent length with this, and I will say the volume was nice, but I can’t advocate purchasing a mascara that creates volume by gluing lashes together to create a spindy, spidery mess.

Here’s a close-up of one eye so that you can see the messiness/clumpiness I’m talking about. I worked hard to create an even application and this was the result.

The Verdict: I really really wanted to love Lancome’s Hypnôse Drama as it’s not terribly priced, has a cool brush, and basically sounds like it would be the most amazing mascara ever, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I know it actually doesn’t look too terrible in the photos above, but in person it was messy and clumpy and just not the mascara for me! I have seen a bunch of rave reviews on this particular mascara so you may be able to make it work for you, but I definitely won’t be going back to it until they improve the formula.

RATING: 2.5/5

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