Up Close & Personal with MAC’s Graphic Garden Palette (Photos Galore!)

August 4, 2009
MAC Eyeshadow x 6 Palette in Graphic Garden ($35)

See my swatches from the Nordstrom-exclusive MAC Graphic Garden Collection HERE.

I vacillated on whether or not to purchase this palette for the longest time, but having it now in my hands I can’t imagine being without it, it’s just that gorgeous. I’m going to keep the blabbering in this post to a minimum because this is one of those instances in which the photos really do speak for themselves.

Social Climber (shimmery white with pink cast) and
Wild Wisteria
(a seafoam/aqua blend with gold pearl)

Straight Hedge (silvery gray with green-gold pearl) and
Botanical Blue
(rich vibrant blue with teal and green-gold shimmer)

Graphic Garden (deep black with purple/fuchsia shimmer) and
Linear Lilac
(purple/fuchsia with slight blue duochrome)

I don’t own many blues or blue-greens so I figured that MAC’s Graphic Garden Palette would be a nice way to ease myself into this color family, and I was right. Wild Wisteria and Botanical Blue are both absolutely stunning, beautifully pigmented, and supremely blendable, and Linear Lilac looks just enough like my Pink Pearl pigment to make it instant love. The Graphic Garden shade is sadly a little chalky and not my cup of tea, but rest of this beautifully-packaged palette more than makes up for it! And I know you’ll ask me for one, so I have a fun bright FOTD I did using this palette that’ll be going up soon =).

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