Peacock Feather EOTD Using MAC Graphic Garden Palette

August 4, 2009

The Step by Step Breakdown (for more details on the palette itself click HERE):

  • Apply an eyeshadow base (I used a Motives by Loren Ridinger cream eyeshadow here) all over you lid to help the colors adhere and to prevent creasing.
  • Use a small, dense brush (like MAC’s 239 Eye Shader) to pick up some Wild Wisteria and apply it over your base on the inner half of your eyes, extending up towards the crease.
  • Use a finner-tipped brush (like MAC’s 219 Pencil Brush) to apply Botanical Blue on the outer half of your eyelid up towards the crease, extending the color to make a sideways V shape on both eyes.
  • Use a medium-sized brush (like MAC’s 213 Fluff Brush) to pick up a good amount of Linear Lilac and pat it onto the center of your eyelid, concentrating on the area below the crease.
  • Now blend away along the contours of your crease using a blending brush like MAC’s 217. I like to go in one direction, from the inner corners outwards.

  • Line your underyes with Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Electric, and then use Zero right along the waterline for a little more depth.

This look is waaaaaaaay brighter than anything I’d normally go for, and I think I caused my mother some serious mental trauma when she saw me walking out of the house wearing eyeshadow this vibrant, but I personally loved it and thought it was a ton of fun once I got over feeling a little self-conscious. What do you think?

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