Motives by Loren Ridinger Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation Review & Swatches

August 10, 2009
Motives® Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation with SPF 15 ($24.95)
Motives® Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation with SPF 15. This self-setting foundation and powder in one is infused with powerful antioxidants and exclusive Multi-Minerals Complex that protect and hydrate the skin for a more youthful appearance. There is nothing like this product on the market. It is a one-step process with primers, silicone and sunscreen properties all in one formula to make it a quick, complete, flawless application.

Many many years ago I purchased a now discontinued Chanel foundation at Korea’s Duty Free and fell in love. It went from a cream to powder in mere seconds, slipped right over all of my flaws, provided great coverage, and lasted and lasted all day. I searched high and low for a replacement, but to no avail – I even purchased this Tarte Peaches & Cream foundation, sight unseen, only to end up being disappointed.

Fast forward a good 5+ years, and I’ve finally found a substitute for my Chanel foundation. Motives by Loren Ridinger’s Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation with SP 15 is a self-setting foundation that has that same thick-ish cream to powder consistency that I so loved in the Chanel. It has the beautiful slip of a silicone-product going on, dries to a great matte but not too matte finish, controls my oilies all day long, provides medium to full coverage and even comes in packaging that’s similar to my old Chanel foundation!

I’m so happy to have stumbled upon this Motives product as it means that I can finally throw away that Chanel foundation — yes I still have it after all these years! Now before you start lecturing me on hygiene, bacteria, and all that good stuf, I promise that I don’t use it anymore, I’ve just kept it around because I couldn’t bear to part with it. But now that I’ve found another means to achieve flawless-looking, non-oily skin in all of 15 seconds, I think I’m ready to let go.

I’ll be bringing you review of many more Motives products in the coming days so be sure to check back!


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