MAC Graphic Garden Collection Mini Review & Swatches (Nordstrom Exclusive)

July 20, 2009

I’m usually not too wowed by the Nordstrom Exclusive MAC releases, but this year I was surprised by the fact that I wanted everything! Sadly I came home with absolutely nothing as I’m trying to be a bit more responsible with my beauty spending, but every time I look at these swatches I want to go running back to Nordstrom.

So there are two sets of each swatches under two different types of lighting so that you can get an accurate representation of each set. (& remember you can click to enlarge all my photos)

Graphic Garden Eyeshadow x 6 Palette ($35)
Swatches: Fresh Cut Palette (top); Graphic Garden Palette (bottom)

While both palettes were really pretty and wearable, I was surprised by just how much I loved the Graphic Garden Eyeshadow x 6 Palette. Greens usually aren’t my thing but the palette as a whole is just so fresh and vibrant looking. As for Fresh Cut, the only shade I’m absolutely in love with is the pink that’s second from the right. Somebody talk me out of Graphic Garden, my makeup budget this month just won’t allow it!

Top Row: Baby Blooms Lip Bag (Baby Bloom; Spiceflower; Soft Illusion [missing])
Bottom Row: Summer Crop Lip Bag (Summer Crop; Semi-Annual; Garden Bed)

The real shocker for me was how much I loved these lip bags, and how quickly they sold out. I stopped by Nordstrom on Saturday afternoon, and there wasn’t a single lip bag to be seen — they were long gone! The Summer Crop set is such a beautifully understated set of neutrals that pairs so well with the brightness that is Graphic Garden.

Overall I’m loving the entire collection and the Graphic Garden Palette shades have been dancing through my head since I saw them on Saturday.

Did you indulge in anything from MAC’s Nordstrom-exclusive Graphic Garden collection?

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