Eye Cream Quest Part 4: Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream Review

July 24, 2009
Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
($50 for 0.51 oz)

An ultra-rich, age-defense eye cream that protects skin from dehydration and dramatically minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and lines to promote a youthfully smooth, radiant look. Developed with Shiseido-exclusive Anti-Photowrinkle System, consisting of plant extract chlorella to counteract the appearance of future wrinkles. Recommended for dry and very dry skin. Pat around eye area, morning and night, as last step of skincare routine.

The Good: Shiseido’s Benefiance Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Cream is really something special for those of you who suffer from very, very, very, very dry skin. It’s super emollient and hydrating without being too thick and essentially forms a protective, moisturizing seal between your under eye area and the external environment, helping to prevent the formation of dryness-induced wrinkles. It’s non-irritating to the eyes and doesn’t cause any stinging, and in my opinion it’s pretty reasonably priced.

The Bad: For my moderately dry under-eye area, I found the feeling of this product on my skin to be unbearable, particularly during the hotter summer months. A little of the Benefiance eye cream goes a very long way, but no matter how little I used I couldn’t quite shake the greasy, sticky feeling as this eye cream never quite absorbs into the skin. I think it’s great for forming a protective barrier between your skin and damaging environmental factors, but the fact that this doesn’t absorb makes it nearly impossible to use during the day if you wear eye makeup, plus I can’t stand the feeling of stuff just sitting there on my face.

The Age Range:
While this is appropriate for all ranges as long as your under-eye area is exceedingly dry, I don’t think you’d really need anything this rich pre-30’s.

The Verdict:
I know for a fact that many sufferers of dry under-eyes consider this product to be their saving grace, but if you do decide to try this, be sure to use it sparingly as millia-formation is a definite risk when using something this rich!

RATING: 3.5/5

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